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  1. Hi ladies, I would like to warn you all of our experience at Grand Sirenis. While we loved the resort and our wedding was great we were extremely disappointed with some things that happened there. Our wedding coordinator booked most of our appointments the wrong days and could not get them changed and didn't even try. We purchased the presidential package and did not receive half the perks of the package and when we spoke with the wedding manager she sent us home thinking we would be getting compensation (well it's been 3 weeks and still haven't heard). We were also double charged for items that were part of the package and they broke some of our wedding decorations with no explanations (and we were told we were getting a refund for these items and it still hasn't gone through). As far as the location, it was fantastic and couldn't ask for anything better. Just wish things had gone much more smoothly for us. Hopefully, it doesn't happen to anyone else but this is just a heads up.
  2. We are getting married there in 23 days. I was advised by a couple people at the resort not to mail things as they will take months (up to 6) to get there. I'm just going to strategically pack and pay for extra baggage if necessary,
  3. Hey ladies, I just wanted to pass this on as a heads up kind of thing. I know it can happen at any resort but the fact that it is at our chosen one has me a little shaken. http://globalnews.ca/news/1073180/mexico-resort-claims-argument-led-to-womans-balcony-fall/
  4. Finally got my dress and could finally try it on! And OMG it's sooo much more than I imagined not having put it on before purchasing! And I got a second much cheaper dress for TTD because I really don't even want my original ruined at all
  5. Hey ladies, Did you send back your info package with what you want a certain time ahead of the wedding? or did you just decide on everything at a meeting when you get there? I figured if I have to send it back I will do it over Christmas which would be about the 3 month mark from the wedding anyways
  6. So, I decided on short dresses and everyone has their own style! This way everyone was happy and they are all same designer and colour so they will look awesome and even match my dress!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Shera Richer Hello Grand GSRM Brides! I'm getting married on April 24th, 2014. I was wondring if anyone decided to go with an outside photographer from Mexico for their wedding. I was looking a the packages available through Adventure Photos, did anyone use their services. thanks! any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Shera Shera, We opted to go with an outside photographer and we are willing to pay the penalty. I looked at the company they provide and honestly I think it looks terrible and I'm not willing to compromise on something I will have forever! We are using PlayaWeddings I believe is what they are called.
  8. hey ladies, are any of you planning any sort of excursions for your guests? we are going to offer Tulum and Xplore or Xcaret!
  9. Hey ladies, how far in advance do you have to give in final numbers? Also how far in advance did you send in your requests for decor and flowers, etc?
  10. Hope I can find great stuff in Winnipeg when I start making my OOT bags!
  11. Everything looks great! Where do you find a place to make the name hangers?
  12. We are not religious people at all so hoping to avoid that aspect...any other ideas out there? I really like the idea of a hand fasting part of the ceremony but haven't been able to find the wording for it.
  13. I haven't even thought about this yet! I do love 'A Thousand Years' but we have always loved 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol and we cry every time. Does anyone have a list of songs that they are contemplating? Or maybe we could start a list!?
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