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  1. Also, this post talks about the same thing. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80240/sunset-catamaran-cruise-instead-of-sitting-dinner-reception It sounds like they use something to transport but it is still two feet.. (I am 5 ft tall so I would have been soaked in my poofy dress)
  2. We were in our swimsuits and did get very wet. We opted to not do the cruise because I had read this from previous people. I did see them load the food on by a little kayak type thing but I do not know if they have a different way to get guests on other than walking.
  3. Hi Ladies. We did not have the catamaran reception but did take a cruise. It was a lot of fun, but there is quite a walk through water to get on board. It definitely came up to at least my waist so just keep that in mind! Have a great time.
  4. Hi, We got married 11.17, and it was very hot. I heard it can get cool at night but not while we were there. As for rain, the last (7th) day we were there it rained. Mostly from what I was told by my coordinator is that there are afternoon showers which do not last long, but we did not encounter any during our stay.
  5. Hi ladies, I was married at beaches negril in november..here is an actual photo taken by the photog. We had an amazing experience with everything. They tried to make us do some cheesy poses but were cool when we said exactly what we wanted. They aim to please
  6. I love my pups! They are my babies. I love all the pics and just looked through every page of this thread...makes me want a third!! My Papillon Monte Ollie, the Schnoodle (when he needed a grooming
  7. I just got my design your own mugs from there Saturday. They are great, and I won't feel bad if guest throw them away! http://www.dollartree.com/teachers-supplies/Arts-Crafts-Projects/Design-Your-Own-Photo-Travel-Mugs-11-oz-/208c447c447p67391/index.pro?method=search
  8. Hi! I wish I could help with the Canadian part, but here in the US you can of course keep your designation. I am also a PhD (well, almost and changing your last name does not affect the credentials behind your name or Dr. in front. Good luck and I understand completely wanting to ensure there is no problems there!
  9. We are doing the 3 hr private reception and getting a DJ for the reception and contemplating getting the Steel Drum Band for the cocktail hour, but it is so pricey! We keep going back and forth on this.
  10. I had my convo with Chloe about a month ago. Best advice is go through the forums and write down all of your questions. She will go through everything step by step and ask what you would like (reception, flowers, etc) so have all of that in mind. It took about 30 minutes, and I got to ask everything on my mind. She was really sweet and helpful and did not try to push anything. Once you are done, she will send you an iteminzed "bill" though nothing is set..it is just an idea. She also sends pics of the garden and beach. Once we decide on the final things we want, I will email her the changes to the bill. It was very nice and stress-free. She makes you feel at ease so don't worry; it will be great! After the call, I was even more excited!! Good Luck
  11. Just saw this thread: beaches in turks and caicos closed indefinitely due to norovirus..thought it might be better here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80273/beaches-in-turks-and-caicos-closed-indefinitely-due-to-norovirus
  12. Don't shoes just make you happy?! These will be my beach wedding shoes.
  13. Hi Ladies, I was just browsing the forums and getting super excited. Just checking in on all of the Beaches Negril Brides and seeing how planning is going. Also, those that just returned, can you give us some little teasers on how things were to keep us going! Happy planning
  14. Hi ladies! Getting married in November in Jamaica...living in West U area. Any of you other brides from Jamaica do you legal ceremony there? If so, did you have any problems registering in Harris county or anything? Thanks!!
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