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Sol Tamargo & Matt Adcock's Wedding - Riviera Maya Recomendations


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I'm back to the forum, I've tried to post this before but time hasn't been on my side, it seems that after marriage, the planning for the wedding is gone, but now we all have to organize a life with another person, and a home!!!... new projects all the time, this is a never stop roller coaster...


Please watch my slideshow to get a better picture of what I'm describing in this post: Matt and Sol wedding pics


Here are my vendor recommendations, I use this people to help me make my day perfect:



Dress & Accessories : My dress was made by David Salomon, It tourned out as I have visualized it, I wanted something according to the location, very comfortable and unique, with red on it., he created this dress using red coral, when I saw it, I was so excited!!! DAVID SALOMON


He recommended a make up and hair artist, Katia Monforte (sorry no website) her phone in Cancun is: 998 654 736.


I found a girl online that creates unique designs, she made me my bare food sandals, and a beautiful neckless, bracelet, earrings and the neckless Matt used. On her website she has unique pieces and she can also make anything you have in mind.

Bienvenidos a Joyeria de autor Xochitl Rivera Diseñadora



Location: Secret Jewel Suites & VillasThis wonderful location is owned by the family Diamant, Ilse : secretjewelcelebrations@gmail.com was there at everysecond helping us with everything., she get's a+A


This location has 3 villas that are available for rent, but all our family & friends stayed in Playa del Carmen, so we rented only the site for the day. This ended to be an amazing "Off the beaten Path" location, it has a palapa, a garden and a palm groove sandy area (where we had our reception) the beach is rocky, giving the place an exotic view...


Cator: Easy Gourmet, Banquetes en Cancun y Riviera Maya, Eventos, Catering, Bodas easygourmet.com.mx, Gisela became not only my cator, but my friend, she has the kind of personality willing to help with anything., later I learned that she has a degree on psychology, and being a stressed bride as I was the weeks prior the wedding, it was a blessing having her around.

Food was delicious, and service beyond excellent.


Event Decoration: direccion@spectacular-events.com Roberto Caamal,

Welcome to Spectacular Events ::.. was the second biggest blessing (only second because Gisela put me in touch with him) He is an Artist, I absolutely adore what he created, he got my idea and colors, and he put together a wonderful whole thing., he is super fun to work with. He made my bouquet too., table setting & center pieces, lighting, music stage, dancing floor, ceremony setting… everything!!!! …. He is AMAZING!!!



Wedding Coordinator: Yazmin de la mora Yazmin De La Mora - Weddings & Cateringyazmin@yazmindelamora.com , I think I was a little control freak (I didn’t think that of my self before.. haha…), and I found my own vendors for almost everything; but Yazmin got the Chaman and Mayan Dancers for the ceremony. She also helped me with final details, and on wedding day she and her husband were great. I lost a button on my dress and she fixed it in a second., It's always great to have someone around to help with anything.


Transportation: I found this company, Great service, Great price, I use them the days before the wedding and on wedding day; I keep using them now on my TTD sessions were we go on adventure., there’s no website, but this is the email of the owner: sinaltours@hotmail.com



Music: This was on Top of my list, I needed good music, and I found Balance, they are 8 musicians, play anykind of music, English & Spanish, they kept everybody dancing for 4 hours! Even in the breaks, the DJ selections were great.. I highly recommend them: Balance la Banda - Downloads



Mariachis To end the wedding we hired a mariachi band: Alma.de.mexico@hotmail.com


AND, I almost forget!!! I also found another great band, that we use to play before the ceremony, for my walking down the aisle and during cocktail hour, this guys are full of energy and are true musicians., I didn't get them for reception as I wanted a bigger more structured band, but they were great for the couple hours they play: Victor Espinoza : vicmusici_77710@yahoo.com


OK, I think this is It!!!... finally.... have fun future brides!!! smile03.gif

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Thank you very much Sol! YOu and Matt are both amazing! I am sure coming back from the wedding you were both so busy, but you took the time to write these recommendations and review! Thank you for keeping your word, it really says a lot about your character and integrity. We are all so appreciative and this will be so beneficial for many brides. Too bad I am already married. When I was planning my wedding last year I wanted so much to have it in the Riviera Maya but there was not a lot of information and it was so difficult for me so I decided on Cabo. I will definitely keep this all in mind in the future (for our vow renewals!). May you two always be blessed with a wonderful marriage, beautiful kids and long and successful careers! God bless you both!



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