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Suggest a Resort - Here is my criteria

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So, as many of you know. I am thinking of changing from EDR as they are being ... hmm, how do I say .... difficult ! hahaha.


Looking for a new resort, and have the Royal Playa Del Carmen in mind. Can you sugges tother ones to look into and price out.


What we want:


-About 50 people comming.

-We like adults only but are open.

-Food is important to us. Good food, options.

-Beach is important, I like a good beach! :)

-Nightlife is sort of important, at least at a location we can get to some bars, as I know our single guest might go out a night or two to some local bars.


I just want a pretty place that is a good price or has good wedding packages.

I have hired an outside photographer and want to stick with her (claudia) ....

We want a beach reception with a good party/dancing etc to follow.




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Azul Beach would be one....


I think a bunch of brides have done site visits and posted reviews & photos of a lot of the resorts in the RM area, as well as the reviews by brides who were married. If you click on the "Riviera Maya, Cancun & surrounding areas" link toward the the top of the page, it will show you the topics within this RM area. One of them is "accommodations", which has over 100 threads started. Another search option is located at the top right hand side of this page--- if you click on that, then advanced search, you can search for 'resort' and narrow it down to the RM area of the forum...

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I am getting married at Azul Beach, and so far so good! They have gotten back to me in a timely manner and seem to have alot of what you are looking for. Great beach, menu looks wonderful. It is not adults only but many people who have stayed there so you do not see many children. It is a smaller boutique type of hotel which only has 98 rooms. I wanted our familes to really get to know each other which is why I choose a smaller resort. Check out tripadvisor.com, there are MANY great reviews from brides who were married there. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at jmoss50@hotmail.com

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What about Secrets Capri? We went last June and it was spectacular! There is also the new Excellence Playa Mujeres, which looks phenomenal. We would be getting married at one of those resorts if my nephews weren't coming. We are still planning to go to Excellence for the second half of our weddingmoon.

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If adults only - Secrets Capri is very nice. Our friends went there for their honeymoon and recommended it to us, and so we went and got engaged there in Dec 06. It is beautiful, on the smaller side, excellent service and food options, etc. We would go back in a heartbeat. We would have had our wedding there, but we are having some children come, so we chose Dreams Cancun. We have tons of pics if you want some - PM me.


Only downside would be for your folks who might want to go out for nightlife. It is about 15 minutes north of Playa Del Carmen, so you would have to take a taxi - it would be a long walk. But there are plenty of bars on the resort...


Good luck !!!

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Just got back from Azul Beach. LOVED IT! But not sure if its what u are looking for. It's small. Real small. And definitely NO nightlife going on either at the resort or around, PDC is about 30 min away.

Also to consider, the wedding planner you communicate with is NOT on property. She is in Miami. And I found out she's only been to the resort once. You don't begin any communication with the onsite WC until you arrive the days before your wedding. The onsite WC, Carolina, is so sweet. I don't understand why they would have a "middleman" in the planning process.


Some suggestions: Excellence (it's 15 min away from airport), Secrets Capri or Maroma.


Good luck!

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