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  1. 50 teal lanyards 50 teal coil rings 25 ID holders with zipper close 30 luggage tags 2x4 10 flip flop playing cards 5 dozen small coil rings multi color 7 jute and rope beach bags 15 canvas totes bought from cheaptotes.com 10 tissue packs 1 hair flower brand new never worn Various OOT bag filler items 50 recipe cards of 3 different recipes
  2. this is crazy, my wedding is there on June 7th and i have 70 people coming...i can't change everything now!!! so upset
  3. Hi Guys, I have been searching for a resort map to include in my welcome bag, does anyone know where to get this? I've searched everywhere!!
  4. Has anyone rented any boat excursions as a "gift" for your guests? I wanted to rent one the day before our wedding but am unsure of the types or the ones some of you guys had good experiences with? Thanks
  5. Can any previous brides give me a timeline of events for the Jellyfish? I'm wanting to put together a timeline for my bridal party and have no idea of how long each "thing" lasts. Also any templates would be great!! Thanks in advance!!
  6. Justin & Candice June 7, 2014 @ Jellyfish and staying at Now Larimar
  7. I too would like to see the invoice. I'm so worried that i'm not planning enough and that some kind of surprise will bite me in the ___.
  8. I love this post! I'm getting married there on June 7th and have no idea whether I should pick 2, 3, or 4 appetizers for the cocktail hour. I did speak to Mayte about changing the menu option, so I have that side covered.
  9. Vistaprint OOT Stuff: I will be using a circle cutter to turn this into a door hanger sign. I still need to buy those tissue packets for the tissue hand out thingys but these are the stickers that will go on them.
  10. Hi Guys! I wanted to post my thread so I can keep track of all the crazy things that need to get done and also be able to share my thoughts, creations, etc.. I've started working on my passport invites so I will post them as soon as they are done. STD Postcards:
  11. Anyone book directly with Now for the group rate? I'm trying travel agents but they never call me back! I guess cause its next June they think its too early...I'm so frustrated. I want to get invites out so people can plan!
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