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  1. I ordered the tumblers for my OOT bags for my wedding in August. I ordered them from Dollar Tree. The colors in the box are mostly clear, red, pink, and blue. That was a pain not to have specific colors. The problem I feel like I may have is transporting to Jamaica . Overall they look pretty good and I think everyone could get good use of them.
  2. I participated and agree that a webinar for each resort specifically Ibersotar Jamaica would be most helpful. It seems as if brides are still hearing conflicting statements from coordinators despite what was discussed in the webinar especially in regards to the new pricing. According to a recent bride, a wedding coordinator told her that although booked in 2012 they would have to adhere to the 2013 pricing. Still would like clarification for certainty.
  3. I to have been concerned about weather. Our date is 8/31/13 and I know that august and September are true hurricane season months. My neighbors are native Jamaicans and stated that October is more of the rainy month and encouraged me to go with end of August early September. I actually visited Jamaica in 2011 in October and the weather was great. Just pray for good weather for everyone!
  4. I just received notification that my tumblers are on the way. I ordered 2 cases. I also will have no need for the red. If anyone is interested in purchasing let me know or I will just return them to the store. Thanks for the reassurance. I love the thought about giving the bridesmaids the pink and the groomsmen the blue and then everyone else gets the clear. Wow 38 can fit in a 26 inch suitcase. I have 15 rooms booked right now and approximately 30 people booked. I'm sure as time nears I can find a good way to pack it all in. How do you plan on keeping all 38 in the suitcase? Would you keep them in the box or stack them inside one another in the suitcase.
  5. Where did you order them from. They're really cute. I'm getting married in August in Jamaica so unfortunately they wont work for me
  6. I went to a local store in maryland today and they had about 20 of the 16oz tumblers with the straw. I also called in and ordered a case but they are assorted. I can take them back after I look at them or if any one is interested in them maybe we can work something out. I'm now wondering how I'm going to get them all to Mo Bay. The 20 I bought today take up a lot of room. I love the idea but I'm not sure it may work out in my favor
  7. Wow I read this and thought a great idea and called the toll free number this morning. I have not seen what they actually look like and they are not searchable through the website. I'm excited to see what they look like. They case does say assorted so hopefully they look ok.
  8. That does sound a lot better than some of the prices I've already been quoted. I will look into that. How far in advance do you think you need to secure photographer?
  9. I'm also getting married at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. Yesterday made exactly one year from the date! I'm excited.
  10. This has been helpful. Our wedding is August 31, 2013 also at the Suites. Almost a year away yay! I've been really confused about the time frames and I've been teased for doing some things way far in advance. I figure the sooner the better for some things. You already booked your photographer. Who did you go with? We've had trouble deciding and trying to figure out how soon to do so.
  11. We'll join the fun- August 31, 2013 Suites Jen and Tim
  12. We are booked for the same day but at the Suites! I was wondering the same thing also about the weather. My TA suggested August versus October which we thought about going with also but didn't because that is their rainy season. We have sent out save the dates and have a few guests booked so there's no turning back. My neighbors are originally from the island and say it should be fine. I'm praying in advance for great weather.
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