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  1. Hi Azul Fives brides- My wedding is less than two months away! We can't wait to see the resort in person!!
  2. Hi Tammy, I was unable to successfully log in on Saturday. Just wondering if the webinar was recorded and available to see? Cheers Laura
  3. So excited to get more information on the Karisma resorts and our wedding venue!
  4. Great advice!! Thanks so much for sharing; I will be sure to use personal luggage and keep packing lists with values with me!
  5. Hi Ladies! Another Azul Fives Bride to be here!! We are getting married in February 2013-- cannot wait!! We are having the ceremony on the beach followed by the Mexican fiesta cocktail party and then dinner at the flavors restaurant Has anyone experienced the Mexican fiesta with donkey? Also, Does anyone know if we are allowed to decorate the tables at the restaurant? Cheers!!
  6. Thanks Ladies! I still have a few months to decide for sure, but for now i am leaning towards tkuzma's recommendation to be Dr. X professionally and Mrs. Y socially Cheers!
  7. Thanks for all the support and comments ladies! I ordered my dress and after speaking with the on site seamstress we wrote that the wedding date was a month earlier on the order from to ensure that the gown would be in on time. The ladies at the wedding world store in Edmonton are awesome! I cant wait until it finally arrives!
  8. Hi fellow Brides! Does anyone here know if a Canadian woman can retain her designation as a Dr. after marriage if she legally changes her name to her husbands last name? I am torn at this point because I love my fiancee and he would really like us to share our last name, but, I worked really hard to get that title and the designation is important professionally. I am hoping at least one of you on this forum has had the same dilemma as me- some advice would be terrific!
  9. Photography is extremely important to us for our wedding. We have a few very close family members who will be unable to make the journey to Mexico to join us on our special day. We would like to send these people some photos of our wedding so that they can feel like they were still a part of our wedding. Also, having a beautiful collection of photographs to share with our friends, family and future children will be a great way to reminisce about the most important day of our lives as a couple
  10. Thanks for arranging this Tammy! I am looking forward to getting some more information about the resort! Cheers!
  11. well said! and thanks for the vote of confidence!
  12. I was the same way; not happy with my physique combined with a less than feminine fashion sense make for nervous wedding gown shopping! I found lace up backs the easiest to try on because they allow for a lot more variation in the sizes. Also a seamstress told me the lace up styles are a lot easier (and cheaper) to alter if (read hopefully) I lose some weight. Happy dress hunting!
  13. So far we have found trip adviser to be a fairly reliable source for choosing AI resorts. but its true... there are always people who will complain about anything and everything.
  14. Thanks for all the info, we are thinking of planning our honey moon at the Cozumel Palace. Cheers
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