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  1. Sorry for the late reply but see below. they were sold Clear Plastic Luggage Tag Holder with 6" loop• I bought them at specialistid.com https://www.speciali...tCode=1840-620x 25- Pendants, Silver Starfish (dime size) On ebay http://www.ebay.com/...S-/181286678138?
  2. Pre wedding sale I am now finally getting around to sorting through my extra wedding items which I would like to sell. All buyer(s) will be required to pay mailing/shipping costs from zip code 17601 (Lancaster, PA). I will definitely be sure to shop the best means to send to you. First come, first serve. Paypal Payments only please. **Free Templates available with purchase•• 25- Clear Plastic Luggage Tag Holder with 6" loop•• .60 each https://www.specialistid.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=1840%2D620x 25- Pendants, Silver Starfish (dime size) .10 each http://www.ebay.com/itm/19634-Jewelry-Findings-Charms-Pendants-Alloy-Antique-Silver-Starfish-50PCS-/181286678138?
  3. When I 1st order it I was thinking as welcome tags attach to the welcome bags. Now I'm placing them in the front slot of a double sided folder. In the folder ill have the welcome letter that turned into a brochure, Guest time line, thanks you letter n share photos instructions..
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD Oh duh! That would be good for me to tell you haha Can you send me the door hangers and the one to keep track of who's in what room Thank you I sent it
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by PrinnC22 I live in PA but I am from New York. Most of my family is still in New York so I go to NY very often (especially during summer time). I am getting married on July 19th 2014. Majestic Elegance for the ceremony and the reception will be at the Jellyfish Restaurant. My parents are from the Dominican Republic, so have traveled there since I was a little girl. I also chose to have a DW because both mine and my fiancés families are huge!! It would easily cost over 40k to have our wedding in NY. I love the idea of having a DW. It’s a week of paradise with your closest friends and family and the icing on the cake is your wedding! I can’t wait!!! I visited Majestic Elegance last summer and it was amazing!!! I live in PA (Lancaster) but we both from the NYC. We Choose DW to try and keep it simple (its been far from simple but cheaper then a NYC wedding) and so that my FI sibling can attend.We will be staying at Dreams Palm Beach but having our wedding festivities at the Jellyfish on 6/15/2014.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD which one do you need? Quote: Originally Posted by strwbsprkl Thank you for the idea I will try to do the same!! I was going to do all Spanish. But this makes more sense. Lol Anytime that we are here for. These project have been a test of our love for each other. But in 3 month we did this. Working on keycard/tip holders.with left over supplies.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by strwbsprkl I love this I love how u incorporated Spanish and English. It looks awesome Thank you. We have a mix crowd. I trying not to leave anyone out.
  8. WOOOOO HOOOOOO I DID 150 POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I am 1 post away to making my 150. I have most templates done (just need to print) as my FI has been great in helping create or by other brides on here. feel free to ask of templates needed i'm here to help and share. Best of luck with you planning
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by RachelHolmes21 I know this is an old post - but i am trying to reach my 150...which seems is taking a lifetime! I think I may hand mine out at the "Welcome Dinner". It will be at the resort and the majority of the guests are coming in that day - i am hoping to avoid the delivery fee that way If all our guest gives us there travel plans we are also planning to give out at welcome gathering.
  11. I've been on for a couple months and cant seem to chat enough to get my 150 post. Not sure if its because my Fi keep creating new templates for me and that keeps me busy. or i don't have enough questions.
  12. We have printed on our photo share cards, that guest not post pictures until we post the 1st one. we're hopping that works
  13. Thanks this will be my last DYI project as I am done with topper, door hanger, Tumbler labels, Passport invites and welcome package. I have some Card stock left and will try to put it to use,
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JenniferM I can't get the link to the pictures to work Is it because this post is too old or do I have to have the min 150 posts? The # of post
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