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By JackienBrian107, · 0 Comments

We had a great time shooting our Trash the Dress shoot with Gonzalo while we were on our honeymoon!   He was great to work with from start to finish!   He was so nice and gave us great direction!  Our pictures came out absolutely beautiful and we will treasure them for years to come.    
Pros: Friendly, Professional, Incredible pictures!
Cons: None
After much research while planning our destination wedding we decided to hire Gonzalo Nunez to shoot our wedding and trash the dress session which took place September 2011. As soon as Gonzalo responded to my information request I knew I had found our photographer. Gonzalo is so friendly and professional. You can honestly tell he loves what he does and it shows in his work. My husband and I loved working with him during the wedding and had so much fun with him during our trash the dress session. I received our pictures today and was speechless by the breathtaking images. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to be WOWED!

By amado25, · 0 Comments

Pros: on time, courteous, flexible, patient, creative and engaging
Cons: none
Earlier this year, I booked Gonzalo for my 2012 wedding in Rivieria Maya, based on his blog pictures and reviews. Recently, he took engagement photos of me and my fiancee.   Gonzalo was on-time for our meeting and was very gracious. He was patient and open to hear our ideas. Most importantly, he wanted to make sure that we were comfortable and that our needs were met in terms of locations, styles and types of shots we wanted.   After meeting him for the engagement pictures, I am certain that we have selcted the right person with a endearing spirit to capture the moments for our BIG day.   I look forward to seeing our photos for our recent engagment shoot. I am certain they will be great like all of his other work!

By Annap, · 1 Comment

Pros: good comunication, enthusiastic, artistic
Cons: none
A Gonzalo is very creative in his photos, he took some great candid photos.   During the day he was really fun and enthusiastic. He was extremely professional. His style is so intimate, detailed, and unique! I have to tell that choosing the photographer was a hard work. We did a research and we started to narrow our final decision until we kept Gonzalo. And I have to say that it was the best thing we could do!! Within a month we received a beautiful case with a DVD with georgeus images.  I strongly recomend him!! Anna.

By lovelylady, · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, great value, very responsive, all around fun guy
Cons: none
We booked Gonzalo for our destination wedding based on his blog and website, and while initially we were nervous booking a photographer without meeting them in person first, Gonzalo's professional yet fun demeanor put us at ease and we never second guessed our decision to choose him.    We received our pictures today, and I must say that Gonzalo is a miracle worker. My husband and I are quiet possibly the least photogenic couple ever to grace the sands of the Riviera Maya and somehow Gonzalo was able to capture moments where we both looked GREAT. And not just a few good pictures, there a hundreds of photos that we LOVE. Gonzalo was so patient and coached us through our session in ways that were clearly effective. We could not be more pleased with the results.      

By Heidi82, · 1 Comment

Pros: creative, friendly, affordable, easy to communicate with, professional, gracious
Cons: none
My husband and I booked Gonzalo based on his prices and by viewing his work on his blog and website. He was the most affordable for us.  He also had the creative, artsy vibe that we wanted. We also wanted someone local to the area. Gonzalo was always quick to answer emails and we commicated every few months leading up to the wedding and then every few days right before the wedding.   On the day of the wedding he arrived at the resort a couple hours before the wedding to shoot the location and us getting ready. I was a ball of nerves and not used to having pictures taken of me! But as soon as he started snapping away I was comfortable. He was at our wedding for 10 hours. We hardly noticed him getting all the great shots but he must have been everywhere! All of our guests, especially my MIL, loved him and raved about him!   We did our trash the dress session two days after our wedding. On this same day we were switching to a different resort for our honeymoon, so the logistics of getting together and the timing was crazyness!  BUT Gonzalo was awesome and picked us up in his car and drove us 30-45 minutes to our TTD location. We scoped out a few areas and then started taking TONS of pictures. The TTD day was so much fun and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it!  He had really great ideas...we needed a lot of directing since we have never had pictures taken of us professionally. At the same time he was funny and fun to talk with. We felt like we had made a friend that just happened to be taking beautiful pictures of us! After spending 6 or so hours with us he drove us back to our honeymoon resort, which was around 45 mins. away. He didn't have to do that, but we were so grateful that he did.   I LOVE the pictures and would recommend Gonzalo to anyone.  :)   Finally got the picture posting figured out.  Here are a few from the wedding day and TTD.   Me and my bridesmaids at the resort before walking down to the gazebo     At the gazebo Above:  Pictures on the beach with the wedding party       Cutting the cake!   Above:  Hubby dancing!  He even took his shoes off he was so comfortable ;)   The light up dance floor and ballroom during dinner   TTD photos!            

By Amara3CUS, · 0 Comments

Pros: artistic eye, casual and friendly demeanor, and the pics speak for themselves
Cons: wish I had so much more time with him!!!
On July 23, 2011 I married the love of my life at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico!!! We had a fabulous time and by far, one of the best things we spent our money on was to have Gonzalo as our photographer. He was great with communication before the wedding and even now, close to two months after... We had a great time with him throughout the day and he gave us a lot of freedom to set up our own shots and tell him what we wanted. My only regret is not building my wedding day around him and his talent and making tons of more room for pictures. Trust me, if you book Gonzalo you won't be disappointed- but be sure to allow yourself at least a couple of hours just for you and the groom on the beach. What we did have on the beach was gorgeous and now I'm craving for more!!!      

By pitt2011, · 0 Comments

Pros: He is really nice and personable and does awesome work!!
Cons: Didn't have enough time with him! I feel like we didn't take enough pictures
Gonzalo is such a wonderful photographer. He arrived at the suite and got right to work. He took such creative pictures and has such an art for photography. He captured lots of wonderful moments of my wedding day. He even took some pictures of my guests before, during and after the wedding. I highly recommend Gonzalo to anyone who is having a wedding!!
Pros: Long hours coverage from your big day, very flexible, friendly and talented
After doing and extensive research, getting quotes and talking  with many vendors in the Playa del Carmen area.... We picked Gonzalo because he offered us the most hours with all digital pictures and we liked his easy going personality. he is Great! very talented and creative.   We really enjoyed working with him and we would totally reccomend  his services to anybody. =)

By AnnaHopkins, · 0 Comments

I used Gonzalo for my wedding photographer at the Now Jade in Riviera Maya; I picked him specifically because of all the good reviews I read on here, so I know how important it is to write an honest review for other brides to be.   Leading up to the wedding, I "friended" Gonzalo on Facebook & communicated to him through that, and email, a couple times.  Friending him made me feel more comfortable, and I think it also gave him a sense of what we were like as a couple.    On the wedding day, we met with him and his assistant very briefly and then we got to work!  Since we only had a small wedding and Gonzalo would be with us for 10 hours, we used the first couple hours as an engagement photo session.  That was a lot of fun, and it also helped Brian and I get comfortable with posing-but-pretending-we're-not-posing.  :)  I highly recommend something similiar if you or your groom may be uncomfortable with getting your picture taken while pretending you aren't getting your picture taken!  At first it felt so weird, but with Gonzalo's patience and guidance it gets easier!   Gonzalo was fantastic with feedback.  He'd tell us to try something different and would listen to our comments.  It was really just a great experience!    The pictures are fantastic.  He got shots where we immediatly say, "I remember that!" when we see them - they trigger a wonderful memory for us, which is exactly the point.  :D  He also got a lot of shots where we didn't realize we, or the person in the photo, were even getting our pictures taken, and they are truly amazing.  I love the genuine reactions, expressions, and smiles on everyone's faces in the photos he takes.    If anyone wants to see our photos, feel free to look me up on Facebook, I am happy to share!  Anna Gentry Hopkins.    We ended up getting almost 500 photos on a CD & a slideshow of photos, I expected to just receive a CD case but it is actually a lovely leather bound booklet with a photograph on the front and in the inside, along with the CD.  Great, classy touch!  Gonzalo also "teased" us during our 45-day wait for the CD by posting pictures on Facebook from time to time.  My birthday was about 10 days after the wedding and he was kind enough to post about a dozen un-edited photos on facebook for me.  Fantastic guy!    
jessica b

By jessica b, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great Pricing, Friendly, Professional, Artistic...the list goes on!
Below is the e-mail I sent Gonzalo when I received a slideshow of pictures by e-mail. Two days after I received the CD with all the Trash the Dress and Wedding pictures.   Hello Gonzalo!!!!!!
Thank You so much for taking our pictures! We couldn't have chosen a better person to capture this important day! I totally felt comfortable with you and enjoyed your company the day of the "Trash". It was like you were a friend and we were hanging out taking pictures on the beach.  I love how you captured all the details, from our rings on the starfish, the bird flying in the sky when we stood on the rocks and to Jason and his best man acting crazy as always. Everyone who has seen the pictures you posted on Facebook and the slideshow are just amazed. Everyone just says, "Wow!"
My friend Alicia said she got chills when she saw the slideshow...and the song was perfect. I couln't wait to forward it to my friends and family once I received it. I saw the e-mail on my phone when I was at work and immediatly showed all my coworkers. They are all designers and Architects so they appreciate your style of photography. We immediately noticed that the way you take pictures is different...In a good way. Very artistic and creative shots! I also like the mix of posed and casual shots.
 I think some of my friends have requested you as their friend on Facebook. They all ask where and how I found you. They ask "he is from Mexico?"  I say, "Yes, there are awesome phtographers in Mexico!"
I am also so glad I did the trash under the water. Although I had been to Playa and Cancun many times I had never been to a cenote. It was such a beautiful place! Every time someone see's my pictures I have to explain what a cenote is. Many people don't even know about them. It's funny, people even think that the picture of me under water is photoshoped! I am happy that we got some good underwater pictures because it was alot of work. I also love the beach shots. The turquoise water is awesome and the pictures capture it for me to have forever. I love the simplicity of us walking  and running on the beach with just the ocean as the backdrop. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop than that. It makes me want to go back to Playa. It was a long day!  I am grateful for all the time you spent with us that day.
I look forward to receiving my package in the mail with the remaining pictures! I am definitely considering doing another shoot when we are in Mexico again! Thank You again! Jessica and Jason Williams. 

By Madged1, · 0 Comments

Pros: Charismatic, refreshing approach, fantastic work
Cons: none
Choosing a photographer was one of the most stressful items on my checklist...that was until I found Gonzalo. After seeing the amazing pictures on his blog and the wonderful reviews, I knew that we were in good hands.  He was also more than willing to work with us budget-wise which was another huge blessing.

Gonzalo was an absolute pleasure to work with.  His charismatic demeanor and fun approach was so refreshing and it helped to ease the butterflies of the day. Now, although I expected awesome pics, I must say that my husband and I (as well as everyone else who has seen them) were completely blown away!  Gonzalo did a FANTASTIC job and we only wish that we had more time with him!!  I give him 5 stars and would recommend him 150%!  In fact, we hope to set up another session with him someday in the future!! :)

By CNJ17, · 0 Comments

Pros: great value for pictures, flexible time schedule, personalable photographer,
Cons: The only con we had was the weather but Gonzalo made the best out of it!
Gonzalo is a wonderful photographer to work with. He and his assistant were very kind, flexible, and made our day really enjoyable. He is extremely affordable and his photos have great value. We unfortunately had a rainy day for our wedding, but he made the best of it and shot for us under the rain. I like his style of photo journalism. You can tell through his pictures that he really captures the right moments and the emotions that were felt. He communicates really well and shoots from prior to the wedding to well into the reception giving you a piece of every moment from your special day. I highly recommend Gonzalo to any bride that will be having a destination wedding. He is worth it.

By MeganA, · 0 Comments

Gonzalo shot our wedding in Riviera Maya at the Aventura Spa Palace on June 4th, 2011. We ultimately choose him as our photographer based on the glowing reviews that we had read, his artistic style, attention to details, and how at ease he made us feel during the “consultation” process. We wanted to have a full day of shooting on our wedding and a TTD session and he was very accommodating in working within our budget constraints so that we could make both happen. He also assisted in finding the best TTD locations for us our Riviera Maya, which was a big help.

We elected to book him from 3pm until 10pm based on the wedding day, based on our budget. But with the size of the resort and wedding day scrambling around, we easily could have used him for 10 hrs the day of. He did arrive an hour early too so that he could scout the resort, which was very nice of him to do. He did such a great job of shooting all of the moments that were special to us and our 65 family/friends that attended. The laughs, cries, dancing, and memories were all captured and beautiful! He was great to work with on-site and was an extremely calming presence on a very wild and hectic day! Taking traditional, posed shots were a piece of cake for him, and you will not be disappointed. He had great ideas to make our traditional wedding party shots more fun, which we really ended up liking. We feel like he did an even better job with the non-traditional, artistic style photos. If he has ideas for your shoot that seem out of the box, then definitely take his lead! You will not be disappointed!!

We had originally set our TTD session for two days after the wedding, but experienced some really bad rainstorms the entire day. Gonzalo was ultra accommodating in getting us rebooked for the following day and picking us up at our new honeymoon hotel, El Dorado, and taking us to Puerto Aventuras for the day. We feel like he really excelled in these locations. He captured the beauty of the beach, water, nature, and rustic nature of the fishing village, they were truly beautiful. He even put his very expensive camera at risk in neck deep water to capture us leaping off of a dock. That’s dedication!

We received our photos in the mail approx 6 weeks after the wedding, which we were fine with because we understood that it was their busy season. Gonzalo did send us little teasers here and there to keep us excited, which was wonderful. The final album came in a beautiful leather booklet with two DVD’s (custom labeled with our pictures), and included over 500+ pics and a HD video using our first dance song.

5 Stars, 10/10, A++!  

By adales, · 0 Comments

Pros: Use of the property, creativity, great communication before and after the wedding
Cons: Not enough time
Gonzalo was an amazing photographer.  I contacted him and got him booked for our wedding and I couldn't be happier with the results.  He is extremely professional and his work is extraordinary.  We just received our slideshow and his work is great.  I would recommend him to anyone that asks.

By Karan, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, Artistic, Prompt, Warm, Funny, Charismatic
Cons: NONE!
Gonzalo is a true artist.  His photos reflect his experience photographing important family moments.     At our daughter's wedding in May 2011, he managed to capture every tiny detail....the hand clutching between old couples remembering their weddings past, the tears on friends cheeks knowing that their best friends life would change forever, the little children completely absorbed playing with shells while vows are being said, the aunts gasping at seeing the bride for the first time, the broad chest of a husband about to marry the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and a bride utterly beside herself with joy as she looks into the eyes of the man she adores.  He captured joy in a way that few photographers can.  He didn't have to pose them.  He let them bask in each others joy and was simply a witness to it all.  It was as if the sand were taking the pictures.  He simply melted into the background and captured it for all for us to enjoy and remember forever.     We can't recommend Gonzalo highly enough.  He was far, far more than we ever expected.  Thank you, Gonzalo.

By whereyaheaded, · 3 Comments

Pros: Incredible photographic eye, excellent communication and unbelievably friendly and hard working
Cons: Didn't buy a big enough photo album for all of his beautiful photographs!!
We just received our wedding pictures from our May wedding in Cancun and are still completely astonished!!! My husband and I can't believe the images Gonzalo was able to capture!!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous booking a photographer so far away for our destination wedding. My mother was the one who actually found him online and fell in love with his work.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole photography situation in the first place due to the many disappointing wedding photos my friends have had with their different local photographers, here in the states.  I honestly didn't expect too much, but of course, hoped for the best!!  First of all, I have to say, I have never known a wedding vendor to have such unbelievably quick email response time.  That impressed my husband and I right away.  Gonzalo was always immediate to respond to our every inquiry. Second, as soon as he came to our hotel room I was immediately put at ease by his incredibly friendly disposition. He has such a calming manner about him that he was so easily able to put me and my many butterflies at ease, without hardly any effort.  Not to mention, the immediate bond my husband felt with him the second he met him when he came to his room for the pre-wedding shots.  And he doesn't easily bond with strange men!! Next, I honestly have to say, throughout the wedding, I practically forgot he was there.  It was as if he were an actual "fly" on the wall!! He must've been everywhere at the same time, without anyone noticing.  I couldn't believe his ability to capture every emotion with such precise timing.  Not only of me and my husband,  but of all of our guests.  He really does have an amazing photo-journalistic style that is like no other.  That is one thing that we really wanted for our wedding!!!  We didn't want any typical "wedding poses".  We just wanted someone to capture the moment, "as it was" and Gonzalo did exactly that!!!  Good thing he did, because we didn't hire a videographer!!  We had to rely completely on Gonzalo to capture every moment and he came through with flying colors.  Not to mention our Cenote session the next day.  He actually drove his own car to our hotel the next day to pick us up and bring us to Cenote Azul for our "next day"photo session!!  And what a session it was!!  I thought I had a hard enough time swimming with my extra dress weight, but he had to swim with all of his camera equipment.  A much heavier task!!!  I can go on and on about Gonzalo's work but I think the proof is in his pictures.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!  My husband and I will be forever grateful to Gonzalo Nunez!!!!!! He gave us our lifetime of wedding memories!!! Thank you Gonzalo!!

By dimax21, · 2 Comments

Pros: Very professional, fantastic pictures!!!!
I found out about Gonzalo through this website. He was by far the most professional. When I had initially contacted him, he was never pushy and wanted to know more about me and my husband. He gave me his references and a link to his website. I felt more comfortable with him then any other photographer I had contacted. He was very quick to respond to emails and made me feel more at ease. Gonzalo came to the Royal in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for my wedding on May 19th, 2011. I immediately felt very comfortable with him. He started out taking pictures of my bridesmaids, my mother and myself. He spend probably 2 hours taking pictures. He then went to where my husband and the other guys were to get some before shots. During the ceremony I never even noticed him. (of course I was focused on my soon to be husband) :) After the ceremony, we took many many pictures on the beach. He included everyone that came to my wedding, then the wedding party, and most of my husband and myself. It was so nice to have some direction from him and also to be able to do what we wanted. My wedding was at 5pm so we were able to get some great pictures at sunset. The reception went into the night. When it was almost dark he set up lighting to take pictures throughout the reception. Everyone that was there for my wedding commented on how great he was. I never heard one bad thing about him. He was not afraid to get right on the dance floor to take some pictures. With that said, he was also never in the way. When I received my professional pictures, I was blown away!!!! They turned out even better then I could have imagined. He captured every moment during my wedding day. I loved how he had different angles, color pictures, and black and white pictures. Everyone that has seen the pictures has made comments on how great they turned out. I am so glad we chose Gonzalo to be our photographer for our wedding. He made our day even more special and we were lucky to have him there.  Gonzalo, thank you for everything!! 

By MrsAlmaguer2011, · 0 Comments

I have booked Gonzalo for my wedding in November. He has been great responding and working with me!! This is the one thing I am not worried about when I go down there. His port is beautiful and I am so excited to work with him!!! He seems like such a warm-hearted person and I haven't even met him yet!!   THANK YOU GONZALO!!!   ps. i did not rate him on value and performance because I will come back and do that once my wedding is over!!
Pros: Beautiful pictures!!
Cons: NONE!
I booked Gonzalo several months before my wedding, which was in April in Playa del Carmen. His prices were great and his pictures looked amazing! He was so responsive to my questions beforehand and always responded to my e-mails the same day if not in the same hour! I was a little nervous because I live in the US and I knew that I wouldn't be able to meet him until I got down to Mexico right before the wedding, so I was just praying that it would all work out!! And of course.... it did!!!  I didn't really ask for any specific shots, I just sort of let him do his thing, and I'm so glad I did, cause the pictures turned out amazing!!! He was there a few hours before the wedding taking pics of us all getting ready, etc. and stayed until the end of the night. So he was able to capture every moment throughout the day! We did a trash the dress the next morning in a cenote, and he did some underwater photos as well as some pics in the jungle and they turned out awesome!!!  I am beyond thrilled with everything and Gonzalo is truly a very talented photographer!!

By andywilliams, · 0 Comments

Pros: honest, passionate, made us feel as friends, flexible, communication
Cons: none
We are very happy about finding Gonzalo. He answered very promptly every question we had.
 At the time of the wedding day,he took charge in every moment of the session and photos. I think our day would be different without him. We walked a lot over the resort looking for the best spots for shooting. He is very creative at that moment. We also love he photojournalist style. You don`t feel he is around in every moment, allowing him to shoot very spontaneous moments. What else can I say. This is one of the most important desitions I made, and I am so happy I did it.

By nicole-woods, · 0 Comments

Pros: friendly, creative, etc
Cons: none
I am so happy I found Gonzalo, my pictures are beautiful. I highly recomend him, he is an experienced and true artist. He really know his job. Honestly, I can`t recommend him enough. He helped me with the best hours for my pics, and the schedule in general. He gave me more than I hired, more time, more pics… His style is unique and beautiful. My family and friends love my pictures. First time I contacted him, he was extremely responsive to my emails, also very flexible with my needs…he made me easier my search. I am so happy!! Highly recommended! Nicole

By jystar13, · 0 Comments

Pros: unique photos, artistic, awesome
Cons: none!
After much researching, we came across Gonzalo Nunez, took a peek at his website and instantly fell in love with his creativity and unique photos. We then decided to hire him for our wedding at the now sapphire Riviera Cancun on February 19, 2011 and could not have made a better choice!    I was excited and nervous the day of the wedding and just hoped at the very least that we would get a few good photos..... well after seeing the photos that Gonzalo took I was completely blown away!!!  He managed to capture so many beautiful moments that when I look at them I feel like I am re-living our special day all over again.  My only issue now is deciding on which picture I want to blow up and hang in my house, there are SOOOO many beautiful ones to choose from!  He has such a great talent and an amazing eye for creative, unique photos and that is why he was such a perfect match for us.     He was very responsive to every email and every question that I had, which was very important to me.  Once you meet with him he puts you completely at ease and you feel totally comfortable talking to him and shooting with him.   One of the best decisions that we have made in planning our wedding, you can not put a price on the photos that he has delivered for us and for that we will be forever grateful to Gonzalo!!!!!  He is highly recommended ladies!   Here is just one of my MANY favorites! :)

By medina, · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing communication, genuine, Amazing photos
Cons: Zero
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with gonzalo nunez photography! His communication was superb, he listened to what you wanted and went out of his way to please you. He emailed me within minutes of me asking him a question leading up to the wedding and after.   He met me a few days before the wedding to go over details and to look at the resort to find areas for photos. He then showed up early the day of the wedding and met me in the spa while I was getting my hair done. He had an assistant as well and I felt like a queen! He was able to capture all of the special moments during the ceremony, with family, the reception and he spent many many extra hours even though that was not included in the package. He went above and beyond what was expected.   Two days later he picked us up from the resort and drove an hour and a half from tulum to our resort to pick us up which he didn't have to do to take us to the cenote for the trash the dress session. We have the most amazing underwater photos I have ever seen and he spent the whole day with us and then we went to the beach in tulum to take photos!! He spent the entire day with us and he is so fun and you we felt completely comfortable with him.   I cannot stress how professional, reasonable the package price is for the value!! I rank him number 1 for photography! He has a  photojournalistic style to his photos and they are very professional.   If you have any questions then do not hesitate to email me with questions and I will post the photos as soon as I receive them all!! My wedding was feb 15, 2011 at the dreams riviera maya cancun resort.   Well done Gonzalo Nunez!! You did an amazing job!!

By DakotaGilbert, · 0 Comments

It was such a relief when I found Gonzalo Nunez! He was so eager and prompt in his response e-mails.He answered all of my questions (I had a lot!!!) and was willing to make a custom package with me to ensure I received everything I wanted for my destination wedding pictures.   On the day of my wedding disaster struck....RAIN!!! Gonzalo was already paid in FULL. We were able to switch our wedding to another day when the weather was to be perfect...but Gonzalo was already booked that day! I was so happy when Gonzalo worked with us and suggested a business associate of his, Diego Munoz as a replacement, at no added cost!   My wedding day was everything I wanted it to be and more. Working with Gonzalo leading up to the day of the wedding was wonderful and Diego was a great addition to the experience!   Gonzalo is very easy going, prompt, trustworthy...I could go on and on!!   contact Gonzalo for my email information if you have any more questions. I would love to help!