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  1. my MOH is wearing this, but short: www.alfredangelo.com/Collections/Bridesmaids/7289L/?pg=1 Colours are Ivory on top and Sea Mist on the bottom
  2. @@puravida2015 - that's the main reason I wanted to do a first look Need to get the jitters out so I don't ugly-cry down the aisle. I also like the idea of spending time with our guests during cocktails before dinner.
  3. Pretty! I love #3, 6 and 7 the best but they all look beautiful . Was there one of these you liked more than the others?
  4. Comment deleted because I didn't see that the question was more than a year old. Whoops!
  5. I have bought so many new clothes for our trip, every time I come home with a shopping bag now my FI says "You better be able to wear that somewhere other than Mexico!" lol
  6. LissaSou

    Hand Fans

    @@MJTK I second Michaels. My girlfriend got fans for her wedding there and they were a box of 20 or so for $30. Then we used 40% off coupons. They held up really well the day of the wedding. She used the ones with the white silk, not the wooden ones.
  7. @peachykeen159 We did just have the 30 days. And it was a huge rush! We basically called our guests that would be flying with the WestJet package out of Calgary and let them know that in order to get them the best deal we could find, they only had a few weeks to make a decision and put down their deposit. Everyone was really great about it, as most of them had already started to discuss whether or not they were going to make the trip. It was no surprise that we would be going to Mexico for the wedding. I'm in the process of sending out invitations now, and our deposits were paid back in
  8. @@MJTK if you ask on the Facebook page, there is a spreadsheet they can share with you on Google Docs that lists contact info for florists, MUAH, DJ's, etc. you just need a Gmail account
  9. The first time I went shopping it was just my mom and I. Once I had it narrowed down, I went back with my mom and a girlfriend. I am way too easily influenced by others sometimes, and I knew that my mom would never try and talk me out of something I was in love with. I was a lot of fun to do that with her
  10. @@MissJen3 I started my shopping looking for an organza dress, and then discovered that it looked like pyjamas on me lol. Lace was not on my list of desired fabrics. If you live in a larger city, there may be smaller shops that don't just carry designer gowns and maybe you can get your lace for a nice price @@kmk2016 They do not, and they are very adamant about that. I also found that they undid my dress as soon as the change room door opened so I couldn't sneak pics of myself in the dress. I did however, take a few of them hanging up after I had taken them off. Dressing rooms are really ti
  11. Unfortunately, the store I bought my dress from carries a line they get directly from China, and this dress was one of those. I don't know who they got it from - there is nothing identifying it on the tag. I think that's why I was able to get such a beautiful, delicate lace for an awesome price. The store is Blissful Bridal in Calgary. Maybe they would be able to tell you?
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