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  1. HAIR & MAKE UP: SPA PALMAROSA: has any past brides use Palma rose for their hair and make up? Any other recommendation you would have. Need to pick someone soon!!
  2. Past brides ...can someone please send me their final invoice of their wedding. Just wanna see how much flowers, decorations and beach decorations would cost. My email is enz_83@yahoo.ca. Thank you!!!
  3. Hey everyone. Just wondering what make up artist and hair stylist have past or soon to be brides used. Need some help picking someone. Thanks!!!
  4. Would you happen to have pastor Mark email address? Thank you
  5. Yes we booked our wedding already because it's off resort at the jellyfish restaurant
  6. I was just wondering which pastor everyone is using for their wedding. I know pastor rick is retiring and will not be there for my july 18 2014 wedding. Is there another pastor that we could use? Thanks
  7. I was just wondering when everyone started booking their resorts. Im gettting married at the jellyfish july 18, 2014 and still havent decided which resort to pick. One agent has been rude and saying i have plenty of time and others are saying that I should book. What have you all been doing and when do you think i should book?? thanks!!!
  8. Hey everyone. Booked my wedding for July 18 2014 at the jellyfish. What resort is everyone staying at? I need a family friendly one. We have a few in mind our top pick Is hard rock but its way too much. Now we are thinking of dreams, iberostar bavaro and Dominicana and oceans sand and bule. Does anyone have any feedback from these resorts. Please help!!!!!
  9. Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone could help me. I have my wedding date booked at the jellyfish restaurant on July 18 2014 now I need a resort for my guest. Wanted the hard rock but Wyatt to expensive. Our other picks are oceans sand and blue, dreams, iberostar bavaro or iberostar dominicana. Has anyone been to these resort and do you recommend any. Need to hurry and pick a place. Stressing out. Thanks!!
  10. morning everyone!!! Im sending out my save the dates this week!!! YAYYY my wedding is in July 18 2014 at the jellyish restaurant in punta cana. Now im not sure when we should send the wedding invitations out? what did everyone else do??is it 6 months before earlier or later?? ANy info would be great!!!
  11. hi im getting married july 18 2014 and i was thinking the same thing. I would like to get married around 5, i msged mayte asking for this but still havent heard anything back. Also who are you getting to do your ceremony? I msged pastor rick but he's retiring he said their is someone else but im not sure how he is. What type of ceremony are you planning on doing? Thanks
  12. morning everyone! Mayte is so busy right now! I got an email back last week confirming my day and when i emailed her back asking what the process is...she hasnt msged me back. Im a little worried because i want to send a deposit because i want to have that date for sure. Has anyone recently booked their wedding at the jellyfish and knows what they need to do next? send a deposit? im getting a little stressed and confused now lol. But from all the reviews i read about the jellyfish dont have me worried too much i think my day will be perfect.
  13. wondering the same question about the dj at the jellyfish? are they any good? did anyone sue them?
  14. hey guys! so my wedding day at jellyfish is booked for july 18 2014. does anyone have infomation regarding the dj not sure if he is good and worth it or if i should pick someone else. And what is the process? how and when do i start picking the thing i would like at my wedding? any info would be great...now im gettign stressed LOL
  15. Can anyone sent it to my email too. enz_83@yahoo.ca. Looking at July 18 2014. Around 15 to 25 ppl.
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