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Need Color help

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Whatever color you want! If you are getting married in the evening, reds, yellows, and bright orange would be pretty--very sunset-ish.


But I like blue and orange together.


Wedding dresses and planning advice | Brides.com has a cool color wheel thingy right now that shows sample color combos.


I also browsed through Wedding Planning Checklist - Planning a Wedding - Unique Wedding Ideas photo galleries for ideas. There you can search by color, flowers, reception idea, etc.

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Originally Posted by CarrieRN View Post
I like burnt orange with dark reds or with a deep blue of some sort. Go to the store where you bought the dresses and look at their fabric swatch thingy. You can compare the other colors with your burnt orange and see what you like.
Ladies, thank you!!! That really helps. I am not good with colors
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I agree with everyone! Color is so much fun to play with! So many things will work.

What I find works best is go to your local hardware store. find a paint chip that matches your bridesmaid colors... and then go around and find paint chips that look awesome with it! It's a great way to see all different combinations.

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