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  1. @@yangher I ended up going with Moon Palace as I will have about 50 people going for my August 1st wedding. They give a free wedding and if you get 75 room nights, a free reception and cocktail hour as well. They provide a standard buffet dinner which gives my guests options. Plated is extra. The cost of travel isn't terrible either. Last I checked it was around $1581 from Toronto for a 7 night package around my wedding time. I'm still in the planning phase and still working out some kinks but there aren't much restrictions with Palace.. As a matter of fact, I got a bit overwhelmed with the ton of options.
  2. Hi kdepass2, When I was looking into this resort there was a facebook group I was directed to. Lots of past and future brides there sharing information. The group is called BDW Grand Palladium Riviera Maya. They had a ton of information and people willing to answer questions about this resort.
  3. Hi LissaChic, I was going to get married at the Palladium in August but recently decided against it and forfeited my deposit. That's how turned off I got. They really penalize you cost-wise if you're bringing a bigger group, but the worst is that their packages and options are too restrictive: You could only choose certain colours for the cheaper packages, they charge you extra per person for a guest count above 20 attending the ceremony. They also charge per person for the cocktail, and another per person charge for the private dinner. To get the costs down, I thought about choosing the Beautiful Bayaah: The Baraat and Wedding Ceremony. This package includes up to 75 people which is great, but is restricted as well to only the beach. During bad weather, the ceremony is held in the lobby. For the plated dinners, everyone has to choose the same entree. So if one person wants chicken but another wants fish instead they're SOL because there is only 1 choice. I thought this was terrible to have to pay $53-$63 for the option of 1 entree for everyone. Also, I asked for the buffet as an alternative and they responded that I need at least 80 people!!! That was the last straw as I decided if I am paying so much money for roughly 45-50 people, it doesn't make sense for the resort to put so many restrictions on everything. It would've been the wedding they wanted me to have rather than the one I wanted. Hope your experiences are better than mine. I believe if you have a smaller group it may not be as bad cost wise, but do look out for the restrictions they might have for certain things. Goodluck
  4. Hi iaxiong, They seem to have been slower than usual with responding. I give them about 1-2 weeks before I follow-up. I am working with Gerardo but Nidia is also a wedding coordinator there. Try their contact info below: Gerardo: auxiliarbodas4.riviera@palladiumhotelgroup.com Nidia: auxiliar.bodas2@palladiumhotelgroup.com Hope this helps
  5. Yes this site is definitely a lifesaver. I've been lurking here for months and now I finally realize that I need some help. I have contacted myweddingaway.com and specifically asked for Karen after your glowing review of her. Hopefully she can help out a fellow Canadian bride. In the meantime, I do have a question for you or anyone here that can answer...Do you have to be staying at the Azul Fives resort to have a wedding there? I love the idea of having a wedding on the sky deck but I really don't want to stay at the resort.
  6. Wooow I can't believe how far you've gotten into the planning process!!!! I should feel ashamed of myself. My wedding should be in August 2016 and I've been researching since summer of last year. I am still a bit undecided about resorts but the Sky wedding at Azul Fives is very appealing to me. The costs add up so quickly there. I am going to get some inspiration from you since you have some awesome ideas. Thank you sooo much for sharing!!!! Please keep posting updates so you can assist flip flopping brides like myself
  7. I will probably buy the template from Vanessa and Dave then print and assemble myself. I have been trying to do the design myself but I am stuck
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