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    My OOT Bags - PICS!

    These are great! Your guests will love them!
  2. Missy Vesecky

    ID Holders: Yay or nay?

    Thanks for your input
  3. Hey everyone!! I am trying to decide whether or not to include ID/money holders on lanyards in my OOT bags. Does anyone have some feedback as to whether they are are a hit item in OOT bags or not? Any past brides? I am on the fence of whether or not people will actually use them. I don't want to spend the money if everyone is going to think they are dorky Thanks ladies!
  4. Missy Vesecky


    Deal is up for chicago http://www.groupon.com/deals/vista-print-chicago-4?c=all&p=25 Hurry, hurry!
  5. FYI the deal is back up for chicago http://www.groupon.com/deals/vista-print-chicago-4?c=all&p=25
  6. I wish i could get this template!
  7. Great post, I'm excited to see the responses for this!
  8. Great job! I really need to be on the look out for these Vistaprint Groupons!
  9. Missy Vesecky

    Vistaprint groupon

    Hope this comes out again!