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Time between ceremony & reception

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Sure, you can give each person a "Wedding Day Timeline" in their OOT bag and directr them to a bar close to the reception venue ... that way they will be nearby when the reception is due to begin.


We are (hopefully, $$ dictates) doing a 1/2 pre and 1/2 hour post cocktail reception at the wedding gazebo for our guests. We are hoping that will get the guests to arrive on time for the ceremony and will help fill the gap between the ceremony and reception.

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That's not too much time, at all. I was going to start our dinner at 6:15 after a 5:20 ceremony ending, but my photographer said that wasn't enough time for photos. So....we moved dinner to 6:45 - and will suggest that the guests get together for drinks (provided for by the AI) at a central location when we send out our newsletter. Plus, I echo that people who want to freshen up will have a nice amount of time to do so.

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Originally Posted by Betsy View Post
I think that timeline will be perfect! You can take lots of pics and you guys won't have to rush around! Plus then maybe you and your new hubby can have some "alone time" before your reception!
LOL He's already saying he wants some 'alone time' before the reception! I told him NO WAY buddy. I still need to be looking fresh and fabulous at the reception smile78.gif
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