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  1. Right with you! I was a lurker at first and did the odd post but now that I know kinda what I'm doing it's easier to make posts . Good luck!
  2. Congrats!!! I started planning this July and am not getting married until May 2016 so I am definitely as neurotic as you It's not a bad thing tho. If you've never planned a DW before it is stressful to thing about. Finding a TA helped ease my stress a lot so I wa able to calm down a little. Haha Happy planning
  3. Congrats! There is so much useful information on here that you will be sure to benefit! Good luck!
  4. Khryniw14

    Hi All!

    Welcome and congrats! I am new here too and just starting planning. Finding a TA helped with reducing a lot of stress but there is still so much to learn. This site is proving to be really helpful
  5. This is sooo hard to decide. My mom wants it to just be the two of us which I get but I want my wedding party and MIL there. It's hard... Okay so this wasn't helpful at all besides the share of stress deciding! Good luck!
  6. Khryniw14


    Congrats! I was super stressed out about planning but once we met with our TA we felt soooooo much better. Good luck!
  7. This is on of three resorts my fiancé and I are considering. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. There are a lot of comments you made that helped ease my mind. Wedding hair and make up is a big concern because I am definitely not capable to do it myself. Haha. Your hair looks lovely. Did you get your makeup done by the resort too? Where was your private reception? It looks wonderful and having a private reception is very important to us. I am so excited! We are going in November to look at a few resorts before we decide to book.
  8. Congratulations! I am a newly engaged as well and plan to get married spring 2016! Happy planning!
  9. oh my! I definitely want it to be afforable for everyone that will be coming. This May thing makes me nervous. I do have a little bit of time... when I said 2014 I really meant 2016! silly typo! How far in advance do resorts book up? We are flexible and would even consider other months but don't know if there are any other smart months... We feel silly planning this far in advance but we are such rookies with travelling that we want to get these basics covered. I will update once I have talk to the travel agent!
  10. Wow! Thank you so much for all the advise. You all are proving already how much support someone can get with this forum. Such a fantastic idea. It helps take some stress away. I know a couple of friends who used a travel agent that focuses on destination weddings and loved her so I think I will start there. We think we know the date now.... May 14, 2014. Based on what I have been reading and hearing May is a month that is outside hurricane/rainy season, the expensive season and is overall a fairly consistent month and reasonably priced. Does this sound accurate? Can't wait to learn more
  11. is 150 posts all that is required to get full access to the site?
  12. Hi Everyone! My name is Krysta and I just got engaged on July 5 on our 10 year anniversary. We are really excited and plan to have a wedding in Mexico in early 2016. I have absolutely no idea where to start or what to do. We have never travelled before (I know...) besides by vehicle so we are extra newbies! I hope that we can figure this out with the help of this blog and everyone on it ! More to come... YAY Help! I don't know what I need to be doing... there are mentions of reaching a certain number of posts.. where do i find this information???
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