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  1. @@krystalxoxo No problem at all, I'm so happy to help! Our reception was at the Beach Restaurant, it was completely private with dedicated staff. I think it depends on how many people you have attending, where they put you. For smaller groups I think they use one of the a-la-carte restaurants, or a section there of. The down side of the beach restaurant is that it is all open, no walls; therefore, no air-conditioning and lots of mosquitoes and other bugs. It was really nice having all of the extra space (huge dance floor) and lots of privacy but air conditioning would have been a definite
  2. @@krystalxoxo Hey there, thanks! You'll see lots of posts in the forum here at BDW about hidden costs, but don't worry so much in Cuba and especially at the OVEP. There are some extras but nothing came as a SURPRIZE per say. Depending on the wedding package you choose, you may have to pay for the Notary Public/translation services/legal paperwork etc and for extra people over the amount included in the packages. If you pick the free package you will find your self with a few other extra charges i.e. microphone and sound system. We picked the Pure Elegance package and it included a
  3. Thank you I was soo happy with how they turned out, especially since I had no idea how they would turn out as they ran out of flowers. The florist took all of my supplies and did everything for me, the loops of blue ribbon stuffed into the bouquet as well as all of the wire wrapping. Thankfully everything was ready for me when they were delivered since they came less than an hour before the ceremony and in hindsight there was no way I would have had time to do it myself (maybe a family member could have though).
  4. Awe I love this thread, what a great idea!!! Thank you all for sharing <3 Here are my top 2:
  5. Pictures from our wedding at the Ocean Varadero El Patriarca - photos of my dress, bouquet, cake topper, some some neat pose ideas we stole from online :)
  6. Thank you Everyone The local florist did the flowers with some extra supplies I brought with me (Ribbon & Wire wrap). I just posed a new thread about my flowers here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/77882-diy-bouquet-ideas-–-ribbon-wire-wrap/ My dress was an online purchase from eBay, a factory direct 'knock off'/no name! I hit the jackpot! I sent in 2 pages full of measurements and selections/options and the dress was made specially for me. With some very minor alterations it fit perfectly! Funny story... This was the second dress I ordered, after ordering my first one (al
  7. Hey Everyone, I’ve have a couple of lovely compliments on my DW flowers so I decided to add a new thread to share the details with you. The resort had sent many, many, pictures of all sorts of flowers (from previous weddings) to give me ideas but none seemed to have the pizzazz that I was looking for. I found some great inspiration online when trying to decide on what kinds of flowers, colours, and shapes I wanted for my bouquet to match our style, attire, and décor. This is the picture that started it all: Once I saw the colourful wire-wrap on the stems I knew, I HAD TO HAVE IT! I fi
  8. Hey Everyone, We were so thrilled with how our custom cake topper turned out I had to post and share it with you! I’ve seen a couple of threads on here about custom toppers, from Etsy and Lillipop, but nothing quite like this... It is a miniature figurine set of us in our wedding attire based on photos we sent in to the seller. We sent in several pictures of our faces and then pictures of all of our attire and anything we wanted incorporated (hairdo, flowers, flip flops, etc) or embellished. Here is the finished product: This made quite the hit at our wedding; everyone was
  9. Sounds like a lot of extra charges these days, here's some other charges to look out for in case you have not seen this thread: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/77644-whats-your-hidden-costs-so-far/ We didn't try to negotiate any of our resort's add on prices, we did go to the photographer to find out what she charged for a full day rather than just the ceremony (~1 hr for 120$)... it was insane so we ended up paying her 50$/extra hour x 3 hours.. This wasn't much of a negotiation though. Have you already signed a contract and committed to this one resort? If not, you could
  10. When we were picking our resort I found a lot of places had extra charges listed in their fine print, their free packages looked they would cost a lot more than the pay packages which include some things, if you wanted anything added at all. Some seemed rather misleading for sure; some of those extra charges are REDICULOUS! They sure to try to get away with charging for as much as they can get out of us, knowing we will pay it. I found the resorts in Cuba generally had less extras (and selection) to offer but also didn’t change for as many of the extras compared to Mexico and Dominican. Th
  11. @@LauraM Hi there, Here is the link to our website: http://www.dominicandamanda.com We are now post-wedding and have most of our photos up, guests are beginning to upload their photos as well so there is lots of content. We used our website as one of our main contacts for our guests which worked out well. The website was made on and is hosted through www.momentville.com and I bought our domain name from http://ca.godaddy.com The website cost about 35$ initially to set up. I’ve bought extra hosting space for all of our and our guests’ photos so we can keep everything in the same place
  12. @@acw271011 Thank you, I've sent an e-mail on with the resort details. I really appreciate your help with this
  13. Annoyed is a nice word for my initial reaction LOL... Irate... Peeved... Perplexed... Bridezilla... lol Thank goodness I have a Hubby, then FI, who is good with these things and great with calming me down. He made me realize what was important in the moment and not to worry or stress about things out of my control - If more family wanted to come last minuet just appreciate and welcome it. If they just as quickly decide you are not worth it, don't fret or let it be personal. He made sure I got level headed quickly and could resume my bridal bliss and just enjoy the feeling of getting so close
  14. Thanks @@calgarybride2015 I'm hoping there is a way to have a resort added, even if none of the vendors on here use it 'YET'. It is such a new resort there is not much info out there about it and I want all Bride2Bs to know about this option too. I'm so happy we chose this resort. I cant wait to spill all about EVERYHTING!!!!!
  15. @@calgarybride2015 What a tough situation, no matter how you choose I'm sure it will either feel like the wrong decision or be 'perceived' as the wrong decision. I think this is a darned if you do, darned if you don't situation... We had a bit of a similar situation happen right before our wedding last week... My one Aunty decided that since her husband was not going to go with her she could invite one of her friends and RSVP for both of them.. (wasn't thrilled I had never met this person, nor was I asked if it was ok; but, whatever it wasn't worth any fight or drama so just went w
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