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  1. @ Brendab1797, yes they are! I see you area having your wedding at the Larimar, I did too. They will be great accessory to the evening and they are fine with these. Please send me an email about your inquires to mvee1025@gmail.com. I have not had a chance to come here very often and have missed your questions
  2. moodyc82, Before I inquire are you asking for (3) or (30)?
  3. Hello Again, Here is one more additional item for sale. * (6) 72" x 72" round Ivory pintuck overlays, 2 used, 4 new - $9.00 each Thank you for looking!
  4. @ Running Bride I'm sure you have your answer already but I wanted to followup with you regardless I pretty much brought everything. * I had a candy table that had a pintuck overlay, several glass containers full of candy with labels, candy bags, candy scoops * Cigar table, pintuck overlay, 3 containers with cigars, match books and cigar cutters, including some signage * all the tables had their very own table throws, votive candle's, preprinted menus, guest favors, table #'s * Had a Sign in table * Cake table had some signage, a cake riser and my cake knife set * I had a photo backdrop and prop table. I didn't get charged for most of it but they did charge for the back drop.
  5. Hello Everyone, I guess it's time to part ways with the extra inventory I have as well. Please read the descriptions as some were never used and some were used once at the wedding. Anything I have here is in perfect condition. Unless specified, the items are new. I'm located in the Chicagoland area, buyer pays for shipping. Happy hunting! * (30) Stainless steel single blade cigar cutters in black plastic casing. - $.50 each or lot for $15.00 * (1) 16 white label cigar label sheet with printing template. Size: 3.25" x 1.140 - $2.00 * (1) 40 matte white label sheet with printing template - used for mini sanitizer bottles. Size: 1" x 2" - $4.00 * (3) 12 Gloss white weatherproof labels with printing template - used for tumblers but were too small. Size: 3.75" x 1.25" - $3.50 per sheet or $7 for all * (1) David Tutera Just Married Silver finish sign with ivory ribbon, used once, no packaging - $8.00 * (4) David Tutera black 7" Reserved table number stands, used once, no packaging - $6.00 * (4) 3 dimensional Rosette pattern round table covers 120", coverage all the way to the floor for 72" round tables, used once. Paid $150 per, looking for $100 per table throw * (1) 10 pack of White sky lanterns - $45.00 I will be posting more in the next few days. Thank you for looking!
  6. I wanted to do grey and yellow but I couldn't find a dress I liked in the color schemes for the BM's.
  7. Mine was fuchsia, celery green and beige.
  8. We just ordered ours through the resort. It wasn't anything fancy, but you bring a topper of some sort and you'll be happy enough
  9. we stayed apart on purpose. It was perfect seeing him for the first time that afternoon. We stayed apart, it was perfect seeing him for the first time that afternoon.
  10. I did the lasso ceremony. It was important to bring some sort of tradition into an already non tradition wedding. It adds all of 2-3 minutes. not bad.
  11. great idea! I had two toddlers but they were not a problem.
  12. Our parents did not pay for it either. They are still our parents however so I never thought twice about it. For the men we got them really nice zippo's with a message, the moms each got a necklace with their birth stones. The back of them had a message as well. they both loved them!
  13. I actually did something that the Hispanic traditionally do called Lasso Ceremony. You can find really nice ones on etsy, if you are interested I can give you the name of the guy that made mine, he made it custom for me was very responsive, reasonably priced and sent it out quickly. It was definitely a show stopper!
  14. I had one but it wasn't for lingerie - that was given to me at by bachelorette party
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