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  1. Yes that is a pretty good deal. I heard from my WC. Yes we can just push the tables out of the way to dance
  2. Ha! I know. I'm always changing my mind. It is annoying....but who I am I guess
  3. Ouch! You are right. I would be pretty upset to pay extra for rush and still not get it. I'm sure if I look around I'll find something.... Maybe a scarp booking album. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. I have such trouble making final decisions and then wind up in rush mode. Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it
  4. I just went and looked on Esty. One seller says she can ship in 3-7 days. Do you remember how long it took to get yours? Thanks for mentioning Esty. Maybe I'll get lucky and get one shipped out in time. I have looked in Michael's and couldn't really find what I wanted. I will check Amazon though. Good idea!
  5. I wish I had thought of it earlier. We leave in less than 2 weeks so probably Esty won't work now. Maybe if I can find a canadian seller?
  6. I would do a planning thread but I am really not organized. I just bought my wedding dress last Wednesday. Alterations will be done the 17th and we leave the 20th Still haven't picked my meal, flowers, cake, etc [emoji3] I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants!
  7. It was on the right hand side about half way down the wall, if that helps. I'm 2 weeks out and wondering how I will get all this stuff to Mexico
  8. Oh I know! I have been in many Michaels and have not seen these before. But they've probably always been there. They are geared towards kids though. I might get some more for the adults
  9. They were in the party favor section I think. It was in the Deerfoot Meadows Michaels.
  10. I got the glow sticks from Michael's. 200 pcs
  11. I bought a variety box of glow sticks. I am wondering how to give them out? Have them in a container with a sign? Or maybe have them out on everyone's plate? Any ideas?
  12. I bought a mini instant camera and thought it would be fun for our guest book. I am having a hard time finding a book to use though. Any suggestions? I am also wondering if I should have some sort of tape at the table or the type of book to slide the photos in. Also any suggestions for wording on a sign at the table. A cute way to ask my guests to take their pictures and write a few words. Thanks!
  13. I just asked if we can move tables to make a dance floor. I haven't heard back yet. I am also stuck on the buffet. Grilled was suggested as the most popular choice
  14. I have the exact same flip flops. I ordered them online cyber Monday. I'm quiet happy with them
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