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  1. Hey, Tara...congrats on being a Mrs! When you get a chance, will you send me the pics, too. Thank you! I have been MIA for forever and had a ton of catch up to do on here! A lot of you girlies have a fast-approaching day! autumnsump@yahoo.com
  2. Erin, I am at work as well and can't download it...can you please e-mail it to me when you get a chance?!?! autumnsump@yahoo.com...thank you so so so much!
  3. Erin, I can't download it at work, either...could you e-mail it to me when you get a chance?!?! autumnsump@yahoo.com ...thank you so much! Hey, and does the iPod docking station charge your iPod, too? I feel like I have such silly little questions! lol We are having Rick York do our ceremony, as well. He does charge the $300, so we just offered for him and his wife to come to our dinner and reception. I do not think I will be tipping him...I feel awful sometimes b/c I don't think I am "cheap" and I always tip my hair dresser, waitress, etc. very nicely. I just have mixed feelings on all of this tipping at a resort for the wedding when it is already all-inclusive and yet we are paying a very nice price above and beyond for any services, plus bringing 50-100 guests to their resort b/c of us. I don't know...maybe I am a terrible person!!...lol. But, isn't gratuity included in the dinner...seems like I remember a certain percentage being tacked on? Goodness...somebody help me justify this b/c I feel like a cheapskate!
  4. Thanks, Nat! It seems like I see pics with cups, bottles, etc. in them - so I just wasn't sure what was most prominent. Also, Jocy...did you have to pay for that extra hour for the reception? I know DJ Mania plays for 4 hours and Dreams lets you have a 3 hour reception...so, I was curious what they charged you for that extra hour or how that all panned out.
  5. Can you please e-mail me, as well...autumnsump@yahoo.com...thank you! Jocy, your review is wonderful! Do you mind letting us know how you handled tipping??...I am so lost on that whole topic b/c much of the reception costs include it (to my understanding)...what about to DJ Mania, etc? Also, a somewhat silly question...but, is the beer down there in bottles or cans? We were thinking about doing some sort of coozie in the OOT bags, but I didn't know which would get more use - a bottle coozie, can coozie...or a travel mug? Thoughts on that? Thank you again! Autumn
  6. Hi, Ladies...I know I have been MIA for quite some time now. I try and read through here once a week, but rarely get time to actually dig around or post. I came across all of your concerns and have looked at the Dreams website attachment with all of the 2010 pricing. I e-mailed Sharron on this (b/c I was obviously very worried, as well). Here are the questions and responses... 1) The Non-denominational Minister fee is listed at $350, but Pastor Rick York had given me a price of $300...who determines this? The charge will stay the same the new charge is for new bookings 2) We are getting the free package, and I had never read about a "setup fee" with it before. Do we have to pay $15 per person in addition to the buffet price per person? (I hope not!) No. 3) Can you please send me 2010 Buffet Prices? I have attached the ones we have for now. We are working on a few more. 4) What is the maximum number we can have for a reservation at a restaurant? We cannot make reservations in any of the restaurants 5) Do we now have to rent a sound system for the ceremony? No it is included. I hope this helps. For those that would want the buffet, she only sent me two different options which were crazy expensive (one at $63 pp and one more expensive than that!). When I asked her about the huge increase in buffet pricing, she e-mailed "The food and beverage manager is working on some other buffets that will be nearer the prices of 2009, as soon as I have them I will send them to you, but with Christmas just around the corner it may take a while." So, fingers crossed b/c the 2009 less expensive buffet prices were only $32 pp. Hope this eases some anxiety!!
  7. Thanks, Nat! That makes perfect sense. My TA must not offer that incentive, though. She got us deals that I couldn't find cheaper anywhere else (not even on my own) and she says that she just gets reimbursed from the resorts and airlines (doesn't tack on additional charges to us for her services)...so, maybe it isn't an option for us, ya know? I can't believe your future hubby is playing in Toledo tonight! This is their opening weekend for the arena and I only live about 3 blocks away! Too small of a world! I wish you were here, too, and we could meet up! How crazy!
  8. Hey, Girlies!! I saw that you all were talking about getting your room for free? How are you doing this? Or, what qualifies you for this? I haven't heard of that being an option before...I am assuming w/a group booking or something? Anyways, just curious b/c that would save a nice chunk of change if it was a possibility. Thank you!
  9. Hey, Ash...what are your colors? Just thinking that by any chance we could combine decorations for each wedding...shot in the dark...but possibly?!?!? You can e-mail me if you like...autumnsump@yahoo.com
  10. Hey, Ash, can you send me info on what sharing your photographer would entail? I mean, how is that price-wise, etc....do they do TTD sessions and how much does that cost. I am considering reconsidering. You can just e-mail me if you prefer with all of the details! autumnsump@yahoo.com Thanks, sweets!
  11. Oh, and Nat...awesome job on the weight loss! I have to ask how you are doing it...curiosity got the cat! 15 lbs is a great accomplishment...look at you!
  12. Thank you, ebredhawk! I feel like I am just regurgitating a ton of info on it...but, it is getting there. I am in Toledo...moved here about 2 1/2 yrs ago from Florida...crazy! Could you please send me that welcome pack and any info, too! autumnsump@yahoo.com Thank you so much!
  13. Well, the link doesn't seem to want to work...it is "The Knot" website form...my full name is Autumn Sump and my fiance's is Dominic Cercone...hope that helps!
  14. Here is our website...not sure if it has any added information, but I wanted to post it just in case it would help anyone else. I added a "Guests w/Children" page b/c I have several guests w/little ones and I didn't want them to worry. http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/Au...DominicCercone
  15. Here is our website...not sure if it has any added information, but I wanted to post it just in case it would help anyone else. I added a "Guests w/Children" page b/c I have several guests w/little ones and I didn't want them to worry. http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/Au...DominicCercone