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  1. We didn't include anything in our invitation. We did send out pre-travel communication for all of our guests who were attending. There was a section called : "What not to pack" And we wrote: "Gifts! Your presence is our present"
  2. Hi @@dwbride2014 I hope your final process is going well! We paid the outside vendor fee of $800 for each outside vendor. To my knowledge that is their 2014 fee and they are pretty strict about it…. I know brides in the past were able to just buy the day pass, but that was for all weddings prior to 2014... Good luck! Lindsey
  3. Hi @@FutureMrsNelson Congrats! We got our groomsmen attire from Tommy Bahama The groom and groomsmen are wearing the Sonoma Pants in warm sand Groom has on the matching sonoma blazer in warm sand Groomsmen and groom wore the Monte Carlo shirt in chalk pink ( I got the chalk pink a few months ago though, think they got new colors in for the spring) Good luck! Lindsey
  4. @travelgal78 Yes! That was our wedding!!!! As long as you are talking about March 8th Congrats! That is so awesome! You should have listened to the bridal party and come down! Are you going to have a destination wedding as well? Have you decided on anything yet?
  5. @mzlisa27 Congrats! So sorry to hear about your son We had a lot of grandparents who had passed away that we wanted to honor. We made a photo table/display that had a photo of all of our grandparents and our parents on their wedding day (it was a mix of those who were still living and those who had passed away). One frame had a sign in it that I made that said "We know that you would be here today if heaven wasn't so far away". It was a sweet way to honor them as well as show our family's generations without making anyone feel uncomfortable. I have also been to weddings where a
  6. @danielleandryan2015 Congrats!!! I would think about contrast with your background when choosing your colors…for example turquoise or blue dresses will blend in with the ocean and sky for your photos, while another color will be contrasting so will pop! Yellow dresses with blue flowers would create great contrast! I tend to really like guys in gray with a yellow and blue color scheme. Just a few things for you to think about as this is how I selected my colors. Look at a photographers website and look at pics of lots of different weddings and see what colors you are drawn to. Also notice
  7. @HoyaBeth I used Planner1 for my wedding and they were amazing! They would be able to help you coordinate everything, just let them know what your budget is and they will come up with options. I worked with Arianna and she was amazing! aiturralde@planner1events.com Good luck!
  8. Hi @misbosox To my knowledge the only area at beach palace that requires an extra fee for setup for cocktail or dinner/reception is the beach. I will look into this for you though. Weddings on the beach are right in front of the resort, set either a little to the left or a little to the right (so not dead center in front of the hotel). Beach Palace is in the hotel zone, so there are hotels on both sides of it, so there isn't a really private beach location like some of the hotels in the riviera maya have.
  9. @BellRios Congrats!!! So exciting There is an additional fee to have a cocktail or dinner on the beach, it's per person....either $8 or $12, I can't remember off the top of my head. I would ask your WC. It's for the additional work to set up all the tables etc out there. There also isn't really any light, so you would have to rent some lighting for sure. If you qualified for free events, I would recommend just having a private event on one of the terraces (they are all beautiful!). The menu's are the same as they are for the wedding, and if you qualified for free, there is no charge,
  10. Hi @ShellLen Congrats!!! So a couple of things- first, take a deep breath! The planning process for a destination wedding is difficult. I am SUPER TYPE A, so it was really hard for me to have trust during the planning process. But- that is what this forum is for! The creator of Best Destination Wedding was a destination bride in cabo. She was having the same problems we all are/were having, so she created this forum for other brides to connect and help each other! From my experience- planning with any other resort is going to be pretty much an identical experience, maybe worse. I know
  11. @@jackielemman We sent our formal invitations out October 15th for a March 8th wedding. Our deadline for RSVP's was 12/1 since you are supposed to have your final rooming list into the resort and group paid in full 60 days prior to travel. We figured this would give us a 30 day window for stragglers, but by our rsvp deadline we had only gotten 30% of RSVP's! I recommend reading your contract from your resort/travel agent to see when your final group payment is due, then base your sending and rsvp date around that with some "fluff" time for stragglers.
  12. @@kay2015 Oh no! Same thing happened to me… Are you working with a travel agent yet? If not- I recommend reaching out to wright travel (owners of this forum) for help! They can check the resort availability in addition to making recommendations to resorts that are great quality, family friendly and specialize in weddings. Don't worry- their help doesn't cost you anything! They actually will save you money by getting you great group rates for your guests and helping get your free wedding perks! Here's their reviews http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/p/21494-wright-travel-agen
  13. @@LissaSou I would def go with longer! Myself and the girls were running behind getting ready, so even though our photographer arrived at 2 and our ceremony was at 4, we barely got any bridal party or bridal portrait pics before the wedding. Once you select your photographer, I am sure they can work with you to do a shorter package duration to work within your budget. They may be able to put together a 4 1/2 or 5 hour package that would suit your needs. Good luck!
  14. @@RachelHolmes21 Hi Rachel! Thank you! We used an outside vendor for both flowers and rentals. I brought a lot of decor from home but our florist and rental company bought all of it! So it is available to you through them Florist- Vanessa Jaimes- she was incredible! Rental Company- Planner1- worked with Arianna- amazing!! I can not say enough great things about both ladies & companies. There were both so great and perfectly executed our vision! Arianna and Vanessa had worked together on several weddings before, and worked together beautifully! Please let me know if you would
  15. Hi @mrandmrsboniito2016 Thank you! We got married at Beach Palace in Cancun Check out our sneak peek gallery and let me know if you have any questions! Do you have your wedding resort selected yet? http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/17603-wedding-sneak-peek/
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