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  1. Awesome breakdown...I have a few of these items already in my cart ready to purchase. Thanks so much for creating this very helpful thread Shay! Much appreciated, and I know it has saved me as well as most of us a lot of time!
  2. Time is flying!! 4 months to go!

  3. I thought I was making things easier, but lesson learned. Next time I do any kind of event similar to this, I will take all stress off myself and tell everyone to book on their own and move on with life. Way too stressful when you're dealing with a lot of people. But I definitely have the same attitude as you, you're invited so the rest is up to you cause we'll be walking down that aisle PERIOD! Even if it's just us and our parents! lol
  4. This is so true! I wasn't going to register, but we kept getting asked over and over so we just caved in and did a traditional registry at Macy's for a few things we like, and we did a non-traditional registry for honeymoon/house down payment with Honeyfund.com. We just wanted to avoid getting a bunch of things we truly don't need at all since we combined 2 houses. We did state on our website and save the date insert that gifts were not necessary and their presence was more than a gift. So we covered all the bases so we could stop all of the questions.
  5. I believe the price is between $800 to $850 so I think you have it right. I thought that's the price I was told when I had my site visit back in September.
  6. It is really crazy to read this whole thread and realize that so many people can be so inconsiderate, and so many of us are having this negative experience while trying to plan a special event? I just don't get it. We are getting married 5/23/14. I sent out the save the dates magnets with our website in late September and the invitations were sent out in late October which also included our website again. I asked people to RSVP their intent by December 1, hoping that the stragglers would at least get moving by this month and pay their deposits. Out of the 110 invitations that we sent out,
  7. Beautifully and well done! The wedding is gorgeous and everything is so on point with the theme. Great advice too. Thanks so much, and congratulations to you both!
  8. Time is flying by!!

  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cmingalone AR- You will be happy to know that Mayte has adopted your "Wedding Details" form and is using it! She sent it to me last week as a way to cpature and track my details. Great job! It is a wonderful tool for her. I also wanted to share my invitations! Very nice!
  10. Very true Deep!! People claim they are coming but as soon as it's time to pay...they complain about the cost in our case.
  11. We just brought a new HP 8600 all in one printer because i'm tired of paying money to print my documents, etc. I used to print a lot of stuff at work, but since that's not an option anymore, I've been printing at Staples, Office Depot, Vista Print, and FedEx. I'm tired of paying those fees so i'm hoping that this printer can do it all. Once I get a small DIY completed, I'll update on it's performance.
  12. This is great as a guideline! Now I have a base to start with.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by babystace1985 Thanks for sharing @jandl2013 ! My TA used allurements by rebecca and had great things to say as well You're welcome babystace1985! Yes, the invitations were great, and i'm starting to receive replies by guests that love them also. That's always a wonderful thing too.
  14. I saw that article earlier...it's a great article!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by AR-DreamWedding Hey All, I wanted to let you all know that since Mayte's return she has been leaving the weddings a little earlier in order to maintain her health and stay rested. She generally leaves after your reception is well under way and I can guarantee that she will never leave you hanging or wanting for anything before she leaves. With that said it occurred to me that most of you will want to give her some sort of gratuity that is just for her however, that will not happen if you do not give it to her directly because others will pocket the money.
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