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  1. Wow, amazing! I love all your DIY projects...especially love the table numbers!
  2. Oh my gosh, I love the mustaches! I may have to copy you....great job planning!!
  3. What a great idea! I was thinking of doing something similar but with paper straws and washi tape.
  4. I'm trying to work my way to 150 posts...in the meantime it would be amazing if someone could send me the file! My email is ackallin@yahoo.com. Thank you!!
  5. FYI - Michael's is having a huge sale on their beads right now!
  6. Although I'm not having my wedding on the resort, we've been dealing with Claudia to set up our welcome dinner and haven't had any problems.
  7. Love all the advice here! I've seen good results from cutting wheat out. It seems to get rid of that puffy/bloated feeling. I also started doing Pure Barre 2 months ago and I'm addicted! I've seen great results so far and it's a fun workout. Most locations offer a bridal boot camp, 3 months unlimited membership, which is totally worth it! My wedding is 5 weeks away so it's go time for me Another thing that is really helping me are the It Works Body wraps. I've been surprised and impressed with my results. I would recommend them to anyone looking to tighten and tone certain problem areas. Message me if you want more info on them!
  8. Thanks for the great ideas! I love the idea of putting waterproof stickers on.
  9. I like the idea of colored holders so you can't see what's inside...too bad I already have my badge holders! Thanks for the info.
  10. I am not, the less I have to worry about the better. But I am getting married off resort so I can avoid a lot of the extra charges or being stuck with certain vendors.
  11. Hello ladies! For those who have already had their weddings or stayed at this resort, could you give any feedback on the restaurants at this resort? My FI and I are planning our rehearsal dinner for just under the 50 guests that will be traveling with us. Can you give any info on which restaurants are best at accommodating a big group or which had the best food? Our top choice right now is the Mexican restaurant but I'd love to hear about your experiences!
  12. Hi ladies, I'm joining you in your quest to 150!
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