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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by rkwedding This is very similar to what I'm looking for, where did you buy them? We bought all their stuff at Men's Warehouse, except the shoes are converse. We got them online for a really good price. I just got all the guys sizes and bought them all at once when I found the right ones
  2. The hotel provided the linen as part of the 2013 free wedding package. I just showed them what I wanted it to look like based on a picture I found online.
  3. We ordered this simple cake topper from etsy. It looked beautiful and classy on our cake! It also came with a stand so now we have it as a decoration on a bookshelf in our apartment
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by myyooths That helps a lot thank you! By the way those are beautiful shots! Where was your wedding? We got married at The Royal Playa del Carmen! It was beautiful and perfect! OUr photographer was fabulous too....
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by myyooths These are beautiful and this is my wedding colors! Where did you get these? I actually got them at Marshalls on a whim... but they are Guess brand so I bet you could find them or something like them pretty easily.
  6. I originally planned to either go barefoot or wear sandals, but that is just not me. Instead I found the perfect heels with a pop of color! I also got some wedge sandals for later, but didn't end up changing into them...
  7. Since we got married in Mexico we tried to keep it simple. We ordered table runners (for all the reception tables) and I used my bouquet to decorate the table. My mom made the adorable sign hanging across the front of our table. It turned out Perfect considering we tried not to overplan (or pack)!
  8. We did short dresses at our wedding. We got married in June though so it would have been mean to make them wear long dresses! It is so hot and humid in Mexico during the summer! I love the look of long dresses, but I decided to be practical and it paid off. We made our wedding more casual and carefree and I loved the feel. I think the type of dress you choose depends on what you imagine the look of you wedding being, but I can tell you that my girls appreciated short dresses! I just bought pretty sun dresses from Victorias secret. I fell in love with the color!
  9. Since we got married in Mexico we kept it simple. The color combination turned out perfect though. We ordered table runners and used my bouquet for the flowers
  10. We did blue and Ivory, with highlights of bright pink and sparkle! Turned out PERFECT!
  11. I had my wedding at The Royal Playa del Carmen. We decided on blue and ivory with highlights of bright pink for our wedding. My inspiration came from the girls dresses. I LOVED the color. I didn't want to overdo it though, so we had the guys wear a complimentary light blue. I had a lot of ivory and sparkle in the decor, and the only pink I added was the flowers and my shoes. It made for a perfect statement. I tried to keep it pretty simple, so the bold colors helped make things pop even though we didn't over decorate.
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