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Site visit review and pics - Dreams Tulum

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Amy, I should tell you Sandra said they are very close to hiring a 3rd WC. Hopefully that will help!

Just realized I will b getting married the weekend before u!


About the beach ceremony, I wouldn't worry. The one wedding I saw went smoothly. And I saw Sandra ask a couple of "spectators" to please move back. She doesn't allow anyone to walk behind where the bride and groom are standing. It actually wasn't a problem.


I fell in LOVE with the chapel so I will be married there at 4:30. We will have a cocktail hour immediately after on the beach and then the reception at the SeaSide Grill.

I asked about decorations and Sandra seems very flexible. I will be bringing TONS of stuff from home and she agreed it wouldn't be a problem. AND wouldn't charge extra!

Oh, and not sure if you know this but you can have a small bonfire on the beach after your reception. We are going to do that!

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Oooh!! I didn't realize that. Very nice! that's fun.


the Mayan dancing was in the plaza section between the chapel and the sugar reef bar on Saturday night, I believe.


That would be AWESOME if they hired a 3rd. Its crazy how many weddings they do!

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I got married at 3pm and yes, people watch ! Would you ?


I even had people take pictures of me + daughters just before walking down the aisle ! People always love wedding and love to look at them since they are becoming more and more popular !


But no one really stood by us, they stayed in the long chair area...exept for 1 couple ! And Sandra didn't take care of it even if she said she would !


Dreams Tulum is a resort where topless is not allowed so that is a good thing ! Not all resort are like that and just imagine a topless person walking by !smile72.gif

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oh i agree completely with you about everything (even though i dindt try the drinks because i dont drink alcohol) but everything else was dead on. some very helpful photos for you to who didnt see. and if anyone wants to see like 1200 more photos of Dreams and Tulum go to this gallery i shot of a wedding. you will find all sorts of photos inside the restauarants and the bars and clubs and room and snorkling photos you name it.


Collages.net Home username is "laura david" and password is 15095 when it asks you for an email adddress just put Me@aol.com or make one up


hope those help as well

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Originally Posted by amy706 View Post
I had a million questions- I'll check my list when I get home from work.

She said with the ultimate package that if we use an outside photographer we could subsitute longer use of the videographer since we wont be using the photographer that comes wth the package. With the ultiamte package, you can pick food from either the silver menu or the gold menu. She told us that tthe ultimate package includes the set up we discussed - ribbons, tables, chairs, and that there are no seperate privateevent fees for having it on the beach.

Am I understanding correctly? If you choose the ultimate wedding package, you can have to beach reception without any additional fees? Thas was what I wanted but thought you had to pay extra...this is so awesome!! I really, really appreciate all of this information. The pictures are awesome. I really don't know what I'd do if I hadn't joined the forum...I'd be so lost! Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing more!

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Thanks for the reviews! Very helpful. I was also worried about people watching, but I don't think I'll be paying attention, I'll much to nervous!

I have a couple of questions:

How was the buffet restaurant? What shape are the tables there? I want to start thinking about table decor since that is where I am having our "free" dinner.

How is the wedding arch? Does it need extra decor? Or is it nice looking without anything?

Thanks again!

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I only ate at the buffet for breakfast and it was great. all the normal breakfast stuff- plus beans and tortillas of course! They make fresh fruit smoothies right there. YUM. The decor in that room wasn't anything special. I would probably plan on bringing in some color through linens and/or flowers, centerpieces.


I specifically asked Sandra about extra fees and she said no so I'm holding her to it! I wrote her a 'thank you' email and confirming the details we discussed so gave her a chance to reneg if we miscommunicated but I asked her clear as day.


As for the arch thing on the beach by the seaside grill. I think it needs a little something otherwise it just looks like bamboo sticks in the sand. there was a pic of just the plain arch in that original word doc in this thread! let me know if you have more questions!

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Other questions I asked Sandra and her answers:


Can we customize the wedding- write our own vows, do readings? YES

how many people per table at the reception? 8-10 she said we can decide if we prefer 8 or 10.

could we reserve things like volleyball court, soccer, etc for certain times for a scheduled bridal party competition? YES, she said just let her know. We'd just need to make sure it didn't overlap with the hotel's regularly scheduled activities.

Cocktails/appetizers are NOT passed during cocktail hour. they are set up at a table.

Payment schedule- it is due when you get there. I thought it was weird there wasn't a deposit...

DJ has cords for Ipods. She recommends bringing CDs- easier for the DJ. Also don't expect the DJ to emcee the event. he just switches CDs basically.

He does have a microphone for speeches though or if you want someone else to jump in and announce the cake cutting,etc

She does a pseduo rehearsal the day before- eithe rin the morning or afternoon. I got the feeling this was quick.


She said she would look into the price of fire dancers and/or releasing butterflies or doves after the ceremony (totally all my fiance's idea) I doubt we will do it but we had to ask:)

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