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  1. what about traveling with the cake from the states? how do you think that could work? i have a friend who makes cakes in NY. do you think she'll be able to decorate it in the hotels kitchen if we travel with the cake itself.. not decorated?
  3. Hi ladies... I've joined the crew and I' m now an IRHS bride of 2013 Date: August 9th 2013 Time: 5pm Hotel: Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Colors: Blue/ Fuschia Bridal Party: Too many Lol Hair & Makeup: Rashel Edwards , Her airbrush is AMMMAAZZINNNGG!! (??) Ceremony Location: Lazy river or Gazebo ( im not a fan of the whole beach wedding thing, no sand on my dress Cocktail Hour: (??) Reception Type: Private Reception Location: (??) Reception Time: (??) Music: (??) Photographer: Marcia Roberts Videographer: Guest Amount: Maybe 40-50 Planning Thread Coming Soon...
  4. Hey. Has anyone rented seating for their iberostar wedding? Interested in renting some chairs but in curious of they'll Charge me an extra fee. Has anyone tried to do so? What was the out come?
  5. Thank you so much, you rock!!! I will post here as I make progress with the DIY project. I'm super excited.
  6. If anyone was able to open Venus909 instructions for creating to STD, would you mind emailing it to me? I am unable to download the file from the post. I would really appreciate it. teyneilfelix@yahoo.com Thanks much!
  7. It sucks for us brides because in order to secure our wedding date we have to pay the price at the time we're securing the date. and if it goes down in the future we cant get it for that price. I might be wrong but this is the issue i just came across. i just threw the towel in on The grand because the prices just keep going up and it sucks finding better deals on orbitz and book it. im now considering the riu. the grand is just wayy over priced
  8. Hey ladies, I'm very close to making the grand my resort of choice for my destination wedding, but I don't want a beach ceremony! Does anyone know of any other ceremony locations? They only show the beach as an option. If that's the only one that sucks!
  9. Great!!! I was Beginning to think i was the only August Bride!! Lol Congrats on Setting a date!! I just have a month and Location so FAR!1 Working on a date TONIGHT!!
  10. Hey Girls, I did find a thread about Moon Dance Cliffs but it was 86 pages Long!!!!! So with that said, hopefully if i start a new one ill get the answer to my question a little faster. I recently came across Moon Dance and it was LOVE at first sight!! I started reading some of the PDFs online and I got a little confused. With the purchase of 15 or more rooms for a min of 3 nights the wedding and reception is FREE!? I feel the fine print somewhere just its too fine to see... Has anyone dealt with with? How exactly does it work? I plan to get married August 2013 and the rates are already posted on their site as $195. Im pretty sure that's per night. And I think there is an additional fee for all Inclusive. Is that per night also? If someone has recently had a wedding at Moon Dance Please Help!!
  11. Thanks! It did! another question? How soon after the STDs did you get an exact count of who would come?
  12. I am OHHHH SOOO IN LOVE w| this dress!! So sad i cant afford it Your look Gorg!
  13. This was beautiful!! how much did you spend in all? Was it cheaper to bring in the outside vendors?
  14. Simply Beautiful!! If you don't mind me asking... Exactly how much did you spend at this location? How long did you stay there? Was the reception included with the wedding package or was it seperate? If so how much extra was it? Sorry for all the questions but i feel like i might get a reply faster from you then i will from them. Thanks in advance
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