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  1. Thank-you for some information about Stacey Clarke
  2. congratulations, his reviews sound great. We also are considering him for our nov wedding
  3. you can check out H&M they have a good selection of different styles of linens and the store can be found worldwide. We chose it to get the groommen attire since some people were coming from Asia and they have H&M there.
  4. AYC

    Newbie Engaged!

    Great! I am happy that you found a travel agent
  5. AYC

    So Close...

    I'm not even close. Are there more levels to reach after 150?
  6. when you reach your 150 posts do the links that people post open automatically when you click on them?
  7. So excited for you!!! I'll have to keep you posted with the information I find out =)
  8. AYC

    Newbie Engaged!

    definitely talk to a few travel agents. I worked with several and then narrowed them down to see which travel agent could lock in the best price and the best group promos!!
  9. congratulations! Have you started your wedding countdown?
  10. I feel like I am doing everything backwards.... final payment for guests is due at the end of the month and then we will have our numbers next month so the real planning can begin. So far just looking into key card holders for oot/welcome bags. Have my favours made, centrepieces are coming together. What month are you getting married?
  11. Hi Brides, Here is some more detail about my upcoming wedding. Looks like all of our weddings overlap... Date: November 12, 2014 Time: Around 4 pm Hotel: Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Ceremony Location: Beach Front Cocktail Hour: The one that is included in the package right after the ceremony on the beach Reception Type: We are hoping for private, but this would have to be on the beach. After reading lots of reviews are are considering a semi-private in one of the restaurants (maybe the steak one) and then something in the beach afterwards Reception Location: Beach, but maybe in restaurant and move to the beach afterward Reception Time: ?7:30-10:30pm Music: Resort DJ, but also looking into other options Photographer: was going to use the resort one, but after reading lots of negative reviews, looking into other options Videographer: likely the resort one, video reviews seem okay Travel Coordinator: Kelsie Abrahamson from Travel Only Guest Amount: 95-100 invited, expected around 50, 40 RSVP'd but we have had some cancellations. I will know my final numbers next month (our full payment is due at the end of July) looking like it might be between 35 including us and children I am a newbie and just found out about this site over the weekend. Just in the more serious planning stages for the wedding day =) How is all of your planning going?
  12. AYC

    Newbie Engaged!

    Congratulations on your engagement!! I am also a newbie, but getting married this coming November. Yes, find a travel agent that you trust!
  13. I bought a living social for $50 and it included 20 edited photos and all the photos on a CD. The photographer was mediocre, but we also brought our own tripod and took our own photos for 2 hours. So if you have the time setting up a large tripod might be an alternative option. We liked our own photos more than the living social photographers, but used a combination of both for our save the dates.
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