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  1. Im pretty low myself but hopefully i can reach 150 soon!
  2. I am thinking of doing 1 square table or one long rectangle table thats what ive seen for other places set up. I feel like it will be 2 people at a table if we split everyone up then who do I put there? This way there is no seating charts just sit and lets eat kinda thing.
  3. Would love to get info if anyone has any. We only have 8 guest coming so looki g for somewhere amazing to go after the ceremony for dinner.
  4. Did you end up having a small wedding here? We are debating the same thing since its just 10 people including bride groom and our son. Did it still feel like a wedding?
  5. I am doing coral, yellow, orange and a hint of turquoise. Basically tropical colors. the girls are wearing guava form davids bridal its more of a real coral unlike the actual coral color at davids bridal which is more pink.
  6. Can someone please send me the pricing as I cant access the files for some reason. crystal.lacy88@yahoo.com thank you so much!
  7. Hey ladies I am debating on my photographer bc I am suppose to have a friend come and do them but she will be 7 months pregnant so I am worried if I buy everything for her somehow she may not be able to make it. I am looking at another who lives here in San Francisco where I am and travels to the Dominican with his fiancé. They also have a photobooth company there. I will be putting the photog up in the resort for 2 days from November 28-30 I think so I am wondering if anyone else is looking for someone to capture their day and wants to split the travel cost to have amazing pictures captured! We will avoid the $500 fee since they will be a guest (flying in from San Francisco) I am flexible with the dates but my wedding date is November 29 so within 2 days of that date. check out his photos he is amazing http://www.gkweddings.com. Let me know ladies! <3 Crystal
  8. Ok you have me extremely worried now. What decorating services did you use? I'm thinking minimal decorations so trying to determine if it would be worth it to use the outside vendor. I'm using dj mania though
  9. I feel like the photography fees are outrageous. I found a few and even with the fee you can find cheaper off the resort. How many days will u be there for? We will arrive on the 26 what package are you doing and decorations? That's my biggest thing. I am doing the basic package and bringing my own centerpieces and all flowers. For 5 tables for vases and flowers including the bridal party I paid $120. The resort wanted $175 for one centerpiece that was just 3 vases little bit of sand at the bottom and a flower bud. I am debating though bumping up to the now to eternity package. Any insight and does anyone have the wedding planner sheet for that package?diddnt realize there was different ones for the different packages lol
  10. It's been awhile since I posted. My wedding is 11/29/13 anyone else in that range? I had a major break down this past weekend and decided I didn't like my wedding or bridesmaids dresses so went out searching for a new one and found both I am starting to have extreme anxiety about everything and I'm just not sure why lol I am still trying to figure out what to do for a photographer. A friend was going to do it but she can't come now since she will be pregnant.
  11. Interested I need 20 I have looked everywhere and they are always sold out
  12. I can help you if you are trying to maintain or lose weight =) I bought my dress in an 8 rather a 10 and I will fit in it! Find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/crystal.lacy88
  13. If anyone is looking to start let me know I have lost about 15 lbs in a little over 2 months and gained muscle where I never have been able to. I can help you reach your goal just message me =) They do work and there are ways to not have cravings or be hungry an hour later. I have a red velvet cake shake or cookies and creme for breakfast and love love it!
  14. so they are more a hanging thing? I need cheap centerpieces. I am not doing much for decorations bc im way over budget already! What was yalls budget so I can see if im being realistic.
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