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  1. ChristienEarnest

    Pre-wedding Sale-Randoms-Cards,Totes,Tins

    Can you email me pictures of the totes. Flemonsc@yahoo.com
  2. Do you have any items that are available?
  3. ChristienEarnest

    Chocotaco's Misc. Post Wedding Items...

    Are the luggage tags, Avery labels and water proof labels, still available?
  4. Are the OOT Bags still available?
  5. Are there any brides who are selling any silver, platinum or white wedding items?
  6. ChristienEarnest

    Post Wedding Sale...make Me An Offer!

    @@bncandi what items are still available?
  7. If you still have the luggage tags, I would love to have them.
  8. ChristienEarnest

    Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

    Do you have pictures of your DIY Travel Mugs I am having a cruise wedding on the Carnival Fascination
  9. @@JUSTUSTWO Where did you purchase the mugs? I want to do bags also but I need to find good quality bags.
  10. ChristienEarnest

    Cruise Wedding Invitation Dilemma, help!

    @ Could you please forward the information as well. I am having a hard time trying figure out how I am get out all the information to guests. We are inviting several guests that do not use computers...please help! My email address is: flemonsc@yahoo.com
  11. ChristienEarnest

    Help! Memories Grand Bahama Advice?

    We are actually taking part in the 4 Night Cruise with Resort Stay option from Bahama Celebrations and they port out of Palm Springs, Florida. It is an 8 hour drive for us from Atlanta but the price is good. So we plan to rent a van along with another family and split the cost of gas and arrive two days early. How was the meeting with the wedding coordinator?
  12. ChristienEarnest

    Help! Memories Grand Bahama Advice?

    @@afidler88 I am currently looking at Memories......can you provide me with information about the resort. Who was your wedding planner, etc.prices What did your save the dates and invitations look like? @@jenwrmt3 I sent you an email in regards to Memories
  13. ChristienEarnest

    Cruise Wedding Invitation Dilemma, help!

    @ We are planning a cruise wedding for June 2015. Could you please email the information you used .