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  1. My contract allows me to drop 25% rooms in the agreement ... Not sure if that's the same for everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @@LaurenR see my attachment for Azul Sensatori, however I am NOT using their services. @@Janjin I would block the minimum..10 rooms and add as you see people going..I started like that and I increased it. @@IvanLuckiePhotography OMG!! I heard something similar BRIDAL SPA PACKAGES 2014 (1).pdf
  3. @@carrieandsam Thank you Carrie, I agree with the overlay I definitely wont take that option because I want the white more, as far as the runner I saw one in satin aqua blue and the chairs organza (coral), the aqua blue organza did not look as nice I guess because of the material...my colors are just hard to find. I know mixing colors might sound weird but I have seen it and looks nice...also I can have the option of the same color or mix colors. Thank you so much, I truly value your help
  4. @@carrieandsam Those are great ideas, if you chose the napkin colors do you have to bring them or they will rent them to you? I looked at the websites you provided me thanks!, I am sure once you go you will have much more clarity of what you want, unless you are like me who wants it ... I will do a runner and white napkins...my thing now is that my sashes are coral organza and I dont know if I should do my runner organza or Satin aqua blue..I do not want the mix the fabrics and make it look weird. what you do suggest?
  5. @@carrieandsam Thank you!!! I was just on page 1827 when I read the notification...Im on it .. I feel a bit nervous because time to order stuff is now....R u gettting table clothes or something to accentuate the tables?? I want submersible lights too for my center pieces..
  6. Look at page 1787 @@AllieH Hi how did you make the throws? was it easy ? it seems complicated lol
  7. @@carrieandsam page 1818 Dec 02 ...Yeah you were right! glad did not ordered yet. I will order 25 based on a Facebook comments...Now I am also looking into Xmas lights dont know what to order if regular or LED. Found it Cj wrote: "No worries. I stressed over this and bought so many different colors to see what I liked before finally deciding. (Side note...we brought fishing line so they could hang the lanterns) I bought pink, mint and white. 12in, 16in, 20in. If I remember correctly I think we decided to not use all of the 20 inch as they were pretty big. I would not go smaller than 12 in. We bought 28 lanterns but I think we only used 24 of them. Sorry it's been a few months so hard to remember. We did not buy lights for the lanterns. The center lantern they put up was on a light, so it lit up."
  8. @@carrieandsam I just looked at CJ's profile and was unable to find the sizes she got...I read so much all the time and then forget where I read it ...I exactly forget when I am ready to place orders ugh!!! I dont know how many I should order, I had something like 25 for 12" I just dont want to make a mistake Anyways...I agree and love your colors...Oriental Trading might have super duper deals!
  9. @@carrieandsam I have dedicated today to do this and did not order, how many did you order total? I was plannig 8" and 12" and about a count of 25
  10. @@carrieandsam honestly No right now, but let me think a bit becuase it was from a bride who came with the answer..sorry!
  11. @@mrsnatalietobe No you do not have to pay the vendor fee because it will be the same as if you brought it from home..vendor fee would be for flowers, DJ, makeup, and other services katy@edwardfoord.com @@carrieandsam If this thread was not this long I would tell you where we were talking about that exact topic a few months ago (floating candles)
  12. @@raqpena r you getting the free catamaran? if you do I know you can do a cocktail hour prior to hop on the boat...day catamaran then it would be a snack and if you go at sunset then you can take it as cocktail hour. You cannot use it on the catamaran while you are on board lol because they want you to buy another private event...figure! These pic is from Murmel's thread and think helps everyone...
  13. @@raqpena my package included the free cocktail ceremony but I was/am planning to use it another day and have the staff announcing the reception location and hour...also printed in the program fans
  14. @@calgarybride2015 Cool!! I did the same with rhinstones for the bridesmaids shirts...do you bring the tank? I will see the time line Did you have any registry for those who wont go but ask?
  15. @@calgarybride2015 Oh boy !!! what is the bride tank and what timelines? I guess I dont know much lol No worries, you can explain to me later I know you have a lot to do and my intention is not to make you work typing all
  16. @@calgarybride2015 def no money for that, will do regular disposable. I see you are all done
  17. @@calgarybride2015 did not know about Polaroid? the photos come right away or still need to send them for processing?
  18. @@calgarybride2015 Kim I have not posted anything on your blog lately, BUT I have been reading all because I am following it Please relax, breath and take things easy...please do not overwhelm yourself with thoughts that give you more stress and less straight thinking (I hope you don't end up typing the same when I am closer to my wedding pulling my hair haha) ALL will end up so well to perfection, you have dedicated so much to this planing and the outcome will be terrific, I foresee this I know you are super organized since I have been reading your posts your day will be the "big day" and what did not happen with anything that was planned ...simply was not meant to be. I am a turtle planning this wedding and it is coming SOON..(.you did all super well with timing), I saw your card for the app sharing pics, I think this is smarter I will see how it works :)my FI wants disposable cameras on the tables, I think that is outdated,
  19. @@murmel @@LaurenR @@farsgetswed are you girls referring to something like this? I would love to have my wedding decorated that way but someone told me that the blue lights wrapped on the trees and the DJ lighting would be enough. I think I will use 8 and 12 for the size of the paper lanterns for a total of 30 (including inside)...what sizes are you using and how many? Also I read somewhere the following: "I have a question about some decorating ideas. We have had to change where we are having our private dinner reception b/c we have more people coming thatn we initially thought. So we have moved it to Plaza Zavas...which I think is absolutely gorgeous in pics! So I wanted to get some feedback on decoration ideas for this space. We are bringing our own centrepieces down but need everything else. - paper lanterns: I love how these look in photos. I am assuming past brides have brought them down with them? Approx how many do you think you would need to fill the space nicely? And I notice some light up, are these the LED throwies I have been reading about? Any good websites you can reccommend for cheap, decent quality lanterns? Paper lanterns really do make that space sparkle. We used about 20-25 lanterns in varying sizes. I ordered mine from asianideas.com (mostly due to the fact that they would ship to Canada) This will do the edge of the gazebo. I know a few girls also wanted lanterns hanging inside the gazebo-if you choose to do that I would suggest planning for about 35 lanterns. We made the LED throwies to put inside the lanterns to light them up. The lights that you might be referring to are actually part of the resort on the palm trees, as well there is some neat lighting by the adult bar which is sort of in the background."
  20. Thanks Ha! I heard that since that happened they are now offering air brush lol, the actual makeup person told me Yes, send me your mail if you want in private and I will scan mine and send it over, so you have an idea of how it looks, I believe you have not made a decision and you are comparing prices? once you start the process you will start working with a wedding planner in Miami to itemize your wedding
  21. @@SophiaS Hi , Sorry to hear that, is your booking confirmed? otherwise any travel agent might not be interested since they work on commission. would you please send me a PM and I will give you a referral, i am more than happy with my TA and she replies within minutes and also helps a LOT.
  22. @@TheBHolders Yes go to the wedding bee, I got my Galia and LOVE IT!!! got mid production pics BUT it is under final revisions now. I truly loved it
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