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  1. Great list! Thank you. I leave in two weeks, I've started packing some of the wedding stuff like (OOT Bags, wedding favours, etc) and what has really helped is a second list of everything that is packed in each bag. That way as soon as the bag is full, I close it and don't open it again because I know what is already in there. So far it has worked well for me
  2. My issue is that I have guests arriving 3 days before us and others arriving after (not all in one group). We are planning a beach party for everyone to meet but that is going to be 3 days after we arrive and I don't want to wait that long. My fiance wants us to have the hotel deliver them so it is one less thing we have to do once we are there but I'm not sure about the cost, plus each bag is slightly different. I'm thinking that I will get my sisters help and hand out as many as I can the first night and then deliver the rest as the guests arrive or at the latest during the beach party. I got everyone a beach bag, chap stick, a personalized tumbler and toys if there are kids in the family.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about all of this, but I am relieved to hear that I'm not the only one having a hard time with my MOH. Everytime she starts to get to me, I have to remind myself that no matter what the day is going to be perfect because I get to promise to love my best friend forever.
  4. This is exactly my timeline as well...I was wondering though did you set time for the speeches or did they just happen during dinner? Did you also have specific speeches in mind or let people say something if they felt like it?
  5. I ordered too many of these wedding favours and have 22 left over. I will sell them for $5 each (plus shipping). They are little airplany luggage tags. The bows were squished during shipping so I changed them out for a flat silver ribbon instead. I then slipped the thank you note under the ribbon. I am in Alberta, Canada area. Please let me know if you are interested.
  6. When my resort tried to start charging me for things we had already agreed on for free I started sending them back their emails confirming the free of charge. After pushing back I was able to have them honor thier original quotes. I'm sorry this is happening to you...I would keep every email (I"m thinking of even going so far as to print them all out and bring them with me). I would see if there is a wedding planner in your area that specializes in destination weddings and see if they are able to help you out. Sorry
  7. I ended up making mine because I wasn't able to find any within my price range (plus I love thiskind of DIY thing)...I'm not too sure what your price range is but I found a bunch on Etsy when I was looking.
  8. Hi Ladies! I'm getting married there April 15, 2014. I'm so excited and down to crunch time. I went there for a site visit last year and had a wonderful time. One word of advise I have noticed is to keep all of your emails with the WC. I think because it is a new hotel (2 years old) they are constantly updating their wedding packages, policies etc. I have already had to go back to the WC to tell her that the new information conflicts with the old information.
  9. Thank you that is great information, especially because I was looking specifically at FEDEX. I guess I'll be packing everything and taking it with me.
  10. OK- so I`m getting married in Cancun this April and just found this post. It sounds like if you are prepared and get the `green` light you are ok...the funny thing is the past 5 times my fiance and I have been to Mexico he has gotten the `red` light and been searched, so I`m a little worried :S Has anyone heard about shipping packages to Cancun? Would you recommend it or do things get lost/damaged? Thanks for any help.
  11. I was looking to do the same thing so I contacted some of our local Mexican restaurants for ideas and it turns out they cater. One idea we have been playing with is welcome margaritas for when the guests first arrive and then from there it will be a cash bar.
  12. We are thinking of just doing a candy buffet and photo booth as our gifts. I really wanted one for the wedding but they are kind of hard to bring down to Mexico
  13. What was the timming you used for these invitations. I am struggling to sort that out. We are getting married mid April and would like to have the AHR mid May. People are already asking for details about the AHR so I think I would like to send something out sooner. Would you do a save the date??? Sorry I have no clue
  14. I just finished adding my labels and the only suggestion I would have for people when they order is to get the white tubes and not the clear ones. I ordered the clear ones and now that I have the solid white labels on them I'm not as happy with the way the look....Still happy, I just think the white would look better.
  15. Thank you so much for sharing the links etc. I really wanted to do my own chapsticks but every where I looked they were going to be too $$$. I ended up getting all of this for cheaper than buying regular ones from the stores (without personalized labels) Has anyone found anything similar for sunscreen?
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