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  1. @@Ydolem thank you so much! You will love the Azul and celebrating your special day! I want to do it all over again!!!! @@carrieandsam Yes... We checked into the Azul on Monday and had our big meeting on Tuesday. The wedding was Friday. Our rehearsal party was on Thursday. The wedding coordinators onsite will set up the meeting when you arrive. However, I popped into their office every day and checked up with them for any updates. For example, I wanted to have my rehearsal dinner al fresco at the Zocalo. There were some really bad storms and the roof needed repaired so we had to move the dinner indoors at Zocalo. And some people from my wedding party brought decorations when they arrived on Wednesday so I dropped off the decor and explained the set up. They nailed everything!
  2. I wanted to share my experience in regards to the set up fees for decorations you are bringing to the Azul Sensatori. I was charged $350 in total for my set up. A few days before the wedding you meet with the wedding coordinators. They go over ALL THE DETAILS. Like everything. I should have printed out what I wanted so they could go over it but they took many notes and everything ended up perfect/better than I thought! Once you go over all the details with the wedding coordinators, ie, where you are putting what, how you want your tables to look, etc, they will give you the cost for set up and it must be paid in cash. I read on this blog the most anyone has ever paid for set up was $250. I must have had a lot more decorations than other brides!!!
  3. The Azul no longer has sparklers!! Not sure if anyone has already purchased sparklers on their contract or planned on having sparklers at their wedding. No one informed me of this and I found out when I was at the Azul for my wedding. They are no longer doing sparklers because it is a fire hazard.
  4. @@calgarybride2015 - All of our guests loved the Azul, I loved it and I am a perfectionist. The girl that posted "yikes, etc" is ridiculously rude! @@kmk2016 - thank you! We really loved the Azul. The El Dorado was pretty and had great rooms but I would go back to Azul over and over for their service! @@lauralc - you may want to move to a different hotel if you and your hubby want some alone time and your guests are planning on staying the same time you are. But I'm sure the Azul will take care of you if you book there. They have the exact same honeymoon package as El Dorado. There are so many hotels to choose from in Riviera Maya! Word of warning... If you go to Le Chique, one of the restaurants at the Azul, plan on spending $125/person. We were duped! The front desk told us that it was $25/person. We got 20 people to go. The manager came out from the back and told us he would not seat us unless we paid $125/person. It was ridiculous. We all left and went to the Italian restaurant. If you want to pay $125/person, you can make reservations for Le Chique on Azul's website: http://lechiquerestaurant.com/ For all you Snorkelers! The Azul Sensatori is in Puerto Morelos where there is the 2nd largest reef in the world (1st is in Australia). For $40/person you or your guests can snorkel. You can arrange snorkeling right in the main lobby. My husband and I had a private snorkeling tour and we loved it!!!
  5. @@lauralc we were not 100% happy with the El Dorado. We stayed at the Casitas. The service at the Azul was a million times better. We had the honeymoon package at the El Dorado and were told we would get a bucket of champagne, honeymoon breakfast and room decoration. We didn't get any of those items until we reminded our concierge 3 times and we finally got them the night before we left! I ran out of clean clothes by the time we got there and sent out for laundry. I had to call the bell boy to pick it up 3 times. During our honeymoon at the El Dorado Cassitas we stayed next door to a travel agent and she was telling us that we get a $150 candlelight dinner credit included in our package. She told us she paid hundreds of dollars less than we did and we were getting ripped off. We talked to the concierge about the candlelight dinner credit. We called our travel agent too and there was nothing she could do. We ended up getting upset when we should have been enjoying out trip. I wish we had never talked to that travel agent! Ignorance is bliss!
  6. @@palmtree99 @@amanda2016 -- They were $5/invitation @@sophia7420 @@Surfingsara - I did not use a template. I had my friend Ellen, at paper-pleasers.com designed these. She is excellent to work with and very affordable! @@puravida2015 @cfinkenbine @AmorDeMiVida @jaspbri0317 @TinkerSofi -- Thank you!
  7. @@carrieandsam I ended up having my reception indoors because it was an 80% chance of rain and anything over 30%, they recommend you move in doors. WAHHHH!!! I cried for an hour!!! All you need is 6 25ft lights for the Plaza Zavas Gazebo though!
  8. @@LaurenR My friend Ellen at Paper Pleasers designed all the paper items, including the fans. She is excellent to work with! http://paper-pleasers.com/ @@atyson03 we bought the maracas from etsy but we had a bad experience. We ended up painting them ourselves. I took my bridesmaid's dress swatch to Home Depot and I found the closest color to our seafoam. We painted the maracas and then my sister hand painted each one with a starfish and our names. They turned out really great! @@LaurenR I used Katy for some of the decor I didn't want to lug down to Mexico. She has really reasonable prices and was great to work with! She has a bunch of items including vases, paper lanterns, even a photo booth. You can reach out to her at katy@loveandrum.com Here are her prices for string lighting: $15 ea. - Stringlighting - Globe bulb string lighting with 25 bulbs per strand, 23 ft long/7 meters (I have 13 strands) $15 ea. - Globe bulb string lighting, warm glow LED bulbs, 25 bulbs per strand, 23 ft long/7 meters (I have 7 strands) $12 ea. - Christmas lights on white cording (I have 6 of these, 75 ft long, 150 bulbs per strand) or green cord (inquire for measurements, I have 4 of these)
  9. I just uploaded a bunch of pictures with my Survival Kit, Welcome Booklet, Wedding Signs and more into my Gallery: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/17912-paper-print-outs-and-extras/ Please let me know if you need me to email you these pics!
  10. @@linaco80 @@carrieandsam Thank you ladies! I loved the video too. I just got my full video from Caribe yesterday. They FedEx'ed it to us because we forgot to pick it up at our honeymoon resort, the El Dorado Casitas Royale.. Whoops! But yes, they did a fabulous job! My cousin is a photographer so she did the photography. I flew her in and she stayed more than 4 nights so I didn't have to pay the $800 vendor fee.
  11. The luggage tags were $90 and the Tequilla was $250. Each box was $8 for my girl to package, stuff and ship. The Key/Tip holder was a huge success... I ordered Lanyards here: http://www.specialistid.com/Standard_Non_Breakaway_36_Neck_Lanyard_p/2135-300x.htm And Badge Holders here: http://www.specialistid.com/Standard_ID_Badge_Holder_Vertical_Vinyl_p/1820-1050.htm Then I printed these and put them in each one:
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