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  1. i think they photoshop those picture so they look perfect, real brides picture are more livelier as they ooze happiness and it's not those skinny model.
  2. i think you should talk to her. if i were treated like that, i would have get nasty with her a lady. it doesn't matter if she is a friend, business is business. it should be separated from friendship. as i know, if it is a friend, i would have put extra time and effort to make sure my friend get the best treatment. as i would rather gain a friend than a enemy.
  3. if you are looking for flip flops for your wedding. i think the best way is to buy a pair of flip flops of your choice, then you can personally design your own shoes, you can put beads, crystals, rhinestones or satin sash on them. i think this is a very good idea. can even make a matching one.
  4. i think strapless or those nude bra, so you won't look awkward when trying low cut dresses. if this is your first time, just wear anything you feel comfortable, then when you choose the styles you like, you can wear a more appropriate bra next time
  5. i love those picture they are gorgeous, i should put that into consideration. love it.
  6. im only in the planning period. i have a few friends who have bought knock off dresses from the internet. i have seen their dresses and i think they are not bad. you can even choose the styles and colour you like. coz some stores only carry limited colour wedding dress. thus, i think i would spend less than 500 bucks for dress.
  7. i wouldn't pay more than 500 for a dress and i don't think it is worth it, even thought it is my wedding. as i think i would only wear the dress once. so i don't want to waste money on something that i will only used once.
  8. im not that big about wedding dresses, so im going to buy it from the internet. maybe i'll go to shop and try on dresses of different styles first.it saves time and money. i have a few friends that have bought their wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses from the internet. one of the website they highly recommend is 7foxmall.com. they are very happy about the dresses they bought there.
  9. i have bought dresses from 7foxmall.com. they custom made wedding dresses and special occasion dresses. i have bought cocktail dresses and evening dresses from the website. i found their dresses quite good. the staff is very helpful as well. i think the most important thing is to have body measurement taken by a professional . i think it saves time any money buying dresses form the website. i also have a few friends who have bought wedding dresses from the website.they are happy about the dresses.good workmanship.
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