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Can't find the darned huppah picture...help!

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Ok ladies.....I rarely ask for help unless I'm totally desperate. smile124.gif I've searched the forum high and low and can't find the picture of the huppah/wedding canopy that has the strings of flowers hanging from the back of it. I even searched google images and still can't find anything! I know I've seen an example somewhere.....it looks similar to the one with the capiz shells...but they are various lengths of flowers on string.


I'm getting together with my FMIL to possibly string some silk flowers for the huppah this weekend and god forbid she should do anything without seeing a visual of it first. I appreciate the help ladies! Thanks much! smile159.gif

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Originally Posted by MsShelley View Post
here is one I found

Click the image to open in full size.
Shelley thank you! I'm kind of combining both of these pictures. There is no way I can string as many as is shown on that last picture......but at least that is the idea. I am using orchids and lillies...so we'll see how it works with some fishing line. It will be an interesting project. Thanks again gals smile159.gif
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