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  1. What are you doing for your hair and makeup? Have you heard any reviews on the salon at the resort?
  2. I am just wondering what you guys are doing for hair and makeup? Are you using the onsite salon? I'm not so worried about my hair but I would like to have my makeup done for the big day. Has anyone heard any reviews?
  3. Hey, Do you know when the 2015 pricing will be out? We are having our wedding this coming up January. I also believe the sunset gazebo is included. That's where we booked ours and we didn't have to pay any extra cash. Just wondering what other brides are doing for after the wedding. Are you having a reception? And if you are where did you choose. Our TA also told us that an option would be having a private cocktail party for four hours and a dance if we wanted to save costs and not do the whole seated dinner at the reception. We're unsure still as of what we are doing. So I was hoping to see what others have chosen and why. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering the same thing! I work with some makeup artist and was wondering if it would be cheaper just to pay half of their trip and then they could come and do it. But if the salon is good I'd be tempted to use it.
  5. Hey, Congrats on your wedding! We also booked an outside photographer as we didn't hear many great things of the onsite one. Decor I'm in the same situation as you are. I mainly want candles. Where are you getting married? The gazebo? What's your time 2pm or 4pm? We did 2pm only because our photographer said if its at 4pm and it gets dark by 6 we'd have to hurry for photos. I was almost wondering if I could order decor online and get them shipped to the hotel? I wonder if thats an option? Let me know what you decide. Does anyone know how much the chill out bar for the reception is? I e-mailed my WC but haven't heard back. thanks!
  6. Nikki, your wedding looks amazing! You just made me so excited to have chosen the grand sunset princess resort. Your pictures are wonderful and I couldn't be more excited. Loved the chill out bar.
  7. @nikkicraig10 What are you doing for a photographer? Are you having a videographer? Any recommendations?
  8. What have brides done or are doing for music when you walk down the aisle? I heard of some brides bringing their own music and making a playlist before hand? I'm wondering do you put a song before your aisle song? For when people are sitting down and then ur big song? How many songs do you have on ur pay list? Any good songs you would recommend? Thanks brides!
  9. Hi Smcneeley, Whats the number for a private dinner? What are some people doing for the music for when you walk down the aisle?
  10. Hey Nikki! So sorry i'm only responding now, my computer was being weird. I haven't been to the resort before, our TA found it. I heard it's pretty big. How many people do you have going? Im from Vancouver! We're living in Regina but all my family is in Vancouver. So I have people flying out from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina. I only started planning. For the Ceremony we chose the riviera gazebo and the reception we haven't decided. I would love a private one, with dinner and dancing. What about you? I wonder how much the private beach party was? Do you know? That sounds amazing! How was the Sunset Gazebo? How much was the chill out bar for a reception? Do you happen to have pictures of the chill out bar. I've been looking but haven't found anything. What are peoples thoughts of the Sunset Gazebo and the Riviera Gazebo? Which one did you brides choose? And why?
  11. Hi Ladies, We just booked our wedding for Jan 2015! We are very excited and can't wait to get the ball rolling on details. Just wondering if there are any other brides out there that are planning a wedding at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort & Spa as well? I would love to hear your take on it so far. April
  12. I will have to check with my resort as well. But I love these ideas. Hopefully I can do one.
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