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  1. Hello girls thanks so much!! I still day dream (everyday) with that amazing day!! Your will be as wondeful as you can't imagine:)
  2. @@Aliyedwinramirez Congratulations!! @@carrieandsam how was your wedding? cant wait to hear about it @@murmel Hello there Back reading the posts
  3. Ladies, I am selling this dress and it was never used. I spent over 1,000 US dollars because of the beading. All materials and fabrics are top quality. I put it on my form but I can show you pics of the dress on me just so you have an idea of how it will look. I need it out of my closet and willing to hear offers. I think $350 is a good price and I am located in New Jersey Here are some measurements of me so you can have an idea if this dress works for you. (the dress has a hidden zipper in the left side) Label: 6 Street: 6 Bust: 34.5 Waist: 27 Hips: 38 I am also selling thi
  4. selling two gowns : both are mermaid. one never used and the other one used. let me post pics
  5. 1. Envision what you would like for your wedding in a high level, don't get into details yet, because this is what makes it overwhelming. 2. Get a timeline of your "must do" like resort and packages for your guests. 3. Decor, food and cake and plenty of details can be worked later as you have a clear idea of who is going and who is not. 4. If you have not sent save the dates, I would suggest to go ahead I used to panic because I wanted to know how all was going to happened and also with so many details that I could not take care at once. We are here to help, these boards are terrific!
  6. @@LRosario yes I worked with her too, so imagine all the suitecaise lined up inside the wedding department.
  7. @@carrieandsam how many rooms so far booked? I sent to my guests postcards with "riviera Maya" on it as a reminder and a note kindly pushing lol. people who will go know by now, many said would go but didn't happen. Count on a "no" for those who give you an unsure answer.
  8. @@vancouverpetunia Catamaran costs $1,200 plus food and drinks which is separate. Maroma marina, transportation is separate per person but my package covered it... I recommend @@LRosario hola sorry for the delayed response 1. No ultimate package, I got the one that costs $3K US and paid $14 per chair after 24. I saved with my bridal party who didn't seat otherwise I would have been more chairs. We were 46 all together (including the couple) where did you get the additional price? It seems high 2. Our family flew on the same day and we were 9 people on the that flight. We brought 8 suit
  9. @@BecomingaRiggio Congrats!!! so happy to see all came together and beatiful @@LaurenR Congrats!!! I am so happy that all was amazing!!
  10. @@BecomingaRiggio sorry chica! I never paid for the dress and had my purse and another carry on with me. (3 items) I flew with United and they were so busy that didn't even care. Enjoy your wedding week and it will be wonderful!!
  11. @@BecomingaRiggio it does not count as a carry on. It will be a courtesy don't worry and don't ask either
  12. @@LaurenR yes children are allowed, I am looking at the map (B3) where the Zavas swim up is located, the pool to the right is the low noise level or quite pool, if you look up where it ends it by Zavas (the plaza where the gazebo is) they don't put chairs when there is a wedding I guess to avoid the inconvenience of asking guests to leave. I am looking at the map same B3 and the pool to the left is the premium section and ONLY premium guests will be allowed there unless guests pay $85 to be there. If you are in the honeymoon suite you have access to the premium section, the issue is that many
  13. @@LaurenR on your map the pools right by buildings with the #17 which is actually a family section and those are buildings # 4 very good for families of all ages, it has a swim up bar too! We had children in our group and most of the time we hang out there so they would not feel isolated
  14. The wedding was one month and 2 days ago. I have NOT received anything back LOL @@jsparrow10 Yes I got the sign where do you live?
  15. @@calgarybride2015 you are so sweet!! Thank YOU so much for all the support and communication while I was planning No that is not the dress, LOL I had nightmare with ALL my dresses, I never used that dress I sent you in emails. I ended getting another dress because I was not happy, remember? ) Thank you very much!!! The catamaran was amazing! we were hesitating because we thought that we were going to tied people's schedules the day after the wedding. It was the best we did, we went with a package that has some complimentary stuff for our group. We booked for 40 and 30 decided to go. W
  16. Hello beautiful brides, I know that brainstorming for the OOT bag can be frustrating and also challenging, so many ideas and counting how many days are left to the wedding day can be a nerve wreck!! If you order too soon: you might change your mind, specially if you find something nicer and better later where you might be regretting because you spent money already and changed your mind (this is the most common situation while planning) If you order too late and wait for ideas: you might miss good sales, deliveries, colors, items available etc.. OOT Bags and Favors: I feel that this
  17. Girls, I owed a review!!! I did not do it here because I was going to be all over the place with all the pics I posted. I have planning pics and also wedding day pics!!! Please check this out and PLENTY of pics, please ask as you need more info, I WISH YOU HAPPY PLANNING!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/79170-azul-sensatori-april-2015-wedding-many-pics-and-planning-tips/?p=1895817
  18. Reception: Location Plaza Zavas I brought pictures and drawings of all my inspiration decor with exact indications of how I wanted things, Janet (from Lomas) and Berenice (Azul) worked with me. They are amazing! Mauricio and Laura are the assistants and they ALL do an amazing job! PLEASE trust them and relax while you are there, they will make your wedding day a magical one! Welcome table: I requested to get all flowers from the ceremony into the reception and used each bridesmaid bouquet as my center piece. Also has 6 small flowers (hanging on the hooks by the isle) and requested to
  19. Hello dear brides First of all I want to thank many brides who helped me and supported me on my planning: Murmel, Girlinthecity,Calgarybride (Kim), repax !!! I gotta say to all of you "thanks so much" My name is Lina, our wedding was on April 10th, 2015 and I will do my very best to summarized our wedding planning and wedding day. It is really hard to shrink an entire year of ideas, planning and things in one post, but we will do my best A bit about me and my husband: I am originally born in Colombia and he is American-Irish. We met in 2011 after each of us ended a long relations
  20. @@StacyPaul. You tag "@mention" Yes, the beach is a downer and a big one, honestly the entire cancun area has one issue or the other with the beach, it gets better and much better south like Tulum. If you are a beach person like me then try to go south. The resort is absolutely amazing! You have to do what works for both of you and even though you want your guests being happy, you can't just think "how to make them happy" because something will always be said. I used to be terrified about things that my guests would say about the beach or resort. Honestly, this resort is high-end and any
  21. @@BecomingaRiggio congrats!!! That's great @@StacyPaul Hi, yes it is very true We had our wedding in April and spent 10 days there and we were unable to get in the beach because there is TONS of seaweed and they say that it's the season so no one was able to get in the ocean
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