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    October 25, 2016
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    Grand Palladium Resort & Spa, Lucea, Jamaica
  1. Hi folks! I'm planning on having my wedding at GP in Lucea, Jamaica the week of October 23-30 (date to be finalized). I can't find any more info for this resort that isn't a couple years old. Anyone out there can help!?
  2. Hi ladies, All the posts I see are in the past and I need some NEW and up-to-date info. Looking to get married at GP in Jamaica during the week of October 24-28 (awaiting wedding coordinator to confirm a date). We are looking to use the Palladium Sapphire Package. We would be having more than 25 guests..(more like 50) and want to do a private reception at Blue Lagoon. Does any know the additional costs for these and the menus that are served for private events? Getting excited. We have been through so many ups and downs trying to choose a resort for our wedding but we PRAYING t
  3. Hi everyone!! Was initially booked for Royalton White Sands but with the CAD dollar being so low, we are looking very seriously at Now Sapphire. i got packages and pricing information from the Wedding Manager. Just a question, we are looking to use the Divine Package, does that include open bar already? I noted in the wedding information pamphlet is says $15 per person per hour?
  4. @@Breena We have put a deposit down for October 27, 2016
  5. So....any canadian brides out there just cringing? We put a deposit done on Royalton to save our date but now with the CAD dollar being so low...we are being quoted $1900 per person for our guests to travel there. It's ridiculous. We may have to switch our venue
  6. This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster. We put a deposit down for Royalton for October but now with the CAD dollar being so crappy we may have to completely change. We are being suggested Jewel as its comparable (as per our agent) but my heart is broken that I may not get my dream wedding
  7. Booked our wedding! October 27 2016!! We are doing Beach Gazebo and Poolside for our reception. Private dinner. @@margaretsmith7273's pictures looked GORGEOUS! (Only 70% happy? ahhh!!)
  8. Hi folks, We are so back and forth. We were initially going to have our wedding in October because we were told its hurriance season but it "only rains for a little bit" and therefore, is cheaper, but when you look at forecasts, its like thunderstorms everyday. Those who have travelling or have had weddings in Jamaica in October, is it okay?
  9. So my travel agent just got in contact with contact from Royalton named Cindy. I have most current pricing for everything and have attached the pdf files. We are pretty sure we are going ahead with this resort. Most resorts are charging roughly the same. Although centerpieces seem like a lot at $250 US, that's roughly what my sister spent getting married in Canada. Basically, you'll probably end up paying the same for a low key wedding at home but it'll be in Jamaica so its that much better! We are thinking of booking October 11th and having our ceremony at the Beach Gazebo for 3 pm (n
  10. Hi Ladies, Just joining, trying to zip through the feeds to find all the info. I'm concentrating on having my wedding at Royalton but it seems to be on the pricer side so I'm inquiring about Rose Hall Beach 1) Does anyone have not only the packaging information but also the "extra" pricing 2) I'm interested in a private ceremony and beach reception. What details can you give me? 3) What are the menus available for the private beach reception (someone was saying it was different?) Kathryn
  11. Hi girlies, Does anyone happen to have pricing info for Rose Hall Beach? Especially if you wanted a private reception on the beach (ie, tent rental, the special menu, etc?) Kathryn
  12. Hi ladies, for pricing it says a DJ is $220/hour and sound system for reception is $500. If you pay for the DJ do you have to pay for the sound system as well? Silly question but I feel like they really nickel and dime for everything
  13. Thank god I found this website!! I was researching resort websites and getting so overwhelmed with so much information. My finace and I plan on getting married next October 2016. We THINK we are settled on Royalton White Sands Jamaica but can any ladies who got married there put my mind at ease by answering a few questions? 1) We are hopefully looking for the cost for our guests to be no more than $1500 all-inclusive (flight and resort) for 7 days. Have others found this is plausible for this time? Sometimes it appears to be sitting more around the $1700 mark 2) Just out of interest, h
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