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  1. Hi Crystal, I just had my wedding at Now Larimar in April - my budget was only $2000! I did the free wedding and added in the extras that I needed. Youd be surprised at how much you can get in that budget. Everything is so beautiful to begin with, so I didn't get any super fancy decorations - My centerpieces were beautiful and the decorations they provided were more then enough. I had all of my chairs covered with white covers ... I had everything white actually because I thought it looked more classy, especially with minimal decorations. I had tiki torches during my private reception which added to the feeling. When I thought about the cost it was to actually stay there for the week and the cost to have the wedding there - we spent all together around $6000 - we had a reception when we got home as well - so we didnt want to spend a whole lot down there. But honestly, less is more. Your surroundings are more then enough down there!
  2. Hi Ladies! I was married at Now Larimar on April 11th, 2013 and I must say, this resort is outstanding! I literally do not have one complaint about anything! The resort itself is beautiful, lush and green, amazingly kept by the staff. Easy to navigate around and find things too. The pools were very clean and there was always a chair to be had, we did not have to 'save' our chairs at all - there are plenty! Same with the beach, has tons of straw huts to sit under and there are a million chairs to choose from - we never had trouble finding chairs for our group of 20! The water was great, sand was kept nice and clean, raked daily. The food was amazing (Loved the French and Mexican restaurants)! Its really nice that you can go to an ala carte restaurant and not have to make a reservation. The buffet always had something different for each meal - the dinners were themed as well. Each night there was a different show put on by the entertainment staff, I've been to many resorts and they were by far the best! There was a circus night which blew me away with the kind of stuff they do, acrobatics etc - and the magic show was by far my favourite! I still don't know how they did half the stuff they did on stage! Our wedding coordinator was Sylvia - she was the best! Was there from start to finish - making sure everything was to our liking! Our ceremony was held at the fountain - which was private - they actually blocked off the enterances so no one could come in and watch. I walked down the isle with the fountains going - I was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to hear my music with the water going but that was not even an issue. We had a mic for the ceremony so everyone could hear as well. We had a private reception at the quite garden pool which again was 100% private. We had tables setup around the pool and tiki torches for extra mood lighting. The food was the best of the week and we had our own private bar and dj. After that reception was done, we all headed to the disco and danced the rest of the night! Our room was all setup when we got back that night, roses petals everywhere, bath drawn, a note from our maid. The flowers for my bouuette were amazing, so were all of my center pieces - like I said before, literally not one complaint. For our photographer we hired Caribbean Emotions - Pascal - and he was AMAZING !!!! Our wedding was on the Thursday and he gave our photos to us on Friday morning! His rates were outstanding for how many photos we got too. Very funny and professional. Hair salon was great - my hair was beautiful! Overall, the best experience ever. I would definitely recommend Now Larimar to anyone thinking about a destination wedding! I hope all of you girls have the same experience that we did - if anyone has any questions, let me know! Best to reach me through email - knakamura@hotmail.com Happy Wedding Planning Girls xo
  3. Mvee - my WC is Silvia as well! I leave this Saturday for our wedding! She has been great with emailing me back amd forth. I did find her very very VERY slow at getting back to me at first but then I hit my two month mark and she was emailing me almost daily! Shes been super helpful and even made a reservation foru group at the buffet for a welcome dinner!
  4. If you are hiring a photographer, you pay the day pass fee right ? My photographer is requesting the fee to be paid so I just want to make sure! Anyone booking with Caribbean Emotions? Does anyone also know what kind of decorations are included in the Moments package?
  5. I just was reading other threads on Now ... and one said that she had her private reception at the quite pool - and it was a buffet style. I couldn't tell if the buffet is private or the wedding, or it's a general buffet for the public ... She did say that a few people tried to come up and take a plate and the WC had to tell them to leave ... Wouldn't a plated dinner be easier then having a buffet? That's what confuses me ... why they wont allow a plated dinner ... Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Thankyou so much! The Plaza set up is nice! I'm having a hard time making any kind of decisions because I can't see anything in person - I'm so nervous of basing my decisions on pictures online alone! Do you have attire for your grooms yet? I'm looking for white/cream linen for the guys .... unsure if I can order something like that through Moore's? I wont be able to get them in a store because our date is in April and I dont want to leave it to the last minute to chance not finding something!
  7. Hi Girls! I've been trying to weigh my options ... between choosing the Your Moments vs Now To Eternity package ... I'm trying to add up all of the extras that we want and seeing if it compares to the Now package. Does anyone know if the Moments package includes chair covers, gazebo and sound to walk down the isle to? Is anyone else doing this? Choosing Moments and adding in the extras? Also, anyone know what the ceremony/reception in the Plaza looks like? I'd love to have both on the beach, but am nervous of weather/rain! Anyone going with the beach?
  8. What photographers are everyone using? Anyone hiring someone from DR?
  9. Thanks Jennifer! I ended up finding a great dress for under $500! Have heard many horror stories about online dresses!
  10. Hi Ladies! Has anyone ordered or know anyone who has ordered a wedding dress online? Found a dress I really love on Light In The Box.com Anyone heard of it before? Not sure I really trust ordering a dress online ... wanted to see if anyone else has? and Is anyone using the resort photographer? Thanks kristen
  11. Does anyone know about decorations? I'd like to have my reception on the beach .... I think the packages includes a table cloth and chair covers .... but anything else? Table centers? I know you can pay extra for stuff ... but is there anything included? Has anyone found any pictures of the beach reception? I'd like to bring a few things for the tables ... candles etc. Is anyone using the resort photographer?
  12. Smithk79 .... I waited just over three weeks to hear back about a date and then another 3 for them to process my deposit! The girls are right in saying that this is the busy season for weddings! My agent told me March to June is when they are super busy ... They have countless weddings everyday plus they need to respond to questions via email and still coordinate upcoming weddings. Everyone has said to me, just wait it out, because NOW Larimar is worth the wait! I know a few people who have gone, on vacation and for weddings and said it is stunning! They will send you a confirmation letter after you send your deposit ... that takes a while too ... but I asked the coordinator if it was safe to start booking my guests even though I hadn't gotten the letter yet ... (they had received my deposit and were just processing it) ... and they said yes go ahead, it's just a matter of paperwork from now on. Make sure to ask that and then you can get the ball rolling and start booking guests! It's a long process ..... they are on island time too, don't forget .... But it will be worth it !!! Has anyone booked for April 6th to 12th 2013 ???
  13. Hi Mandie! There is no additional fee for a symbolic wedding, you only have to pay if you want a legalized ceremony. The symbolic is included in every package .... I looked into all of the options .. and it is quite expensive to actually be legally married in DR. And yes you have to have everything translated to go down there, then have them translated again when you get back into Canada....which again costs more to do! My fiance and I are getting married here the week before we leave, just having someone come into our home (we will have two friends here to sign for us aswell). Most people are a little nervous of getting married here first and then having their guests come to a 'fake' wedding. I have found that most brides on BDW don't tell everyone lol ... only a few people who they can trust. The coordinator still has you sign documents during your ceremony so it still looks like it's the actual legal ceremony. Hope that helps Kristen
  14. Hi Ladies !!! I eventually heard back from the resort after waiting 3 weeks since sending my deposit info in! My agent said April to June is the busiest time for weddings down south, so it may take a little longer to hear back from them ... They have sent me a few info packages that I can post for you! My date is April 11th 2013 so these prices are current. Anyone else traveling that date? Has anyone found raffia fans? Other then online? Has anyone chosen their reception venue yet? Private or a restaurant? http://www.amresorts.com/wedding_guides/nolpc-wedding-guide.pdf MENU WBA WEDDING WEB.pdf
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