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  1. Hiii MPBP so it sounds like your planning your events similar to what I had. I had the symbolic ceremony in tucan gazebo followes by cocktail hour at venido terrace followed by dinner/reception at carabeno terrace.To have a sit down plated dinner you have to have it as a private function bc you have more then 30 people therefore they won't let you set it up in the carrabeno restaurant. Only the rooftop of the carrebeno which is a private space and will charge you $12 pp for the private space. Also plated means you will have to choose the menu for all. Only 1 thing for appetizer and 1 salad and entre for all. Because of this we chose th Buffet set up which worked out great since we had the lavender lux reception collection and decorated tables w china so people just filled up their own plates and sat down to eat just like plated. Let me know if you have any more questions
  2. Just a heads up. For those who order anytime of videography services along with the photograpther they offer the master DVD for $145/hour which is insane. I really wanted it to so at the resort they told me they would give me 6 hours of my wedding video for the cost of 2 hours $290 and i turned it down. When I got home I emailed the photo department again and they droped it to $145 for the +6 hours and thats what i went with. I should be getting the wedding video and photo package tonight.... keeping my fingers crossed to see what my pics and video looks like
  3. My refund from the unlimited events was applied to my bill at check out. This was arranged by my onsite wedding planner Emy. However MP forgot to to take off my initail deposit payment of 2500 from the overall bill and we didnt realize until we got home. So now we are waiting for that refund which they started and stated it takes about 6 weeks. You can call the wedding department at Cancun and see at what process the refund in is.
  4. Hi ladies, I had my wedding at moon Palace on 11/11/12. IT WAS PERFECT as promised by many brides before. The wedding planner was Emy, she is great... very organized and on point with all details. Friday night all the guests met for a Meet & Greet at the Sunrise side at the Swing bar which turned out great (even though there was no music because the sound system was broken) Saturday night i had a rehearsal at 6:30pm at Bungalbina Gazebo followed by Rehearsal Dinner at the Terrace in front. Sunday we had the wedding at Tucan Gazebo followed by cocktail hour at the Venedo Terrace and reception until 11pm at the Carabeno terrace. Monday we ordered a private Catamaran cruise for all guests with bus transporation. We did this through Cancun Catamaran but once we got to the hotel we canceled it and made a reservation through Palace Vacation Planner with Albatros Catamran out of Albatros Marina in Cancun. Hair + Makeup Deloris is the BEST (at Nizuc Salon), I did a trial a few days prior to the wedding with her because i have had horrible expereinces with my hair. its very thick and long and curly so its hard to straighten and style but she was patient and calm and took her time to make sure it was perfect. (I took pics of hairstyles with me) My makeup was perfect as well. all done by her. All locations mentioned above were perfect. let me know if you have any specific questions about them. THE WIND IS STRONG. MY veil flew away during the ceremony. but for the reception it was refreashing Food For the rehearsal dinner we had the Mexican Buffet option and it was Delish. for the wedding we had Cajun and it was really good too so no complaints. THe superier hordorves for the coctail hour were good to (i was told by the guests) We used the Lavender Lux collection from Colin Cowie and it looks perfect. We also got the Diamond Package from PSAV and they uplighted the place and the flags we rented from Zuniga. we also rented a white dance floor which was raised a few inches (i didint know it would be). The DJ, Hector was amazing. he lived in NY not to long ago and spoke English so he made all the announcments throughout the reception. we just gave him a timeline. The day after we arrived we had meetings set up all day. Started with Ocean Photo/Smile Market at 9:00 am then Wedding office at 10:00am with Emy, then PSAV in the wedding office at 11 and 3 pm was the trail. I took all the favors to the meeting and handed them off. SHe labeled everything. I also gave her cake topper, cake knifes which were engraved, table numbers and holders and daimond accents for the reception dinner. We also gave her bags to be delivered to all the rooms. We did a trash the dress shoot with Gonzalo Nunez at a Cenote and beach. It was hard work but amazing all at hte same time. he was great, very sweet and patient and interesting to talk with. He even took us out to lunch at a great taco place. I really recommend this expereince but again it was hard work trying not to sink in a wedding dress and diving underwater for 3 hours straight. I pretty much covered everything, ill prob add things as I remember them. Ask me anything ladies.... im here to help as best as I can. Love Maria
  5. Hi ladies, I spoke with my wedding Cancun rep who confirmed the construction in Sunrise, not only in the lobby and halls but also part of the pool in Sunrise will be under construction too. At this time I have put in requests to have all my guests moved and most were but a few guest have to remain on the sunrise side unfortunatly
  6. I am using Zuniga for a few decorative peices to add to my reception including the dance floor and candles for the tables on top of the Lavender Lux Colin Cowie collection. The contact for Zuniga was katie at the time the Purchase order was made months ago. Its been added to my overall bill through moon palace. Just contact your wedding coordinator in Cancun and they will put you in touch. I just checked and i no longer have the spreadsheet with all the zuniga options to forward. Sorry
  7. THIS IS HORRIBLE. I am so you have to go through this during your special time! I am supposed to stay on the Sunrise side with 50 of my guests in the middle of November... Do you know when the construction is supposed to be completed? did they give you any further information. I know you dont need to think of this but if you cuold please ask so we November brides can try to change if needed. I would really really appreciate it! To my fellow November ladies, What side are you staying out and how many people?
  8. Hello, I am not sure how they play the music for the cocktail hour but as for the food. U can choose from a menu. The superior menu tasted so good, I tried them at a friends wedding and will have it for mine.
  9. Hey girl, I have 30 days left exactly and just received my final PO last night thankfully. Anyone have location suggestions for rehearsal dinner and meet and greet? How about telling my guests to just meet at the sunrise swing bar for the meet and greet? good or bad idea? Also are people tipping their wedding planners and photographers and djs. how much? Thanks ladies, cant do this without you
  10. I am using zuniga and PSAV Zuniga- i worked with Katie who was very helpful with naything i needed to know. She even offered me ways to spend less by suggesting different flowers to substitute the expenisive ones for my canopy. I went with PSAV because they were more responsive to my emails and more affordable. Right now im waiting on my coordinator Maria Fernanda to send me the final bill so i know the damages... less then a month to go and i still dont have that. and i still need to plan my events around the wedding.
  11. Hello there, I am a november bride as well. November 11. My photographer is Ocean Photo/SMile Market. No outside vender fee needs to be paid if you use them. I am having a TTD with Gonzalo Nunez 3 days later.
  12. Good luck october ladies.... Everything will be perfect and dont think about the weather. The forcast almost always says rain for tropical climates. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I wanted Del Sol so bad for the TTD but just couldnt afford it.. so we booked Gonzalo Nunez and i am thrilled... his work is great and ill be doing the beach + cenote..... cant wait.. we are doing it 3 days after our wedding and we are wearing our wedding attire.. dont care for it to be ruined, ill never wear it again anyways
  14. Hi ladies, i feel your frustrations as well. I am in the same boat, trying to finalize all so i can start printing. I was not recieving any word back from Maria so I called 1877PAL4WED and the 1st person that answered I explained my frustration.. i think it was a Norma, I said its so terrible that I might cancel because in that moment i totally felt that way... she transfered me to Maria and we spoke, she started emailing me. I told her straight up. If you want me to pay for anything I need to finalize it all and i need help to do that. She has been good about eveyrthing since. Im speaking with JSAV, PSAV and Smile Market, to figure out prices and get quotes and just be DONE with this damn planning.
  15. Thank you, Obviously I urged my guests to stay with us but some really did get much better deals such as families with children that are staying at resorts where children stay and eat free! for example the difference in price for my cousin is a whole $800 if she stays at a nearby Riu property taht is also all inclusive. maybe the pass is 91 and not 80. I should double check that. Im am annoyed that they are not willing to allow the extra 2 in so far. I cannot confirm to those to book their stay elsewhere until i am sure they will be allowed in. and if they wait for me to see if others will book so i can allow more people, a lot of time can pass as well and their own deals can expire. Very frustrating situation that can be resolved if Palace just says ok to 2 more bodies
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