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  1. Hi Lindsay, I look forward to hearing what you see!! I'm so curious as to how the carnival terrace is set up, so any info on that would be great!! Enjoy your visit!!
  2. Hi ladies!! I need some help! We choose the divine package but may switch to eternity based off of what we want and the price. Can anyone let me know why you chose the package that you did, as this may help me decide. I was also wondering if anyone has pics of what the pergola looks like set up with the divine package compared to the etermity. I want to get the tiffany style chairs, which is part of why i am thinking of switching the packages. I also am wondinring if anyone has any experices they can share regarding flower choices for the bouquets. The examples they show Im not really a fan of. And lastly, lol, i want to possibly do some sort of welcome for our guests, is anyone doing that, or has done it? What did you do? Planning from afar has been challenging and I appreciate any advice or feedback that can be given:)
  3. I'm not sure if the actual package has tax, but I know everything else does. When I say everything, I mean everything, lol. It would not surprise me if there was to be honest.
  4. Hi ladies!! We are getting married at now jade on 11/11/13!! We can't wait!! Enjoy the planning and congrats!
  5. yes the DJ is an extra charge per hour and I believe it's $250 but have heard $350 per hour. I did not get a DJ form either so I emailed Pilar. She said that she will will contact the DJ we want, so I'm assuming that the form comes from the actual DJ not Pilar. I heard to make sure you reserve your DJ, so I would contact your WC to get that started! Good luck with the planning:-)
  6. When do you get to pick? I have pillars email that needs to get returned 45 days before the wedding and I guess I figured that this was when I was gonna set that up . Should I be contacting her now about that, as we are adding the DJ to our package. I heard great things about Doremixx, and that's who I want, so I don't want to miss out. Thanks:-)
  7. I'm not sure, I assumed that pilar did it, but maybe not. When I find out, if someone already has not answered, I will post the answer
  8. Does anyone know the name of the company that now jade uses for their DJ?
  9. We booked the carnival terrace but now I'm wondering if we should have chose castaways. Any recommendations or thoughts on either one? I'm not even sure if we could change it, but if we are it should be soon!! I'm thinking of the change as there is a more defined space, especially for dancing.
  10. I guess I am going to send Pilar the pics of what I want, as I am not even good with flowers to know their names, I just know what I think looks good, lol:) So far, emails with Marvin from Maya Floral are not going very well. He was quick to respond initially, but has not responded to my past 2 emails. I also emailed Vanessa Jaimes, but still no response, so I guess I will try Pilar now. I would use real touch, but I'm not creative to put the things together, and I have not seen much online that would do it for me. I really want the centerpieces with the limes in it, which means that I need to get them down there. I am also not crazy about taking vases to Mexico with us, lol. I'm sure something will work itself out, we have just about one year exactly until the big day
  11. You are lucky to be able to visit in January! When you get back, can you let me know what you see and find out? I would really appreciate it!! Unfortunately, I have to rely on pictures (which I wish there were more of) and BDW:) I was thinking of the same layout as you described for the "head tables" but I am not sure if they will be able to elevate them or not. I like the idea of having the tables set up like that! I was thinking that I wanted my guests to be closer together though, which is why I was wondering if the head table can be set up to the side and have the guests tables set up essentially across the front by where the dance floor will be. I am sooo curious to see the size of the area for dancing!! It's funny, because when I asked Pilar to send me some pictures of the terrace set up for a reception, she sent me a pic with round tables. I wonder if you can get round tables then?
  12. I have heard a lot of visitors review the beach and they loved it! The non preferred side has been described as better. There are some rocky areas, as there is a coral reef nearby, but it's not bad. I also heard that now Jade takes good care of the conditions of the beach.
  13. It depends on what package you have. For the Devine package it's $53 per person for dinner and $48 for eternity dinner. Cocktails are $15 per person so it can add up fast!! Hope this helps:-)
  14. The prices are very nice!! The resort def is more expensive!
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