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  1. @@calgarybride2015 I just learned about the room key holder staps...have you seen them??? they are awesome!!! the girls on my resort let me know about them
  2. @@MorganRene something like what I have attached, you will put a template related to your wedding (basic info). Your guest will use it to place they room key int he badge holder and bring it to the pool/ocean. In case their key gets lots there is information on template to be returned..its very useful
  3. @@rebepax $90 for how many and $250 for how many? where did you download the key tag/template...awesome idea.!!! will have to steal it can you also give me the contact of your friend please? sorry I am asking tons of Q..s
  4. @@kmk2016 Got it! thank you will search for a code to get them at your price or close enough , tumbler sounds good specially to refill beer at the pool lol Are you giving one bag per room or per person? Where are you looking for the tumblers? wedding chicks also? the waterproof sticker? Etsy? @@rebepax I LOVE ...LOVE your pre-wedding mailer, but I think it was too expensive ? do you mind PM how much you spend per box? plus shipping? Although you made a point previously about how much guests spent on the trip. Did you bring organza chair sashes? center pieces? Chinese lanterns? Xmas lights? all those goodies? BTW what is the key/tip holder?
  5. @@kmk2016 Great idea, thanks for sharing..I went to weddingchicks and typed "wedding totes" and cannot get anything. Do you have the specific link? that price is great too! I think I have to click on "shop" and I was able to see some totes..they are at $10 each mugs like this below with the davet design label on it? https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=tervis+mugs&tbm=shop the pool floats idea is awesome!! I really think you nailed it, thanks for sharing I will start with the first part and that is ordering the bags, then move to the next and that is what to throw in it. I also agree with you, I think we will do paper only for the pre-travel mailers, it is just too costly to do both as gifts.
  6. @@carrieandsam Thank you dear 48 totes for that price sounds good! I can do a transfer on the fabric right? in case I want to personalize them I still cannot open your message dunno why
  7. Question for future brides: 1. Are you sending a Pre-travel package? if yes, what are you sending ??? 2. If you spend good money on the pre-travel package are you doing the welcome bag also? 3. Doing both or only one? if both , are you doing one cheaper and spending more on the other? 4. What kind of bags are you using (for the welcome bag)? totes, paper? etc please send links where you have purchased or look..I appreciate it I am 5 months from my wedding and I am in the slow planning mode... I have not done much and just started to freak out because time flies.... Thanks girls
  8. @@calgarybride2015 OMG!!! SO GOOD! SO WELL PLANNED DEAR KIM I REMEMER OUR PLANNING CONVERSATIONS A few months ago and now you got it all well done
  9. @@carrieandsam we hired DJ Doremixx. He has great reviews here and I have spoken with them over the phone several times and they are really good...we are so looking forward to have them at our wedding, also check their website and FB page. The cost was the same as if were going with the DJ at Sensatori (after the vendor fee)
  10. @@rebepax CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please share your big day how was everyghing??
  11. @@jsparrow10 thanks I checked the site, have you ordered from there before? it looks really nice @@Mrsktobe this is nice and borrowed MUCH better thank you! I really need ideas because Ia jsparrow10 said I don't want something too similar to what I will be wearing on our wedding day
  12. Hi girls, I am done with my wedding dress (which kept me overly stressed) now it's time to think of the rehearsal dinner dress. We are having the regular dinner followed by a bonfire at the beach with cocktails. I am not sure what to wear. Go simple or go fancy ? something like illusion back ? Wear a short dress or a long dress? Please help me with ideas or posting your dress , links, I need ideas of what I will be wearing. Thank you so much!!!
  13. @@carrieandsam we hired Sarani Estrada for our wedding in April, her work is terrific!!! I also heard Sasha Gluck is amazing
  14. @@Tiffany Fox Congrats to the newly weds, lovely pictures and glad they nailed it!!!
  15. Threads have been removed, the latest was #19. The wedding bee administrators have removed them because they did not want any particular replica bridal shop name on the threads, also to avoid any legal issues. There is a new thread created for all the girls interested, everyone's plan is to continue with their posts and reviews. the new thread does not contain the name of the replica shop
  16. @@cfinkenbine my vendors are costing me an arm and a leg, but I budgeted on the dress lol so I went cheap. It is pretty insane to pay $800 for each vendor, although I think the resort would have charged the same $800 just built in the final cost. prices for these weddings are NOT what they use to be
  17. @@puravida2015 check your vendors first and If you don't like them review the costs of bringing each vendor into the hotel prior to making any decision. We didn't look into vendors when choosing the resort, each vendor is $800 basically a fee to make you stay with the resort vendors. @@cfinkenbine honestly to us it was kind of hidden because we didn't know and didn't research about the resort vendors. We booked and later looked info vendors, at the end we didn't like their vendors and bringing our own is $800 each (per day , per event). Now we are bringing photographer and DJ, so figured This is any bride's issue. We get overly excited and the spending keeps on going. The less you know the better I am originally from South America. Average tipping there is 10% for dining in a restaurant only. No tipping is used (like in the US) for taxi, drinks at the bar, photographer, DJ, etc. basically the mentality is that the price covers all ( they don't expect and the culture is not tipping for those services) Basically that means that if are North American you are used to tip and they expect that. South Americans and Europeans or even people from the Eastern side (India etc) do not tip. Usually in the US large groups events have the service charge included and it is disclosed in the bill. I wont tip my photographer for sure. It's costing me a few thousands (enough money to have a tip covered) I will no tip the wedding coordinator , I personally think that coordinating a wedding is what they do for a living I MIGHT tip the DJ but NOT 10% because that would be almost $150 I will tip the servers but a small percentage, I know they don't get tips all the time from regular guest at the resorts (because it's all inclusive) also it can't forget I might end up with many servers and two events ... Oh boy I might just not tip at all lol I might tip the hair dresser I just feel like all is included and we paid for it and a tip might do a bit more, definitely no tipping any big percentages, I can't add in my budget $700 or more in tips People in Mexico don't tip (my sister lives there) so I will follow the famous "when in Rome ,do as the Romans"
  18. @@kmk2016 they have the standard template and the resort template, at the moment the Sensatori template was not available and I recently did mine , I customized it with my own photos and wording about the hotel. The good thing about that is that you can add any photos you want and modify anything you want. I customized my own and sent it to Vanessa for printing and I just assembled the passport myself to save $1.4 per passport I paid for two designs (blue leatherette and antique), also paid for English and Spanish versions. @@carrieandsam my huge advice to you is that you should go to Vanessa for printing the passports, Luggage tags, boarding pass. Don't go to the local printer shop if you want to avoid stress. Vanessa and Dave know their own product and they finish it beautifully. I will post pictures of my passports soon
  19. @@carrieandsam glad you liked Vanessa's passports (I think it was me who mentioned them or crysta did too either way I'm happy Vanessa's passports meet your needs I loved working with them,my guests loved my blue leathered passports and the antique passports ( I selected 2 designs and champagne or Pearlized paper ) Best luck to you
  20. I got a question for you ladies: who or which services will you tip for your wedding? TIPPING might be a big one (hidden cost) because if you don't plan it, it can end up in the heat of the moment ( being happy on your wedding day and overly excited) and throwing cash like never before. I think I am planning a budget for tips and if I don't use it ..cool. although I feel like in Mexico, Dominica Rep., etc....EVERYONE expects a tip. All inclusives claim that you do not need, BUT because these are weddings and they "do a bit more" they might expect...
  21. @Vbustamove I used this one, just in case if you are researching http://weddingpassports.com
  22. @@carrieandsam. Please visit Vanessa's Destination Weddings. Vanessa and Dave are mazing to work with and their work is top notch. I had my passports assembled like the American passport and everyone loved it I had the navy blue leatherette. visit their Facebook page and search Vanessa destination weddings, prices are affordable and you can get something around $3.75 with great quality, working with them was absolutely amazing, best luck to you please ask any questions you may have http://weddingpassports.com
  23. @@carrieandsam I will get married in April, save the dates were sent in June and invitations in Sep with 8 weeks to RSVP (oct 31st)
  24. @@rebepax my wedding Travel specialist just sent me this in the body of my question email. Although I am working with destinationweddings and even though it might be a different contract, I do not think things change much as far as following the resort credit. "This is what it usually says in everyone’s travel documents: $250 resort credit is based on two $50 upgraded wine credits, two $50 spa credits towards massage only and one $50 romantic candlelight dinner credit. Credits are per room, per stay and are not combinable with any other credits or vouchers. Candlelight dinner credit not valid on Lobster Menu."
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