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By christina111213, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great to work with, professional, price
Cons: NONE!
I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about Gonzalo.  He was amazing to work with and his work is incredible.  Communication with him was easy and quick, his prices were great and negotiated a few things with me for what I was looking for.  On the big day he was actually at my room before I was.  He started off by photographing myself and my bridesmaids and mothers.  He sat down with me for a few minutes to go over time line, what I was looking for, if there was any specific pictures I wanted and suggested a few things I would not have thought of.  He spent quite a bit of time with us, and then went to the guys room to photograph them getting ready.  My husband and I wanted to do a first look so although I wanted it outside by the trees, he did mention the lighting may not be the best as it was really bright outside so we did it inside and it was perfect, when the lighting was not so bad we went outside and did a 2nd "first look" so it was very accommodating.  He stayed for the ceremony and most of the reception even though he was only scheduled from 12-8 he was there probably from 1130 till 830/9.  I truly could not have asked for a better photographer.  After the waiting period of about 3 months for my photos (which is to be expected as he is very busy) I am so happy with all my photos and I was lucky enough for him not only to give me additional pictures but he had an assistant with him who gave a different view of photos which I love as well!  You will not be disappointed if you go with Gonzalo, and if we go back to mexico I would most definitely hire him again, for another shoot whether cenote, vow renewal or family photos!   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74191] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74192] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74193] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74194] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74195] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74196] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74197] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74200] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74201] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74202] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74203] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74204] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:74205]    
Brandi Robinson

By Brandi Robinson, · 0 Comments

Pros: Fun, energetic, quick to respond, beautiful photos
Cons: None
Gonzalo was absolutely amazing to work with. He is so fun and energetic! From the very beginning he was very helpful and always kept in contact with me through email or facebook. He addressed any concerns that I had and answered all of my questions promptly. Everyone knows how stressful your wedding day can be and sometimes it's hard to relax, but Gonzalo did everything he could to make the day fun and special. We also did a trash the dress session, which was so much fun! We traveled with Gonzalo to a location about 45 minutes away from our hotel and he made us feel very safe and comfortable.    Gonzalo's pictures speak for themselves. They are so beautiful, creative and fun! I am so happy with how our pictures turned out! My picture shipment is arriving just a few days after our contract deadline so Gonzalo compensated by including all 900 pictures, which for me, more than makes up for being a few days late. He is the kind of photographer that will go out of his way to make sure his customers are satisfied.    I highly recommend Gonzalo to anyone looking for a spectacular wedding photographer.
Pros: Professional - Creative
A Friend of mine told me about Gonzalo and his work she saw on Facebook so I looked for his Facebook page and sent him an email. His answer was fast and we could find a package which was in our budget. Gonzalo was punctual on our wedding day so his assistant. They did a great job and captured all the great moments of our ceremony and party. Gonzalo had to deal with an International wedding mixing french and mexicain people not easy at all but he did great haha! The picture we received from him are amazing and show how professional Gonzalo is. We are very happy to have them and we recommend Gonzalo for the best day of your life. As a bride he will treat you very good and told you how to watch the camera and stuff so just keep his words during the session and he will do the rest. PD: My maids of honor liked him a lot :)

By KaityGerstad, · 0 Comments

Pros: great communication, considerate, creative, fun, amazing photos!
Cons: NONE
Found Gonzalo through internet searches and after reading some reviews, I was dead set on booking him. His pricing was excellent and well worth every penny. He took a lot of time and care into shooting our wedding day and even stayed later than what was originally discussed, which blew us away. He is a very kind and patient man and it made the day go very smoothly. A few days before receiving our photos in the mail, Gonzalo let me know he actually included more photos than the expected amount! I was thrilled when I received the images and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great photographer. The pictures were great, arrived in a timely manner, and I could not be happier. He was amazing to work with and I really cannot say enough good things about him. If anyone is debating booking this man, do not! He will go above and beyond to make sure you have some gorgeous pictures on your special day.

By jmont13, · 0 Comments

Pros: Passionate, timely, value, communication, unique style, flexible, fun, incorporation of ideas.
Cons: NONE
We had the pleasure to work with Gonzalo for our wedding at Omni Resort in Cancun, Mexico.    Before deciding our photographer we were overwhelmed with the numerous destination wedding photographers out there.  We researched and researched and researched and finally his pictures, style and attitude really caught our eyes.  We wanted something different and unique than just your “normal wedding pictures”.   What sets Gonzalo apart is the honest love he has in seeing the bride and groom fully satisfied.   Our wedding schedule wasn't the smoothest but Gonzalo managed to work with it.  He incorporated all the picture ideas we had with his special style and touch.  He held great communication from the beginning to the end.  The value for his work is also awesome.  BUT the best of Gonzalo is the relationship you develop with him.  He isn't just a business partner.  He is photographer that TRULY CARES.   Gonzalo does an excellent job of capturing all the special moments that creates memories for years to come.  Gonzalo and his photography rocks!  We will continue to recommend his services moving forward.  He is the real deal  

By mlemire617, · 0 Comments

Pros: Excellent communication, great photo ideas, went out of his way to be helpful, get digital high-res files to print yourself
Cons: Some issues with communication and timing
I was relieved and impressed from my first (speedy) email exchange with Gonzalo; coupled with good reviews and liking his style of photography, we had no trouble settling on using him and signing a contract. He was flexible in working out a package for a reduced number of hours (we only had him stay through the end of dinner/first dance).   In the months leading up to our wedding I had a few questions for Gonzalo, which he always responded to within just a few hours of sending him an email. He also sent us a questionnaire to fill out with our requested timing and wish list of pictures we wanted to take. For the day of the wedding, we had decided to do a "first look" and then take all of our couple and wedding party photos before the ceremony, so that we could enjoy the cocktail hour with our 40 guests and just worry about family group photos at that point.    Overall the day went great and I have to commend Gonzalo on a few things that I really appreciated: We were having trouble getting a large group shot with all 40 guests in it; Gonzalo spotted a couple watching the wedding from their hotel room balcony, and ran up 3 flights of stairs to ask them if he could shoot from that vantage point. The group shots he took are my favorite from the day. Our reception was on the beach right up against the waves; due to the dim lighting of the location we had the Royal set up a light-up dance floor. It took over an hour for them to fix an issue with the lights, but Gonzalo immediately reassured us and stayed an hour past his contract time to make up for that lost "photo op" time, and wouldn't accept payment or extra tip for the inconvenience. This meant we ended up not just with great pictures of our first dance on the light up floor, but we got the number of images back we hoped for.   This happened for the most part, but in hindsight I learned that I needed more 'take charge' leadership from Gonzalo: We ended up taking pictures until about 5 minutes before the ceremony started, due to taking types of pictures we didn't want to worry about (aka, serious romantic types of poses as a couple)...we voiced this to Gonzalo but he asked us to just go with it The wedding ceremony took place just before Sunset, right next to the beach. The request was to take family and friend group shots with our toes in the sand and the water behind us. The glare from the sun resulted in it being too difficult to get these shots so we moved locations. However, later on that day there was ample time to try again and I now wish Gonzalo had reminded us so that we could have had more of those photos. Not as big of a deal....but we didn't end up with very many digital files back that were taken by his 2nd shooter. Notably missing were a lot of the "journalistic" pictures of the decor up-close, candids of the guests, etc.   I'll also note that we got back many more pictures than the guarantee in the contract, which was nice....but, also to note - I didn't notice a ton of touching up so I was left wondering if the editing process was rushed.   I would recommend working with Gonzalo since the service he provides is just as valuable as his lovely photography, IMO...just make sure to be assertive if you need to in terms of getting what you need communicated.     Here are some examples of the photos he took:            
Pros: Lovely man, easy to get along with and feel comfortable around, lots of fun, amazing photos
Cons: he is all the way in Mexico so too far for us to meet again (boo)
After lots of research online, we decided to book Gonzalo to capture our special day.  We hadn't planned to do a TTD but after seeing his portfolio we couldn't resist, and we are delighted we went ahead with it in the end.  His pricing was reasonable and communication excellent.  Always a quick and helpful reply.   Gonzalo captured the moments which we will cherish forever, and share with our families for years to come.  The real emotion of the day is right there in the photographs.   The TTD day was amazing, a great experience which we both thoroughly enjoyed.  Our trip to the cenotes was an unforgettable part of our visit to Mexico, we loved the roadside taco bar for lunch, and the small authentic hotel we used for our beach shots was just amazing.  The next time we visit Mexico we will definitely look to stay somewhere more traditional, it was so beautiful.  Thank you Gonzalo for showing us what the real Mexico is like!   My husband and I are fairly camera shy but Gonzalo put us at ease very quickly and gave great guidance to us both.  He made us laugh and caught the moment to create beautiful pictures.  Some of the locations Gonzalo would ask us to use would have been spots we might have walked right past, but he had the vision that they would be the perfect backdrop ... the photos show this is a great talent of his.   We asked Gonzalo to e-mail us a few sneak previews which we could show at our AHR and he very kindly did in a super short timeframe.  The photos he selected were wonderful.  We have loved seeing the occasional picture on facebook in the lead up to receiving our photos and our friends and family have all commented on these as well.   Our photos were sent via FedEx so we could track them (and excitement could build!) on their journey from Mexico to Scotland.  They arrived, beautifully presented in a handmade box with a lovely and very thoughtful handwritten thank you card from Gonzalo, thanking us for choosing him to be our photographer.  We received more photos than we could have imagined, and are delighted with the quality.   We would highly recommend Gonzalo and we are so happy that we found and booked him to be with us on our wedding day.  The photos have helped us to preserve the moments and emotions from the day forever.
Pros: GORGEOUS photos, Incredible artist & person, great communication, Excellent prices for the Incredible outcome& amount of time and energy he gives!
Cons: None- We only wish he was a photographer for other life events too so we could use him again soon!!!
There are so many photographers to choose from and it was such a difficult choice for us to make from a different country, so I feel very fortunate that we lucked into finding Gonzalo. First and foremost, his photographs are phenomenal. His pricing is amazing for the amount of effort and time he spent with us. He was always (and continues to be) so easy to communicate with via email. He responds quickly and was so easy to work with planning etc... During the Trash The Dress he was really supportive and patient and gave lots of great suggestions for poses etc....the cenote and beach locations were dreamy like from a movie set.  This is not our first marriage, so we aren't young spring chicks  and Gonzalo managed to make us look and feel fabulous! He was fun, energetic and artistic and we  enjoyed his company a ton. After our morning TTD in the cenote, he took us out for a delicious authentic Mexican lunch of yummy tacos. After our AMAZING session at the beach, he helped out some people whose car was stuck in the sand~ he is just that kind of good hearted guy.  On the wedding morning he met us at my make-up artists apartment and basically spent all day with us and late into the evening festivities, capturing all of the best moments perfectly. Our wedding was supposed to happen in time to get sunset photos and Gonzalo's timing would have been perfect for sunset, but the wedding coordinator at our resort delayed the wedding about 30 minutes (which is a big deal in terms of daylight hours!) and Gonzalo was then put into a time crunch to get our group photos etc.. complete before sundown and he handled it incredibly professionally. He was working really hard and running to and fro and trying to keep our guests focused (not an easy task!!) and was truly able to capture some really beautiful photos of all of us with just enough light and the beautiful sky in the background is stunning. He is AMAZING. If I were to re-do the wedding, there are a few things I would do differently in terms of planning when, where, how, etc...,but I feel 100% confident that we made the best choice possible in hiring Gonzalo. I hope that he is still in business when my daughters get married so that we can hire him again    If you are looking for a wedding photographer- you should absolutely go with Gonzalo. He is superb! You will NOT be sorry!!!  

By adabek, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, fun, creative, helpful
Cons: Not a single one
We will start off by saying this review is just a snapshot of how incredible of a photographer Gonzalo.  To fully explain the positive impact Gonzalo had on our wedding and time in Mexico would take at least an 8 page essay, so we will try and keep it short.   After a long quest for a photographer (almost a year) with lots of hours of research, we finally stumbled upon Gonzalo's website.  After viewing the photos on his website, blog, Facebook, and reading reviews on this website, we decided to contact Gonzalo to photograph our wedding in March 2013.  We were VERY particular about what type of photos we wanted since we would be investing the most money in our photos.  From the first point of contact (email),  Gonzalo's positivity, professionalism, and demeanor were visible.  Any question we asked, he replied with a plethora of useful information.  We not only asked about his skills, but asked his advice on having a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen.  He was the best resource by far and is extremely knowledgeable.  From the beginning, he went above and beyond what we expected of him.    When it was finally our wedding day and we met Gonzalo and his assistant, they were extremely sensitive to the stress associated with getting married.  We didn't really have a schedule as to how we would use their time, but Gonzalo was able to guide us through the entire day efficiently and effectively without any hiccups.  An amazing trait that Gonzalo has as a photographer is that he is very aware of how everyone in the bridal party is feeling.  When I was getting ready, I was stressing out that I only had 15 minutes to finish putting my makeup on and get into my dress.  While finishing getting ready, he managed to capture amazing photos.  He was incredibly non-invasive and I didn't even realize he managed to capture those shots.   I want to mention that my family is not the easiest to deal with and I was worried that they would stress Gonzalo out with requests and making sure that each shot was captured.  They most definitely asked Gonzalo a lot of questions and tried to direct him on how to do things, however he was cognizant of their requests and was able to please everyone who attended my wedding.  Not only did he make sure all of the photos they wanted were taken, but he was happy to make conversation with them and get to know them.  He easily could have taken photos and waited for the next important wedding event to occur.  Again, he exceeded our expectations by taking amazing photos and spending time with our families.     The photographs came out wonderfully, and I'll certainly cherish them forever. Gonzalo was nice enough to take our silly requests and ideas for pictures and bring them to life with the pristine clarity of a professional photographer. Regardless of what your needs may be, Gonzalo will definitely serve you well, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a skillful photographer.   My husband and I feel truly fortunate to have met Gonzalo.  He was an asset to our wedding and made a fantastic impression on us and our families.  He is overall an outstanding and inspirational person with a fantastic attitude towards life.  Gonzalo not only made our wedding forever memorable with his photography, but also with his charisma.  We hired Gonzalo with the original intent of having our memorable moments captured, however we ended up meeting an extraordinary person that we now call a friend :)
We hired Gonzalo Nunez as our wedding photographer and it was one of the best decisions we made. Gonzalo was professional, friendly, and overall very talented. We were so impressed with his level of service and competitive rates.  He was great to communicate with before the wedding and I felt he really took an effort to get to know us and understand my groom and I before we landed in Mexico.   Unfortunately we had a rainy wedding day, but Gonzalo did a great job making the best of the weather and not letting it dampen our joy. He was a pleasure to work with and his creativity in his photography is unsurpassed.   Gonzalo and his assistant did a beautiful job capturing the highlights of our wedding day. We were beyond impressed with his work. Not only do we consider him our wedding photographer, he is now a friend.        I highly recommend Gonzalo Nunez for photography in the Mayan Riviera.           
Pros: Very professional, makes you feel at ease, easy-going, beautiful pictures, very responsive to emails
Cons: None

By jessicaoliver, · 0 Comments

Pros: He is creative, attentive, and professional.
Cons: we let him go too early ;)
We found Gonzalo after looking at maaaaany options online and he seem to be the best option! and boy were we right about him!! He took shots of us that we would never have thought of, and that is a good thing :) we had an amazing selection of pictures one better than the other. Gonzalo captured all the important moments of our wedding and thanks to him we can remember every single detail forever!!:) 

By paddleson, · 0 Comments

We contacted Gonzalo, amongst other photogs in the area, to shoot our wedding day and trash the dress session. We found that he was the quickest to respond to our inquiries, had very reasonable prices, and of course his work spoke for itself!    Wedding day he arrived early and made us feel very comfortable getting ready and was very creative with our wedding party pics. He was like a fly on the wall at the ceremony and reception. The trash the dress shoot was great. We needed lots of direction and he had plenty of ideas and great locations for the shoot.   As part of our reception back home we put together a slideshow and requested that he give us a small sampling of his pictures to include in the slideshow before our final product was due to be delivered. Everyone was so impressed and kept asking who our photographer was.   We strongly recommend going with Gonzalo. You won't be disappointed.
Pros: Time spent with us. Pricing. Professionalism. Photos. Speediness of everything
Gonzalo was better than we expected, we found him through this website and want to make sure we recommend him to everyone else.   He met us at our resort in Cancun and spent 2 days with us capturing our wonderful time (wedding ceremony and Trash the Dress the next day).   His patience with us was great and all the 800+ photos came out great! We now have wonderful memories thanks to Mr. Nunez!!

By murphy1718, · 0 Comments

Pros: Very experienced, professional, knew our resort well for photos and took us off resort to a beautiful beach for TDD.
Cons: None
A[[SIZE=3][/SIZE] We had an amazing experience with Gonzalo and could not be happier with the final product. His photos are artistic and one of a kind. I would HIGHLY recommend a TDD session, the photos were amazing!!
Lisa Wood

By Lisa Wood, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, friendly, put us at ease, knew exactly what he was doing
Cons: NONE!
I hired Gonzalo to take our pictures solely off of the reviews here and the pictures I saw here doing research. I loved his style of picture taking and all the reviews I read sold me! It was just my husband and I for the ceremony and pictures, and Gonzalo did an amazing job of making us feel important and comfortable. He brought along Guiliana as well and it was nice having both of them taking pictures. We really enjoyed our time with them. We received our pictures and were blown away at the quality - they looked phenomenal. We had a reception back in the states and several photographers were there and they all commented on how fantastic the pictures looked!  I really can't say enough great things about Gonzalo - don't think any more about this decision - just HIRE HIM!!

By Jenntim311, · 0 Comments

AWe had our Engagement photos taken by Gonzalo Nunez today in NYC, and while we don't have our pictures just yet, I wanted to comment on Gonzalo's professionalism and friendliness!! My fiancé and I are not used to be photographed like we were today, but Gonzalo made us feel at ease!! We are also having Gonzalo shoot our wedding day at NOW Jade and are very comfortable and confident with this decision after spending the morning with him! We can't wait to see our finished photos!!

By CurlyBride, · 0 Comments

Pros: Sweet, patient, fun and creative
Cons: None
I was recently a bride and used Gonzalo for a TTD for a underwater cenote and beach session post wedding (11-14-12). He was great, he picked us up and gave us a ride. We talked the entire way. He is a great man, very intelligent and worldly. He mentally prepared us for the day and went over details. When we arrived at the cenote, it took our breath away. The water was gorgeous and clear. Once we got in the water we started right away. He directed us how to pose and was patient with me in my gown. Not the easiest thing in the world to do. After he treated us to lunch at a local taco spot which was yummy and delish, it was a pleasant break. He then took us on a tour of Tulum beaches and we finished the shoot at one of the beaches which were breathtaking. White soft sand with turquoise water and cliffs all around. The cenote was still my favorite part of the experience. I would do this all over again any day if I had to with Gonzalo. I think he is the best man for the job. I finally got my pics and they are incrediable. Everyone I know is amazed by the quality and the underwater experience. Its truely an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience and Gonzalo is the man for the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By ginta14, · 0 Comments

Pros: an artist!
Gonzalo is incredible.  I would not think twice about using him again or recommending him wholeheartedly.  He has an incredible eye and is very accommodating.    His pricing is like all wedding photographers but here you get what you pay for, top quality.  If you are considering Gonzalo, book him.
Pros: Gonzalo is not only an exceptional photographer but a true professional
Cons: There is nothing negative I can say about Gonzalo! We were so grateful to have him for our wedding!
I was recommended by a friend to use Gonzalo as our wedding photographer.  I can honestly say that using Gonzalo was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding! As a bride it is so difficult planning a destination wedding because you don't know who to trust and also if the vendors you are using are reliable. The moment we booked Gonzalo you could tell he not only was a true professional but a genuine and sweet man.  His excitement and positive energy just made my husband and I even more eager for our wedding day! Even when going over pricing options he tries to adjust prices based on the couples needs.  Gonzalo's work is without a doubt worth more than he charges and is easily affordable for destination brides! On the day of our wedding Gonzalo arrived exactly on time and with a smile! As a nervous bride this immediately put me at ease! He is very specific about going over the wedding day details and time line because he wants to make sure he captures all the special moments that a bride and groom share.  He dives right into his work as soon as he arrives.  The day my husband and I got married was extremely hot and Gonzalo never once complained and kept a smile on his face the whole time.  During the "getting ready" photos Gonzalo not only manages to capture the simplest detail but he also takes time to talk to the bride and find out who the families of the bride and groom are, and what pictures are most important to photograph.  My whole family loved him and knew instantly that he was going to do such an amazing job! My husband and I had about 40 guests attend our wedding. Trying to get 40 people to sit still and cooperate for photographs is extremely difficult but not for Gonzalo! He gets the crowd excited and manages to take such memorable special pictures of all your guests.  When photographing just my husband and I we both were worried because we are not used to taking photos. Gonzalo makes it seem effortless.  He encourages you to act like yourselves and to take in the moment.  My husband and I had such a blast taking the photos with Gonzalo because he makes it a fun experience and you can tell that he works really hard to get the perfect shot! Gonzalo blended in perfectly  with our friends and family as well.  During our reception our friends and family loved getting to know him! He had fun with our guests while at the same time remaining a true professional! Our reception time line ran later than my husband I had anticipated.  Even though we had only paid Gonzalo for a specific time he stayed and captured all the special moments, dances and cake cutting that we had previously discussed.  Most photographers would not have done that and it shows just how special Gonzalo is as a person and professional.  When my husband and I received our photographs in the mail we were both brought to tears. We knew the pictures were going to come out amazing but they far exceeded our expectations.  Gonzalo captured every special moment. My husband and I felt like we were reliving the day over again.  His pictures are beyond beautiful they are just perfect.  For any bride that is looking for a photographer choose Gonzalo! My husband and I can not thank him enough.  Because of Gonzalo we have the most perfect photos that for a lifetime will remind us of the best day of our lives and we are forever grateful!

By Heidiwest, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great Photos, So nice to work with, and prompt delivery!
Gonzalo was amazing!   I had the photos set up at our reception after we returned to Chicago From Playa.  We had so many great compliments and the pictures were exactly what we wanted.  He really listened and worked with us to make sure we were happy.. I wouldn't suggest to anyone to look anywhere else.   His photography is amazing.. Thank you so much Gonzalo. 

By Carlita, · 0 Comments

Pros: communication, progessionalism
If you are looking for a photographer who is reliable, professional and takes GREAT photos-Gonzalo is your man!   We booked our date with Gonzalo several months in advance after seeing his work on his website. We really loved the photo journalistic style of his photography. From the get-go, Gonzalo was great on the communication front. He responded to all of our questions and emails very quickly. This was very important to us, since we were so far away and didn't know what to expect once we got down to the Mayan Riviera. Gonzalo went through all the details with us and answered all of our questions. His pricing was very reasonable too :)   The wedding day and TTD shoot were a lot of fun! Gonzalo was so patient and reassuring throughout, it really made us feel more comfortable. He took us to Isla Mujeres the day after the wedding for our TTD session and we drove around the whole island snapping so many different shots.It was at least 40 degrees Celsius that day, but Gonzalo could have kept going all day long...and we pretty much did!   We got our pictures and were so happy with the results! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, every shot is very different, so we have so many pictures to chose from. Don't hesitate to chose Gonzalo as your photographer! Thanks so much Gonzalo, you did a fantastic job! All the best to you!
Diana V

By Diana V, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything - artistic, amazing photographer, great communication
Cons: Nothing
I just received my pictures today and am absolutely in love with them.  Gonzalo Nunez did such an amazing job!
After my husband and I decided to have a destination wedding, we both agreed that we needed to find a photographer since we weren't thrilled with the resort photographer (pictures were way too cookie cutter...all weddings looked the same).  After much research and reading reviews, we chose Gonzalo - his pictures looked amazing, his communication was super fast (always replied to emails within a few hours), and his prices were less than others who we contacted. We chose the 2 day package - 8 hours day off the wedding, and 4 hours for Trash the Dress & Beach pics day after the wedding.   I really can't say enough good things about Gonzalo. My husband and I don't take a lot of pictures and neither of us are too comfortable in front of the camera...Gonzalo made it super easy and we had a great time.  Our families loved him as well...aside from being an awesome photographer, he also has a great personality and fit right in!    The day after the wedding, Gonzalo picked us up at our resort and off we went to take underwater pictures in the Cenote.  Swimming in your wedding dress (and I had a decently big dress) is not as easy and romantic as it looks :-) It was hard!! But Gonzalo was very encouraging and showed us some of the good pics as he was taking them to keep us going.  I really didn't think we would have any good pics (my husband was doing great but I couldn't stay down because my dress turned into a giant floaty), but somehow he managed to get some beautiful pictures.  After the underwater pics, we headed back to the resort and spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures around the resort and on the beach.    Thank you Gonzalo for beautifully capturing our day!!!      

By eddola, · 0 Comments

Pros: Fast communication, Fun Personality, Very Creative, Lots of fun
Cons: simply nothing. You will be satisfied 100%
I'm just going to say... GONZALO is the best photographer ever!!!  There are no one better photographer than Gonzalo Nunez!!!  We LOVE every single shots he took on our wedding day and after day for TTD!  He is very fast responding to your messages and he has super fun personality that you will have so much fun taking photos!  He was running everywhere to capture the best of best shots for us! Thank you Gonzalo  Here is a sample picture he took of us in Playa del Carmen! Enjoy!           

By Caterina, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: None
AHe's simply the best! Great communication from the beginning till the day you receive your pictures! I just received my pictures and we couldn't be happier! He really knows how to make beautiful pictures and to make us pose to look natural! Great value! Chose him and youll never regret it!!