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  1. @@carrieandsam We took photos of me alone on the stairs that come from the top roof, I think that's what you refer to main stairs from the lobby down to the property. The sky deck is located on building 3 and the palapa is to the right of building 3 (you facing the ocean) but either way you can exit to the beach through the premium section which is more to the right and the last ramp from the premium pools to the beach (also by the sky massage place), no one will see you, the piers and villa are to the right (you facing the ocean) Guests won't see you. If you walk to the left you will find places too but not piers to hop on (from other resorts) If your photographer is located in Mexico have him/her doing a beach walk prior to your arrival so he/she can take a look on locations, if you bring your own have him/her check the property upon arrival. Many photographers are familiar with Sensatori so they know where to shoot
  2. @@LaurenR the pier is closed due to maintenance right now...I am not sure if that will be the same by the time your wedding comes, just have back up plans for photos. We went to a villa located to the right (you facing the ocean) need to walk a LOT to the very end, but it is beautiful and someone lives there but they dont mind if you take photos, also as you walk there will be more piers from other resorts, be brave enough to hop on those for photos LOL we did @@carrieandsam YES!!! Waves lounge is super nice and LeChique is amazing and a must do!
  3. @@Ybonilla and @@BreeShort Yes They have a full bar, imagine this place: it looks like a sports bar (with a bar serving drinks) and it has a pool table, hockey table, basket ball hoop machine, TV's and chairs so it is a decent size for this place. It is the teens game room during the day and at night it is the "club" the name of this place at Azul Sensatori is "Teens Breeze" and it is open until 2am every day!" @@carrieandsam Thank you very much!!! I dont think it was my ceremony LOL I did not have it at the sky deck it was on the beach..I trully need to upload pics VERY SOON!! you are right! time flies and I cant believe I dont have a wedding to plan any longer. I was going super crazy...I mean super! I was just cleaning today and found an envelope with $170 in cash from the bank inside of a drawer LOL WOW that is scary!! I was crying for money while planning the wedding and leaving the cash like that inside a drawer...I must have forgotten about it with all the craziness Food: Yes, it is a personal choice the painful part of choosing the more than 2 options once you get more than 30 ppl is to specify who eats what on a sitting card, I chose lobster and filet mignon BUT many of my guests did not eat shellfish so I made a lobster sign as "do not serve" then I made a list of each table referencing who ate what which matched my cards...pretty stressful to be honest. ONE THING TO REMEMBER: the pier is not open as of now, so if you planned to take photos on it...please have a back up ...there is a villa close by where we took pictures...I cant wait for those! There is a bar called "waves lounge" located by the adults only pool, they bring piano and live music almost every night...go there with your hubby and enjoy a romantic time alone My catamaran was the BEST thing we ever did (it was complimentary except the food and drinks) Le Chique (super fancy for me) it was included with out honeymoon suite so we did not pay the $25 each, it was so fancy and beautiful, gazebo #5 is the ONLY place where you make reservations for that restaurant, go as soon as you get there because it gets booked super quickly. It is $25 for the tasting menu and $110 to sit with the chef by the bar or something like that. We did not pay the $25 each and wanted to cancel last minute because came super tired from the catamaran, however they would charge us $25 each if we did not go (cancelled)...so we ended not cancelling dinner at LeChique..it was wonderful!
  4. Please do relax and have fun!! I enjoyed every day after the sun set int he pool because I did not want to get too much tanned. It is hard to say "relax" specially when you are there BUT keep this in mind please!
  5. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU (FUTURE BRIDES) READ!!! The Mojito lounge DOES NOT have a DJ any longer due to complaints from building 4 (family with children) the resort moved all to the Teens Breeze which is a game room (looks like a sports bar) during the day and club with DJ at night It is good to know because I had all my itineraries printed and welcome letters to continue the "after party at the mojito" after the reception. Mojito is open with all the 35 mojitos and drinks, but only jazz more like a lounge, nothing to dance, it is ashame because it is beautiful and it has the space...I was sad while I was there BUT it is about the people you are with....and that made it for us so we partied every night at the Teens lounge, even before the wedding LOL (do not do that) I was okay though The teens lounge has the live music and DJ now. The top roof has the shows at night for families and adults. @@LaurenR I think they are strict with the payments for sure. I paid later than they request (So I should correct "last minute") because I was going back and forth with flowers, cake, and the mariachi I wanted but did not want to pay until I knew I really wanted it. I was all about the money and still wanted a beautiful wedding, I looked at it as where I wanted to spend most of my money, so that is why I did not make payments on time, I needed to be 100% sure before I paid. ALL ALL was amazing...I can stop thinking about it
  6. @@Tallbride515 I had 2 layer cake (46 people) and there was so much left LOL cakes are delicious!!! top cake coconut and bottom vanilla rum (the best) you can add filling if you want and we did some butter cream...YUM!!! Yes you can use the promo if you have it...you can also skip the cocktail hour for sure, your guest can go grab a drink or head to the room to refresh. You can cancel or change things now if you want or if you have not paid. If you are not sure make changes (last minute) like removing the live band and put that money towards something else. I paid LAST Minute for all (I mean last minute) I had a beach bomb fire booked with amplifier and that alone was lots of money and removed it 30 days before the wedding @@BecomingaRiggio YES soon will do no professional because they are not here yet but from friends ALL I can say girls is PLEASE RELAX they DO an amazing job (hands down) your wedding will be a dream!!! I think of that day as a magical day!
  7. @@Ydolem BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I HAVE TONS of pics of Zavas and Vintage collection, I will post all (it has been crazy since we returned) Food was beyond amazing!!! Yes had lobster and filet mignon. beside the reception decor, I brought small lanterns and sashes for the cocktail tables and also some Mexican souvenirs (Mexican hat and small tequila bottles)for the welcome dinner , I had about 30 of those and asked the waiters to put them on the tables, the welcome dinner alone is beautiful Let me do a whole recap with pics...it was amazing!!!
  8. @@mrsgordoncomeondown you should be heading to Mexico soon, enjoy it!! I just came back and I wish I could re play that day all over and over again...it was magical! Try to relax while you are there, I could not in the beginning thinking that I wanted all perfect...it was perfect Thank you :) it was amazing!! Thank you :) it was amazing!! Hey girl! Ok first you can sit up to 110 or a bit more in Zavas, they will accommodate no more than 10 people per table(usually 8 and they do no recommend less than 6) the tables will be around the gazebo. Honestly you dont need a map, I can draw it for you if that makes you feel better but it is simple. It will be around the gazebo because the gazebo is use for dancing. They will reimburse you depending on your contract, mine said that I would not get the money back if anyone canceled 60 days prior to the wedding so if anyone did I would have to pay, it almost happened to someone who was about to canceled last minute. We were going to lose the room plus I needed to pay for the room because I agreed to it in the contract @@carrieandsam Yes, many brides (like me) brought their own decoration. They will do it for you or your guests and you can do it. They will charge you a fee, usually it is $250 BUT I was way more than that because I had 8 suitcases with me. They will do it for you at a "set up fee" that needs to be paid in US dollars cash (no room charge or credit card) and also they will allow you to do it yourself if you prefer at no cost and they will allow you to use their ladders for sure. If you or your guests set up the decor they can start around noon or earlier, they are really easy going down there and will work with you. Plated vs. Buffet: I was on the same boat, but my gut said plated because to me buffet did not look right (the perception in the US is different about buffets) however, I do respect all opinions and think it will be up to you. Once you get there you will meet the coordinators and the chef who will make notes on all dietary requests and allergies, also you will have the chance to order (and pay) for your photographer meals, make changes to menus or add something. Hope this helps
  9. Hi girls, 4 days after the wedding and all was amazing!!! So happy! I will recap once I get back to the states...still in Mexico
  10. @@Aliyedwinramirez Thank you so much!!! I am actually getting the complementary with Lomas after the rooms booked. I was wondering if there are any brides who got this catamaran promo also, I want to finalize my schedules with it, it is getting too confusing to me . I am thinking of whether doing it the day before or after the wedding. Thank you again so much!!!
  11. Girls... Who is doing, has done or plan to do the catamaran with Lomas? if you are or did, was this after or prior to the wedding day??? Thank you!!!
  12. @@raqpena Congratulations on your wedding wishing you happiness!!! I remember you mentioned a while back about your hair, what did you end up doing for hair and makeup?
  13. @@LaurenR save this file for your spa prices...it is also in "My Media" under my profile saved BRIDAL SPA PACKAGES 2014 (1).pdf
  14. @@atyson03 Yes, I sent the pictures to the Miami team, they added ALL my details to the wedding file and samples of my colors and special requests. I am not a picky person when it comes to flowers, in fact I don't know much about them, my rule #1 one and #2were: real flowers and match my colors, I feel comfortable going with them.
  15. @@atyson03 YES, I am getting married in 24 days and YES I was able to customize them to my colors, they will work with you (I am confident they will match my pics) silk flowers were not cheap and that is why I did not take that route, plus shipping them to Mexico. so I went real @@LaurenR I do...give me a few and will post the PDF.
  16. @@tygrrlily Thank you!!! I was thinking to stack them up...I didnt think of bringing extras but now I will I appreciate your help!
  17. @@lauralc I heard this is the new policy across the board. I would advise you no to move 14 people out the resort on your wedding day, very stressful. If you feel strongly about not having the resort doing your hair and makeup them, you can leave perhaps with no more than 5 people (the closest to you) because it usually takes 1 hour for hair and makeup per person. Unless they have more than 2 or 3 if the 14 people go out..I think that will inconvenience some @@LuluMai22 how about some shells, candles (voltives) and sand nicely put together for centerpieces? I did my own trial at home and it looks nice. how about re using your bridesmaids bouquets for centerpieces? and rent the vases at $10 each from Lomas? or bring them from home with from the dollar store
  18. @@tygrrlily hope you are doing well, amazing thread and glad all was wonderful I wanted to ask how you packed your tumblers? I am afraid that mine break What do you recommend. and THANKS in advance
  19. @@carrieandsam Do you mean Amols? Has anyone tried OR remember the vanilla rum cake and coconut cake? I want those but I want to make sure what flavor goes on the bottom and what flavor goes on top for a 2 tier cake? Also are you planning to do any filling? Thanks for any help!!
  20. @@kmccabe14 Yes we were informed 2 days before and we were moved to Generations...the best could have happened to us LOL but we could not do our wedding there because it was too expensive @@carrieandsam I got mine from Amols, not sure if you got this info they are REALLY nice
  21. @@BecomingaRiggio How about Cubavera Or islandimporter? We got all there for $80 after 30% off. Cubavera is sold at Macy's too. I got for the girls flip flops made by me (will post later), a kimono robe, jewelry for the dress, barefoot sandals, necklace with their initials, a top with rhinestones that says "bridal entourage" I made the tops after I got the trasfers.
  22. @@BecomingaRiggio Awesome!!!..please share...still 1 hour and 15 mins sounds a bit long, but I guess the count you have requires this time. The great thing about the BBQ is the variety..still sit down was our first pick!!! ugh decisions!!! I need to turn ASAP since the wedding is coming quick! I dont even know my bouquet type yet, but I am not going fancy on flowers at all. I will check the flamenco on Youtube I know it is $650..I also looked quickly at the Mexican trio for $650 and we would do it right after the ceremony and for the cocktail hour. what time does your ceremony start? and who in the world said planning a wedding is fun???
  23. @@carrieandsam are you still having Mariachi? (you said that you were going to) @@BecomingaRiggio so you are also going for the BBQ Deluxe? I am seriously considering. My FI family does not eat seafood at all, he still prefers the sit down because he says it is better for a wedding..oh well, if people dance and party they don't care about the food. BTW...Your headcount increased tremendously so did the cost I bet...Everything adds up ridiculously!!! I had mariachi and now I am taking it off LOL, I have not heard daft punk in flamenco? do they have that? how can I find it and listen to it? I cant even find the flamenco Maybe I do the cheap version of Mariachi ...the Mexican trio LOL
  24. Good point that I did not think of... time is VERY appreciated to party more (who cares about food) LOL!!!..I am considering the change to the BBQ Deluxe...for some reason it doesn't sound right on a wedding...(this is my personal opinion only) we were thinking and mostly settled on the steak and lobster sit down, but now I am second guessing. Quesion!!! Who is having mariachi? I think I read about girls who regretted it. I want mariachi, but I don't know if we can justified the $950 for 6 mariachi instrument (its kinda of pricey-basically double the real price) Any thoughts??? what are you girls doing?
  25. We chose plated for the cost vs. Buffet; also because in the US buffets are cheaper and the perception is different. Buffets can be more laid back and give more food options, it depends on your type of reception and how you envision it[emoji4] either way works I would say... Let your bud give you that decision. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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