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  1. Hi ladies! I too was married at Now Jade last week and everything was absolutely perfect. Relax...I promise it will be everything you have ever imagined. I will post a full review after our honeymoon.
  2. We are getting married at 5:30 on the Pergola, mix bar for cocktails, and reception in the bamboo room. I am going with the resort florist but keeping it simple also..I only have 1 bridesmaid. I did decide to hire an outside photographer though..Photos in Cancun. I am guessing we will have around 35 guests too, but so many are procrastinating on booking. Are you having a DJ? Yes, we went on a site visit last June when we were choosing a resort for our wedding. What are you doing for decoration? Have you sent your invitations?
  3. How fun! What time and at what locations are you having your wedding? How's the planning going? I'm hoping to finish up my invitations in the next 2 weeks and send them out. I went on a site visit last summer if you have any questions. If you haven't been to Now Jade, you will love it! Let's just keep praying for clear skies and sun on the 13th :-)
  4. Can you send them to me at meagan.gebhart@gmail.com. Thank you so much!!!
  5. I had no idea fireworks were an option, but I want them badly! Do you mind me asking how much the package was?
  6. Hi Umi, I was on my site visit for your wedding and caught a glimpse of the setup. I thought it turned out beautiful, even in the rain :-) You didn't assign everyone an actual seat, just table, right? Did they pick up their bottles and take them to their seat at the assigned table? Thanks!
  7. When I met with Pilar on my site visit she was pretty insistent that I have assigned seating. I didn't want to do it either, but she said I needed to give her a seating chart if I wanted to give my guests options. Hope this helps!
  8. That's awesome! I agree that eating low carb takes some getting used to, but you will find that you feel so much better!! What type of cleanse did you do?
  9. The one I bookmarked from the forum is Juliana. Her e-mail is floreria_paraiso@hotmail.com
  10. I went to my B&B and they said they are only cheaper than 5/$5 during the semi-annual sale in June and January.
  11. Thanks for the cost break down. Sometimes DIY can get just as expensive, but you found some great deals!
  12. This planning thread is amazing and inspiring. I am nervous about DIY projects, but when I see everyone else's I get so excited! You are talented!!
  13. Great idea. I saw some luminaries on here that I loved and didn't even think about making them on my own. Duh! :-)
  14. These are amazing!!! Would you mind posting the template? You are very talented!
  15. Thanks for the powerpoint suggestion...for some reason I never think of completing projects with that program!
  16. So fun! I want ours to be more laid back as well...we are all about having fun!
  17. These are adorable! My fiance and I were just discussing how we want to do a simple STD...love your postcard!
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