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Morning Ladies! I totally forgot to say yesterday that I got my travel mugs!!! they look really good, maybe a little cheap looking when you look really closely, but still good.

I got a response from Deyanira too about the white table cloths, they are included, it's just the coloured ones that cost $10/table.

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Originally Posted by lharkins View Post
We are looking to get married at Dreams Punta Cana in July 2010 - but I can't seem to find a good price... the quotes we are getting are 1800.00, we are trying to get closer to the 1500 mark.. anyone have any recommendations?
Prices should drop more for you in another couple of months... they normally fall about four months before your date....

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our prices were close to 1500 per person for a week and that was for January which is high season in comparison to July. You're prices should definitely come down. Of course it depends where you're flying from. Our prices are east coast flights. Do you have a travel agent?


Our travel agent was able to lock as in at whatever the lowest rate ended up being by the time we had to pay the full amount. This was a huge bonus as it dropped considerably but we still secured our places at the resort. Flights had to be paid in full at the time of purchase so we did not benefit from them fluctuating.



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Hi, Ladies...I know I have been MIA for quite some time now. I try and read through here once a week, but rarely get time to actually dig around or post. I came across all of your concerns and have looked at the Dreams website attachment with all of the 2010 pricing. I e-mailed Sharron on this (b/c I was obviously very worried, as well). Here are the questions and responses...


1) The Non-denominational Minister fee is listed at $350, but Pastor

Rick York had given me a price of $300...who determines this?


The charge will stay the same the new charge is for new bookings


2) We are getting the free package, and I had never read about a "setup

fee" with it before. Do we have to pay $15 per person in addition to

the buffet price per person? (I hope not!)



3) Can you please send me 2010 Buffet Prices?

I have attached the ones we have for now. We are working on a few more.


4) What is the maximum number we can have for a reservation at a


We cannot make reservations in any of the restaurants


5) Do we now have to rent a sound system for the ceremony?

No it is included.


I hope this helps. For those that would want the buffet, she only sent me two different options which were crazy expensive (one at $63 pp and one more expensive than that!). When I asked her about the huge increase in buffet pricing, she e-mailed "The food and beverage manager is working on some other buffets that will be nearer the prices of 2009, as soon as I have them I will send them to you, but with Christmas just around the corner it may take a while." So, fingers crossed b/c the 2009 less expensive buffet prices were only $32 pp. Hope this eases some anxiety!!

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Originally Posted by nsbride2010 View Post
so you are going to get married on the boat, or just have the reception there? I wonder if they would do just the reception... that could be a cool idea too!
we are still getting married at dreams... just doing the reception on the boat. i think that's their speciality and they just happen to offer the wedding on the boat as well. we had always wanted to get married on the beach so we're sticking with that.

Originally Posted by PynkLemonade View Post
Yeah I am still not clear on this because the Ulitmate Package only covers up to 20 guests, so does this mean you have to pay the 15 setup fee for every chair after 20?
i'm curious about this too.. even if it doesn't apply to any of the packages for the reception, it says the same thing for the beach wedding. we'll have 21 people, but we'll only need 14 chairs... which one do they charge for? it would seem silly to me to charge for the people who won't even be sitting down or anything. i emailed deyanira this morning to ask her about this. if it could be less than $300 since we have fewer people, that would be great!!

Originally Posted by Tam View Post
I was up late last night adding up all the extras vs a package and for us it would still be cheaper to do the add ons. But questions like the chair cover pricing are good to know and I really like the idea of having the reception on the barcaza and then just partying it up at the disco afterwards.. going to look into pricing tonight for that.
tam, this is exactly what we're doing. if you want to get in touch with flori (the wedding coordinator) you can email her at weddingboatpuntacana@hotmail.com. she is super responsive too.. i got 3 emails from her just yesterday. i can email you the pictures she sent me too. there are tons of good reviews on here as well.

i guess this whole situation will just force us all to be very aware of everything they may charge us for. i think they need some constructive criticism on their information packet though. it's extremely misleading, even if you're just starting from scratch. you could rule it out just because of something you misunderstood.

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oh autumn... i saw your thing about rick york. i'm using him as well and as far as i know you pay him separately.. so the resort prices wouldn't affect that i don't think. unless you booked him differently of course? i booked him myself just through email and i'll be paying him directly.. i don't think it goes through the resort at all.

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Thanks Autumn1 for posting your questions / answers. It's always extremely helpful to see what others are being told!!


Here's my questions and Carolina's answers...which is all consistent with what other brides have been told. The big take home message for me is that prices can change AT ANY TIME and there is nothing we can do about it, :o(


QUESTION>>Do we need to pay a $15 per person set up fee with the free wedding package?


ANSWER<<It does not apply for your wedding, the extra $15. 00 is payed when you just have a set up dinner at any of our terraces with a set menu from one of the restaurants, If you purchase a dinner package it does not apply.


QUESTION>>Do we need to pay the $110 speak rental charge for the ceremony music?


ANSWER<< It is included for the ceremony, the u$110.00 applies if you want to have it for the reception.

QUESTION>> Is it possible to exchange the dessert option on the Silver Dinner Menu for a piece of wedding cake for each person?


ANSWER>>The Dreams Wedding package includes a cake for 10 guests, if you want to upgrade it the price is U$6.30 per extra slice, we are not allowed to exchange items in the wedding package


QUESTION>>We were quoted $441 for the ceremony DVD and it has now gone up to $449. Will we still get it for our originally quoted price?


ANSWER<<The U$441.00 is for this year, prices for 2010 has changed


QUESTION>>Similarly we were quoted $25 for corsages and the price has now risen to $30. Will we still get them for the originally quoted price?

ANSWER<<Prices for 2010 are different, all have increased, please note that our prices are subject to change every year with not previous advise.




So another thing to note is that you are not allowed to switch your dessert for cake, :o(

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I agree on that Erin, it is just not clear... and I think that was the goal of putting up the PDF file... mission failed haha but hopefully our questions help!


I am still going to email the wedding coordinator all of the questions just so I have it in writing as well :)

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Does anyone understand the price of having your ceremony on the beach? (If it's not included in your package)


I was originally told $300.


but then this new pdf file says "$350 Flowers for the Beach Canopy"??


Is that instead of the $300 or as well as?


Also, is it $350 for the ugly flower arch?? Or have the miraculously come up with a pretty one?!! :o)



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