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  1. I had this same problem...I had ordered a dress online(my downfall) i was convinvced to order somethig online where it was cheaper. So I took the risk knowing what could happen. Lets just say what I thought would happened...happened...even though I sent my exact measurements the dress was AWEFUL!!!!. It took about 2 months to arrive and when I tried it on for the first time, although it was cheap it wasnt worth it at all....So last week, (it being 4 months until I leave for the wedding) I still didnt have a dress. Can you say FREAKING OUT!!!!....I was on my lunch and happend to walk into a prom store just seeing what they had...where I knew the look I was going for and havent found it in a bridal store...I walked in and within minutes I found my dress, this was without even trying it on It was exactly what I had pictured my dress to look like...when I tried it on IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE.....the feeling I felt was AMAZING...I didnt want to take it off...this is how you should feel when finding your dress, dont be cheated from this expereince. Now for me I am pushing the time limit theyhave to order my dress from NYC in ivory where it wasnt in the store in that color and wont be here until end of march beginning of april...we leave May 4th, 2015. The only thing I will need is to have it hemmed...so my advice go for what you want and love and dont settle for something because its something someone else wants you to get (money reason). You will know when you found the dress I PROMISE!!!! I think about this dress all the time and cant wait untl it gets here to put it back on lol...I know I sound crazy!!!!! I will try ti pics online for you guys but the only ones I can find are the front pics and you have to see the amazing back to this dress....I will try to go back and take pics in this dress for you guys so you have the sense of a real photo as opposed to a model online in it lol...good luck ladies and remember you need to feel that feeling!!!dont skimp out on your dress!!!
  2. Hello, I am getting married May,2015!!!!! Crazy time of year right now and trying to cram wedding planning in the middle lol
  3. DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL....I have been searching for something like this for ever...whats the make and model?
  4. Once its all said and done I compared all the packages with the free packages and its cheaper to do the free and just add on per person lol our meal after 10 ppl is 11.50 per person. Email me if you want more details on the Riu. kay.vaillancourt@@gmail.com. I am not trying to figure out where and what I am going to do about flowers I am thinking about the real touch flowers to bring with us. Buying a flowers can become very costly there up to $5000.00 lol
  5. Do you know where in Jamaica you are getting married? what resort you are leaning towards? enjoy every min of planning it goes by soo fast mine is in 9 months!!!
  6. Where are you located? Im interested in the makeup bags just have to see how much shipping would cost and if its worth it thanks
  7. Thanks soo much I will go on facebook and Take a look. i wanted my reception at the ballroom but the terrace outside and they said that I woud have to have buffet for a meal and I wanted seated meal. Did you have a buffet for your meal? Also can you give me the info for the DJ? what time did your reception start and end? Thanks soo much!!!
  8. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if any past brides or brides to be have any pictures of the reception area? I am looking to have a private reception dinner/dance then head over the disco, but im looking for options to have the private reception any info would we great thanks guys!!!
  9. what photographer are you going with? @@FutureMrsGayle
  10. whatever you decide dont use your other dress from another marriage lol....Im not married yet but I would think that most dress should dry fairly quick I would rather hang it to dry then take to dry cleaners on the resort lol...Depending on the wedding dress you get most of them if not all you can take some of the tool out to make the dress even lighter.. just a thought!!!
  11. Hi Clarissa, Hope all is well with the panning...I am still deciding between the private and semi, what are your thoughts? I did find a photographer, after lots of reviews and a toos up between some of the best on the island we have decided to bring our own with us, when it came down to it, it was between a level of comfort for us and we know our photograhper really well..right now im stuck with trying to decide on if I want to do my trash the dress the same day as the wedding or another day? I really dont want to get back into the wedding dress again once i take it off lol
  12. can you go into detail a bit about your wedding day? how things look place? do you have any pics at all? Thanks
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