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  1. I have seen mint green paired with a vibrant shade of pink - like a watermelon color. It gave it a more summery look.
  2. Chap stick, razor is something I always forget, and I have a tendency to forget my toothbrush, but that's probably just me. :-)
  3. Congratulations! I had a xmas eve engagement as well...and I wasnt expecting on that particular day.
  4. I found these beach towels through a different thread on this site. they are not personalized, but they're cute and I think people would use these after the wedding too http://www.unitedtextilesupply.com/cabana_stripe_beach_towels.shtml
  5. I would do the boudoir photo shoot, even if his ex wife did it. Each shoot is so unique to the girl, i dont think that matters that someone else did it.
  6. Hello All, I had a question about welcome bags. I have noticed they are referred to as OOT bags on this forum. How much are you planning to spend on the oot bag itself? it seems if you want to add a monogram or logo, it is hard to find much under 8.0 My second question Is: is anyone using gift bags or cable boxes? Meaning a paper or disposable bag . any references for where you can get a monogrammed tote for a reasonable price? I think wedding chicks is 10 for a customized tote. Thanks for your feedback.
  7. I have seen a few dresses in a jersey fabric that are lightweight. I like the two birds bridesmaid dress, and it's a jersey fabric. Dessy group has something similar. Or if you just google "jersey bridesmaid dress", you'll see more options. I pulled up some on david's bridal and anne taylor http://www.dessy.com/wrap-dress/ http://twobirdsbridesmaid.com/collection/classic/
  8. Gettinig a base tan before you go should help, and maybe consider wearing a light cover up to avoid getting any tan lines in your upper body. i once tried covering up tan liines with sunless tanning lotion, and that didnt work for me because it made my skin two toned. There was the natural tan and then the fake tan - and they didnt match:-)
  9. I vote yest on this one too. My mom saved her dress in one of those preserved boxes and the box has never been opened. The box just hangs out in her closet taking up space (40 years into her marriage) :-) In some ways, thats cute and sentimental, but I dont think its really necesary.
  10. No i dont think they need to match. sometimes save the dates aren't even stationary, like magnet save the dates, digital save the dates, etc.
  11. Another thing to consider...wedding dresses are coming in more colors than white these days. If you find that white is not your easy color to wear, you may want to look for a dress in a color you like. I have really pale skin, so I looked a bit washed out in white. Vera wang did a line of vibrantly colored pink and fuchsia bridal gowns for fall 2014...not that I am suggesting you get a bright pink dress - but it just shows that rules are meant to be broken! http://www.verawang.com/veraunveiled/2013/10/fall-2014-bridal-run-of-show/
  12. Hi Kelley! I too appreciate a little bit of sheen in a bridesmaid dress.....though the softness of chiffon is very very pretty. Twobirds Bridesmaid, the classic collection, is made of a polyester-jersey blend. The texture is almost in between a chiffon and a satin. It has a nice flow and drape to it like a chiffon..but with a little more sheen. You might like it http://twobirdsbridesmaid.com/collection/classic/
  13. Hi there! You dont need to have an evelope to mail something of that size. Think of a classic post card. There is usually a photo on one side and then blank lines on the back where you can write the address of the person to whom you are mailing and add postage. Going without an evelope fits the travel theme!
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