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  1. Hi Eliza! Sorry I am just now seeing this. I haven't been on here in months. I LOVED Iberostar. Our wedding was perfect! Like most of the resorts down there, their communication isn't the best in the months leading up. But once you get within that last month they start emailing you everything. Our coordinator was Pamela and she was great. We actually had a problem with one of the bridesmaids dresses the day of the wedding but she was so calm and she definitely kept me calm. She told us not to worry there was no rush. Our ceremony ended up starting about an hour late but she was with me the entire time communicating with people she had on the beach to keep them posted of what was happening. A couple of things I think are important to mention. I think unless you are getting married in proper Cancun or Playa Del Carmen you really won't be leaving the resort much other than excursions where shuttles pick you up. Because of that I think it's important to know what sort of vibe you want from the resort. Iberostar Paraiso Maya is huge! You can call the golf carts to pick you up though, which my maid of honor fully took advantage of. She refused to do any walking. Besides the golf carts they also have a night club(called galaxy and its star wars themed). The setup is pretty cheesey but our guests had a good time there every night. We even went there after our wedding reception. Every night there was great and they are open til 4am if you have guests that really wanna go all out. haha The pool was great, that is usually where most of our guests were during the day. We all actually went back and forth between the pool and the beach. Our wedding was in mid May and the hotel was not full at all. There were always beach chairs available and the restaurants were never full. We asked a couple of the employees(who were all super friendly by the way) and they all said that had we been there a month earlier the place would have been at full capacity. I can't really picture that being that it is so huge there. But apparently May is a good month to be there. Before booking at Iberostar I had a vision of how I wanted my beach wedding to be but I did have to compromise for the reception. But let me tell you it was a great idea. We wanted the reception to be in El Tapatio because the decor in the restaurant worked with the decor I had in mind. Since our party was 30ppl total they told us that place would be too big for us and they put us in their French restaurant L'Etoile. It's a small restaurant but it was really perfect for us. The color scheme in there is red and gold. So we ended up going with lots of red roses and rose petals on the tables. It was beautiful. I am not sure how to upload pictures on here but if you are interested in seeing pictures of the Ceremony and Reception decor I can try to message them to you. I absolutely loved it there and our guests did too, so much so that I am actually headed to Playa Mujeres for a friends wedding at the Finest next week! Our friends loved the way everything was set up and they were inspired to get married out there also.
  2. Hi Everyone! I am getting married at the Paraiso Maya on May 14th and just got an email from the wedding coordinator about our options. I emailed asking who their preferred photographer is because I know they charge when you bring in outside vendors. But I know they usually take a few days to reply. Does anyone know which photographer they use? I wanted to get in touch with them about pricing. If anyone can help me out with this that would be great!
  3. Thank you guys so much for the quick responses!
  4. Hi everyone. My fiancé and I have booked our wedding for May 2015 at Iberostar Paraiso Maya. Unfortunately the travel agent that we were using has disappeared on us. He was a friend of the family and at this point I don't think he will be helping us. We have not booked our room yet and neither have any of our guests. Needless to say I am getting very stressed. I have been in touch with someone at liberty travel but she has been extremely slow at getting back to me. I had emailed her asking for flight prices last week and she didn't reply to me until today, after I sent a follow up email. The price she quoted me is two hundred dollars more than the prices I saw from different airlines. If anyone can recommend a reliable travel agent, I would be eternally grateful.
  5. Hello I am currently looking for resorts in the Riviera Maya area and am really interested in Iberostar Paraiso Maya. I don't really find their website that user friendly and could not find any contact information for weddings. Does anyone have an email address for them?
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been on the hunt for a resort in the Riviera Maya for the past two weeks and have been getting stressed because we can't settle on one. I was so glad when I came across this site yesterday. I have been reading everyones reviews for different resorts that we are considering. I will probably be sending direct messages to people with questions.. I hope thats okay.