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  1. Yeah I'm getting to experience all of this too right now... I still have many outstanding RSVPs (deadline is September 9) and people seem to be avoiding giving an answer. Like, just a simple yes, or no now. And some outstanding replies are people who had destination weddings themselves so they of all people should know how important numbers are!!! And I am so sick and tired of hearing people say they just can't afford to go. Apparently 14 months notice isn't enough. And some of my favourite excuses are 'Sorry, getting a hot tub put in' and 'Sorry, we've decided to go to Cancun instead because it's cheaper.' By family too, of all people. *sigh*
  2. Well, after a few months of crappy travel agent issues, we have finally booked (and changed our resort) with the Majestic Colonial Resort! Friday, November 22/13 is our date!!! Things feel so real now.... we're getting married!!!! I just finished our invitation design yesterday... in 2 weeks, we should have invitations mailed out! And on March 2, I go dress shopping!!! Eeek!!!!
  3. Yeah we were going to get married at the Melia but after adding everything up that we wanted to have (private reception, open bar, etc), we found it to be way too expensive (over $7000)... so now we are going with the Majestic Colonial... we will get the same sort of wedding as the Melia but it will be $2000 cheaper... (what got us in the end was our guest numbers... it would have been fine if we were under 24, but since we expect 40 or more, it quickly added up!) Best of luck with your planning!
  4. If you will be wanting to bring your bouquet home to keep, then I suggest going along the silk flower route... you can get real-touch flowers that look and feel like real flowers.
  5. This is good advice... except for the very last part... it is true that you can fit many sizes with corset dresses but I wouldn't say 14-8 as an example... at my first wedding, I ordered my dress as a size 10, it came in at a 12, and I was a size 8 on my wedding day. With my dress tied as tight as possible, it was still too loose and I had to wear a full corset bra underneath to help fill it out (and even then, it was tied as tight as it would go, which I hated the look of in the end). So yes, order your dress early enough and make sure to allow plenty of time for alterations I'm sorry you had this experience, and I hope you get your dream dress in time for your wedding!
  6. I'm definitely planning on doing the 2 dresses... I figure it's going to be hot and humid and would like a shorter dress for the reception Plus I can then trash my ceremony dress with no worries
  7. Yeah, the Hard Rock is one of the pricier resorts... we were looking at it because the pictures and reviews looked great but we don't want to ask our friends and family to fork out that kind of moolah, so we looked elsewhere. I'm not sure if you are located in the US or Canada... travel arrangements work differently... first off is to get a travel agent and see about getting quotes. Spread the word to those you want to invite to give them notice... we started our wedding planning in October, got quotes in November, and chose the resort in December. Now we have to wait until the spring to book anything because here (in Canada) flight schedules won't be posted until then, and the tour operator won't let us leave a deposit before then. I wish you the best of luck in your planning!
  8. Wish I could help you out... we've been trying to plan our wedding (also in November in the DR) since October... We went to 3 different TAs (Sears, Marlin, Flight Centre) and only ever heard back from Flight Centre. We then picked the resort after a few weeks of quotes and are now waiting in limbo because none of the carriers have flight schedules posted past October. Now we're being told we have to wait until the spring to book anything. I hope you have better luck!
  9. I'll have to remember that once I get travel information from my TA... which is taking FOREVER
  10. preciousblue


    Greetings everyone! I am in the beginning stages of planning our destination wedding! We are doing a double wedding with some friends in Punta Cana, DR next November. We are still in the research stage for resorts but are hoping to choose within the next few days (gotta say, most frustrating thing has been waiting for quotes. We never heard back from two TAs at all, so they've lost our business). I look forward to getting to know everyone here and share in the wedding planning excitement
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