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  1. We did not do invitations. We sent magnet save the dates that included our web site. No one complained.
  2. @@acw271011. Thank you! I loved that dress and looking for a reason to wear it again. Who will judge me if I wear it cleaning or doing yard work right? Lol
  3. What a wonderful experience it was working with Brian! He is very professional and personable. I hate having my picture taken and he made me feel at ease! The pictures came out perfectly. All of the guests raved about him as well. We booked him for only three hours. I was afraid it would be rushed, but he never made us feel like he was on a time limit. I highly recommend him if you are getting married in Jamaica.
  4. When we got married, there were a lot of things we second guessed for budget. But everything we did, we were so happy we decided to do. I wish we would have got the insulated cups for the wedding guests. I had no idea how often they would have been used! One couple wanted to buy them at the gift shop but they were charging an arm and a leg so they passed. You'll be so happy to see all of your guests gathered around the pool with proper mugs and know it was worth it. Just my opinion
  5. Definitely do canvas. All of our guests used their welcome bags as beach bags which was really nice to see! We made our own bags. Bought everything at a craft store and ironed on an image we found online.
  6. @@jeffandrobyn No problem! That's why I posted them. I would have been lost without this site planning our wedding! All of the brides on her were so helpful to me.
  7. Thank you! I love yours as well. Very personal which is all that matters. Vows are for your partner.
  8. @@jeffandrobyn I think they are great length. Time them out. I think about a minute is what was recommended when I looked up writing mine. ours were just under a minute each. Good luck! Vows can be tough Here was the ones I wrote for him. We just got married at the Riu on the 9th! Hope it can help. I googled how to write vows and you can find great tips and a format to follow. We both followed the same format so the vows would flow for both. Jay, ten years ago I walked into the Hollywood Bistro. What I expected was to have a few drinks with friends but what happened was so much more. I met a man who respected me. I met a man with goals and dreams that matched mine. I met a man who loved cats, a man who gives so much more than he receives. A man who tucks me in at at night and kisses my head before he leaves for work in the morning. A man who makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I met a man who always says thank you. And that man is you. So today I want to thank you. Thank you for being my partner, my inspiration and my heart. For always lifting me up when I feel down. For taking the time to ask me how I am and listening to the answer. For making me want to be better. I promise to never take you for granted. Every day with you is a gift that I look forward to opening. I promise to be honest with you as I always have. I promise to be your biggest fan. I promise to make you proud that I am your wife. And most importantly I promise never to let myself go. I look forward to growing old with you. To reaching every goal we set together. From running our first marathon to retiring in Florida. You are my best friend, my lover and now my husband.
  9. Just got back from our Riu Mo Bay wedding/honeymoon Sandals Mo Bay and it was perfect. I'll be posting a review soon. No info on the photographer. We hired an outside one. But he said he doesn't do a lot of business at the Riu Mo Bay because the photographer is better than most resort ones.
  10. Megg

    May 2015 Brides!

    if you see someone taking pics and writing down ideas, then you know its me! Lol
  11. Megg

    May 2015 Brides!

    @@IzzyDeee we arrive on the 6th! Maybe we will! We will be found mainly at the pool bar lol. Enjoy your honeymoon. Hope your wedding is perfect! We are going to sandals a few days after wedding.
  12. Megg

    May 2015 Brides!

    May 9th at the Riu Montego Bay! Feel like o have tons to do
  13. Oh that's not as bad as the $350 vendor they are charging for our photographer. But the guy is taking that cost off his package. We are not doing programs. We have about 15 people attending. they all know what the plan is and of they forget, it's so a small group we will see them and tell them again.
  14. @@NikkiMarie05 is the resort charging you a vendor fee to bring in an outside makeup artist? Who are you using and if you don't mind do you have info on the pricing? Our wedding is May 9th! @@IzzyDeee we arrive on the 6th! Good luck with everything. She is very hard to get info from. She will answer maybe one of three questions I ask.
  15. Ok so I have a really dumb question. I have an iPhone. In order to use it you would need to have a wifi connection correct so you're not roaming and getting charged? I'm trying to figure out music options. Our reception is on the beach. I don't see the wifi reaching that far